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This and That  by Lindelea 3 Review(s)
Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/18/2006
Wow! Now that's an honour, both for Sam and for the Eagles.
God bless,

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/26/2005
Aha! A wonderful image, Gwaihir and his sons coming to honor Sam and to acknowledge the honor due themselves as well! Lovely, Lindelea.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/26/2005
This is a delightful story. Sam is just so modest he must drive his friends and family mad!

And to think of Gwaihir being so impressed by him that he wishes to bring his sons to meet him. Faramir is just melting with respect. And Goldi is feeling smug to end smug.

I love the way Pippin asks Sam's permission to be present. He'll get Sam accustomed to being a hobbit of power and influence in the end.


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