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A City of Scarlet Flowers  by annmarwalk 6 Review(s)
BranwynReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/11/2005
The wordpainting is beautiful, the contrast between the white stone city and the flowers in their various shades of red---ruby, crimson, scarlet. Reading this woke my eyes up! I too thought immediately of "In Flanders fields, the poppies grow, between the crosses, row on row..."

Author Reply: Thank you again for your kind words, and for giving me the nudge to add heritage flowers to the story!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/11/2005
So well written, good use of imagery. And the image of the red flowers--so lovely!

Author Reply: Thank you so much! *Your* use of imagery and description is so magical, I'm trying hard to refine those skills in my own writing.
I sincerely hope to get caught up with "The King's Commission" this weekend, even if I have to turn off the dvd player, phone and instant messenger to do it!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/9/2005
As surprising and bright a piece as the red flowers it describes - no wonder Faramir felt more cheerful. A novel approach to telling of the White City beginning to live and grow again.

Author Reply: Thank you! though I have to credit PJ with the tiny, almost subliminal image that planted the seed that became this story.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/8/2005
What a lovely tale. I didn't count the words, but is it a drabble/double drabble? It's a beautiful snapshot of a time of hurt and healing.

I'm reminded of that lovely poem, 'In Flanders Fields'. Nice work.


Author Reply: Hello Jay:
Thank you for your kind words. Yes, it's a double drabble, because after I had cut it to fit a drabble challenge, I found I was too attached to the cut out bits to let them go!

I love the idea of spots of color appearing all over the White City again, starting with red as a salute to her defenders.


Elendiari22Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/7/2005
This is absolutely lovely! The scarlet flowers idea is wonderful, a brilliant way of remembering the fallen. Would you mind if I borrowed the idea for a story of my own? I'd give you due credit.
Anyway, lovely ficlet. Thank you for sharing it!


Author Reply: Oh my gosh, I'm touched! Thank you so much! Of course you can use the idea - it came from PJ's vision, and a fleeting glimpse over Pip's shoulder of a pot of scarlet flowers.

*singing a little song: I inspired somebody! hooray!*

Mum's the WordReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/7/2005
How lovely!

As soon as I saw your title, I thought of the poem "In Flanders Fields." I love your use of various types of flowers. Very appropriate for remembering our loved ones.

Lovely description, and very good characterization.

Thank you for sharing this glimpse into recovery and renewal.

Bless you,

Author Reply: Thank you! How very kind of you to read and comment so quickly!

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