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Seeing the Forest for the Trees  by Lindelea 3 Review(s)
CuthalionReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/21/2005
And now I've inhaled this tale, too, and it's very very good (and I have discovered that there are still two tales of you still on my translation list - and so much more I should add... *sigh*... and not enough time at all!) But Flames will have to wait until that Mount Doom of bedsheets, duvets and pillowcases is mangled. Silly household!! *sighs again*



DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/3/2005
How nice! A treaty between Buckland and the Trees. Hopefully Old Man Willow is still asleep. I do not think his malice would abate for the difference between hobbit and Orc.

Author Reply: I wonder how long Old Man Willow slept after Tom's lullaby. Someone in one of Marigold's challenges wrote a breathtaking story from Old Man Willow's viewpoint; did you ever read that one?

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/3/2005
A truce between the forest and the hobbits! I loved how you managed to show Merry's nervousness during the aftermath without actually showing it. Works well. And finally:

'Now we have united against a common foe,' Saradoc continued. 'I wish to proclaim a truce between the Forest and the hobbits of Buckland.' He nodded to Merry, who stepped forward, raising a large axe above his head. The feeling of tension and breathlessness increased, but Merry swung the axe high and brought it down, to bury the head in the path.

'We hereby swear that the hobbits of Buckland will cut no more living wood from this Forest,' Saradoc said. 'We ask only the right to collect fallen branches, to clear out underbrush to lessen the risk of fire, and to have safe passage through the Forest at need.'

Such a great scene and I could see it all as I read it! Wonderful image. Now if only they could locate those pesky "Ent Wives" in ther somewhere. Great story and I look forward to the rest of the other one. Especially since it lead me here. Glad to see someone is still writing and posting and that it is you.

Author Reply: Yes, and I need to work Merry's nerves into the new story; thanks for the reminder.

Well, I will keep posting so long as people keep reviewing! I hope that doesn't sound dumb. Isn't that funny? I will keep writing nonetheless, but typing the stuff into the computer is just that much more work... Feedback is so motivating.

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