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Seeing the Forest for the Trees  by Lindelea 2 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/3/2005
I love the systematic ways of the Brandybucks, just as I've always imagined, they plan their searches for the lost, whether in the Forest, the River, or old tunnels...
And of course, Pippin more or less rescued himself before they could begin. It's very much of a piece with the way he rescued himself and Merry on the Quest: a quick use of wits, and speedily taking advantage of any luck that came his way.

Author Reply: Isn't it funny how JRRT set up his story and we draw on that for characterisations? Merry the organised one, Pippin the curious one, Sam as loyal-to-the-death, Frodo... (no, not cowardly or sickly, but steadfast and determined and wise beyond other hobbits, by the end)

And yes, I drew heavily on the "Uruk-hai" chapter from TTT when I wrote this story.


Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/3/2005
Poor Pippin! This is like a terrible return to his time with the Orcs on the quest only without Merry by his side. Pippin's humor and his desperate wish for all of this to be over quick rang very true. Seems he was able to keep Merry from being tied up, but not so lucky himself in all of this.

He was aware that Socks had stopped, and looked up to see something bright ahead. Socks took a step or two closer, and Pippin could make out his sword, of a wonder tangled in hanging vines. He merely had to reach out a hand to take it. It was probably just a fancy of his fevered brain, but he muttered, 'Thank ye kindly,' aloud, and the leaves rustled in reply.

Loved this image of the trees returning his sword and of Pippin thanking them for their help. I still don't know who I managed to miss this little gem of yours. Good thing I am on a bit of a break and was just up late poking about. Your story alert caught my attention and has lead me here. Hope others find this!

Author Reply: I have a friend who is always trying to get me to tie Merry up. Part of the reason this story came about was because I was teasing her by tying Pippin up instead! *g*

Poor Pippin: his wish for it all to be over quick is desperate indeed, remembering what he does... as will come out in the new story, in a series of nightmares. (Of course he is remembering something that is embroidered onto the original LOTR. I certainly hope it sounds plausible and as if it fits seamlessly into the original material and doesn't look like an obvious add-on. Please let me know what you think!)

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