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Birthday Drabbles and Suchlike  by annmarwalk 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/25/2005
Oh, don't be too difficult on Ngila. At least she has put a definite style in there, which Bakshi's folks totally blew. Whoever drew Aragorn and Boromir so desperately blew it with Bakshi's version. And we never got to see their travesty of Denethor.

But even that could have been far worse--witness the Rankin-Bass atrocity!

Author Reply: Fortunately, I barely remember either of those - we rented each of them once, from the library, but my kid's weren't interested, so that was that!

Ngila did do a gorgeous job on his costumes, though, - no argument there! - it was just her comments that set my friend all a-tizzy.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/25/2005
Oh my. I have a number of widowed friends, and they all miss being touched. I think that's one reason many of them treasure their pets so. That glimpse of Denethor with the fur was so sad.

Author Reply: Thank you! I feel for him, for the warmth and companionship he so sorely missed, and the loss that had such a devastating impact on so many lives.

BranwynReviewed Chapter: 10 on 12/25/2004

This is very fine! Though I have to admit that I read it and thought of a line from a Beatles' song -- "I see a red door/And I want to paint it black!"

This line is so sad; he is in so much pain.
Once, I caught a glimpse of my lord holding a bit of soft fur to his cheek, eyes closed; but then his face seemed to crumple, and he tossed the robe aside.

What "useless chainmail"? Denethor says that he wears a coat of mail lest his body become weak with age. And protection from assassins would be another good reason to wear it (Sauron the Deceiver would not be above sending a knife-wielding agent to the Citadel).


Author Reply: On the ROTK-EE costume commentary section, Ngila Dickson made some quite unkind comments concerning Movie!Denethor's character - this drabble is a response to her comments, putting the blame for what she called "flamboyant" costumes on his overzealous chamberlain.

Thanks for catching exactly what I meant about the fur, and poor Denethor's longing and loneliness for the warmth and softness he lost.

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