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Ripe for Change  by Bodkin 10 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/15/2006
I love the hints of resumed intimacy, the trust the two of them are beginning to show one another once more, the mutual wish for healing I see.

Author Reply: At the end of her time in Middle-earth, Galadriel was worn very thin and finding it difficult to endure. I see Celeborn sending her ahead as much as her choosing to leave him behind. But, by the time he sailed, Celeborn was suffering the same kind of erosion - and Galadriel knows what he needs to help him heal.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/6/2005
Sorry it took me so long to review this. Work stinks.

I like Galadriel's flirtatious side and the image of Celeborn in nothing but a blanket. :) I can definitely see carefree elves in the forest in Aman enjoying themselves au natural. And especially enjoying it after ages in ME fighting Sauron. I'm glad to see Celeborn relaxing. And I liked seeing his memories contrasting the Noldors' arrival in ME and his in Aman.

And Goerfér's arrival was hilarious. but do I really have to see quite so much of you? *Grin* Too funny. I love the idea of the elves just wandering freely in the forest. They would. It's Aman. And boy after a day like today at work, that was a great image to fantasize about. :)

I think the conversation about who had returned from Mandos was great too. Elu Thingol would take a long time to recover, I think. And it would be hard on those that waited for their loved ones. I always thought Tolkien's reincarnation idea was very interesting.

And their reaction to Galadriel was great. Poor Galadriel. That reaction must get old but it would happen. I love Celeborn's response. And again, I liked the discussion of all Galadriel's kin. I love the First Age elves.

Celebrian's worrying was great too. Are you saying that my parents are comparable to a Balrog? !! I bet Elrond did think his in-laws were like a pair of Balrogs or worse on occassion.

I love this story (I love your Galadriel and Celeborn as I've said many times). Glad to see another chapter of it. :)

Author Reply: Work does indeed stink. And offspring can be difficult too!!!

I don't think elves were too fussed about showing skin (- especially male elves, probably). And Galadriel and Celeborn are recently reunited and flirtatious and interested in each other at a level that they probably haven't shown since the First Age. It's no wonder that Celebrian is a bit disconcerted by their general teenagerishness. She's not used to them being so touchy feely. C is relaxing gradually - but he does need to feel needed. And to settle in - I liked him realising the comparison between him now and the Noldor. About 7000+ years on.

Goerfer - or Geoffrey, as I call him. They were delighted to see each other - and just fell back into the old days. The forests must be the natural home of all the re-embodied Silvan and Sindarin elves - and, where there is no danger - well, they can just roam.

I think it would be easier for ordinary, rank and file elves to deal with their death and be ready to return - kings and lords would have so many decisions with which they needed to come to terms - so much guilt and I-could-have-done-this-better moments. And Elu - I think the loss of Luthien might have made return almost unbearable.

Galadriel found being unknown rather more disconcerting than being disliked. That, she's used to. And it is noticeable that, as I get to know more, more of these obscure references to past events and people tend to arrive in the conversation. It's fun.

Poor Elrond. Quite scary in-laws. But, on the other hand, he was one of the few elves who could stand up to them and treat them as equals. So he was the ideal son-in-law, really.

Glad you enjoyed it - there is a bit of the next chapter done, but it might be a while. Earendil is distracting me at the moment.

(Ten more parts, eh? And fluffy bits, too. I don't know about anyone else, but I can't wait. It's all far too exciting and enjoyable. And I want to know how they all get to the point of Chapter 1, Part 1. So don't you dare stop posting!)

DotReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/6/2005
O.k., I’ve just had some chocolate and it’s definitely helped, although I couldn’t find any wine so I’m having tea instead ;-)

It’s such a treat to see these two so at ease and free to torment each other quite happily without having to remain aware of the presence or expectations of others. You know, I keep trying to focus on Galadriel because you’re painting such an intriguing picture of her, but I keep getting distracted by Celeborn… I was rendered as speechless as Galadriel when he says ‘How do you know that Thranduil and I did not spend the last centuries racing each other through the canopy?’ What a wonderful image! Yes, I know it didn’t happen but it’s too late, the image is already in my head!

I really like the little moments of insight that Celeborn has, like reminding himself not to look on the past in such a romantic and idealistic way, as I think we all tend to do when times are tough, and realising that he’s in danger of displaying the same dismissiveness and arrogance, born largely of a sense of uneasiness and being unsure in a strange place, as those darn Noldor princes did so long ago when they had to get used to a new home. It never fails to amaze me how much you manage to fit into such eloquent chapters.

I absolutely adored the image of Celeborn sleeping in the tree. Naked. I have a thing for powerful elves in peaceful slumber. I think it’s the vulnerability of it. *sigh* Anyway, I also liked the thought of him seemingly attuning himself to the trees as he sleeps.

Goerfér, eh? Great name but so awkward to type! I’m still smiling at their reunion. I love the way they’re both instantly so at ease with one another. Goerfér seems a lively sort. I really do like the difference between him and Celeborn. Celeborn still carries all the pain and experience of the last however-long with him. I really feel for him, actually. He must have expected, or at least hoped, to see more of his own kin and I get the impression that even of they are out there, they’re not going to be found amongst groups of recently-arrived Noldor.

Isn’t it odd to think that there are elves who have no clue who Galadriel is?! That made me stop for a second in amazement. I mean, obviously they don’t but still, that more than anything else really drives home how different things are here.

Losgael is… blunt. Clearly being reborn doesn’t mean that one forgets old grudges. Galadriel was wonderfully calm and dignified. I really admire the way she’s able to accept what people think of her and her family and can still make them see other sides of the story as well. It’s rather sad to think that after so long yearning for her home, she discovered that it wasn’t really her home after all, that she’d been too long gone and too much had happened on both sides of the sea. Still, at least she’s determined that she can make a home here again. And now she has her husband again and the two of them can find their place together.

I loved the little peek at Celebrían worrying about her daft parents. Finrod? That’d be worth seeing! He’s always fascinated me. Elrond’s right, though, that they need to be left alone, or at least alone until they happen across some wandering elves. ‘He will, I think, return happier and more settled, with a better understanding of what the Blessed Realm holds for him.’ Methinks he could be right there. I certainly hope so anyway.

Goerfér does seem to know a lot. At least he has the sense to realise that he has to show some respect for Galadriel in front of Celeborn. It’s so good to watch Celeborn become more open and to see Galadriel’s pleasure in that. The ending of the chapter was just lovely.

Anyway, I’ll take myself to my bed now. Like I said, I was thrilled to see this and I hope there’ll be more soon. Oh, and feel free to encourage Celeborn to wander around naked as much as he likes… :-)

Author Reply: I think there is a level of ease they can only have with each other. And they must have missed it dreadfully while he remained in Arda. It's no wonder that Celebrian thinks they've flipped. I don't think Finrod will actually make the party in the woods, but it is nice to think of him turning up! Not that he would be able to talk any sense into them. They do not want to hear at the moment - they are having fun.

Celeborn is pretty practical. If ever there was an elf aware enough of the dangers of romanticising the past, it must be him - but I think he was a bit disconcerted to recognise in himself the 'whingeing Pom' tendency to say that Arda good/Aman bad reflects the way the Noldor behaved. But recognising it is the first stage to overcoming it. And the trees are great - and, if he will just listen . . .

Goerfer is a stinky name to type (so is Laerwen). It's impossible to say, too. I call him Geoffrey. He was pretty light-hearted as a youth. Got him into trouble, I would say. Celeborn has learned a lot more caution - but he was upset that more of his extended family weren't around. I don't think he'll find Elu - but there must be more of the elves of his youth; they just won't hang around Tirion or Alqualonde.

There will be elves who know nothing of Galadriel - I wonder if she'd find it a relief to start with some people from scratch, or whether she'd be tempted to yell 'don't you know who I am?' I think she has largely outgrown her desire for glory - realised that it comes with strings. I don't think Goerfer is as naive as he would like you to think, though. Too curious.

Losgael is very wary of Galadriel - and not too fond of the Exiles. And many emigrants end up finding that they aren't really at home anywhere - the Blessed Realm must have changed over 7000 years or so, and Galadriel probably changed even more. You can't cross the same bridge twice, and all that sort of proverbial stuff. But she is tough enough to carve out a new home and determined enough to be happy there.

What is it about naked Celeborn and semi-naked Legolas / twins that seems to interest people so? Still, if it's what people want . . . .

More soonish. Probably an Elflings or Earendil next. I can't decide which one to put up. Any preference?

Thanks for reviewing.

Hotaru9Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/6/2005
It was great!! It's always interesting to read how other elves look on Celeborn and Galadriel's marriage. It's fun to see all the diferent aspects of it. Plenty of humor too. ^_^. As if Finrod could drag them back to civilization. That would be worth watching him try.

Author Reply: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I love Celeborn and Galadriel relationship stuff - and how others deal with it. It might be fun to see them dealing with Finrod - but I don't think he could make them co-operate. Three Ages ago - maybe, but now - no! I'm not sure Finrod will make an appearance this time, but you never know!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/6/2005
I have really enjoyed this story, Bodkin. I think writing about Aman would be difficult. It's a place of healing, peace, and calm, but you've managed to give something that could be extremely boring, a wonderful sense of personality. I also like that Goerfér notes that it can get a little dull. Interesting to consider. Even the Elves need challenges and perhaps, this 'la-la land' is difficult at times even for them. I liked Celeborn seeing old friends from his youth and reacquainting himself with them. And I liked how you gave these wandering elves such distinct personalities.

Celebrian is still at home worrying about her parents. I get a kick out of that. Her parents are two of the most formidable elves to ever grace Arda and she's worried that they can't take care of themselves in the woods. Funny how the parent/child roles flip at times. But she loves them and is worried about her father adjusting to Aman. Gotta love her for that.

Now...Daeron wants me to ask: Celeborn was naked when he was lying by the pond, right? With the starlight on his cheeks? He was lying on his back, right? :>)

I'm very much looking forward to more of this story.

Karen...and Daeron

Author Reply: I'm glad you are enjoying it. Well - healing, peace and calm, yes - but inhabited by a group of people who produced Feanor. I don't think that it would be dull - but (hopefully) it would mostly be tolerant and accepting of differences. Elves would need something to do - and making jewels wouldn't be enough for many of them. I'm sure Celeborn arrived hoping to see rather more of the friends of his youth - but I can't imagine them hanging around in the civilised Noldor bits of Aman.

C and G are all that - but they're her parents, and parents are always a worry! Especially when they're light-headed with the pleasure of being together again. Celebrian is a star.

Daeron is a boy elf. He knows what boy elves look like when they're relaxing by the pool! Tell him to use his skills to make you a sketch.

Do you think Celeborn should swim more often?

I have started the next chapter. (And all the other next chapters. This makes a pleasant relief from worrying about boats.)

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/5/2005

Oh I am so glad you update this story! Once again, there is no part that is not, for all review purposes, perfect. Writing, characterization, pacing - even the little aside to Elrond and Celebrian. Just mentioning the idea of Finrod coming into the story was reason that lovely scene besides the usual treats you tucked in.

Ah but, there was so many small things that tickled me in particular! To mention just a few... :)

Their repartee and affectionate interaction prior to meeting the wandering elves.

That phrase: "from repose to readiness with the wariness of a warrior" I love alliteration like that!

And Goerfer's name! So appropo - just as an elf's name should be, espeically in C's family. Gotta say, you were very kind to aviod the Ilkorin spelling used in his other cousin's name and saddling him with a silly name problem like his silver-haired cousin's. ...geez, that got rather twisty, didn't it...

The guys' conversation was as jokingly cordial as it should be between two old buddies. And yet, there is that line even Goerfer cannot cross. I wonder how long it would have taken the others to make a move if Goerfer had not been there.

I continue to appreciate how you describe the circumstances of being reborn, especially for wood-elves, as being very different for those who sailed in need of a place to heal.

Losgael and Galadriel's conversation about going home again and its slight reflection of Celeborn's earlier reminder to himself about going back to what has passed. But, that they can find a another home for themselves given time is really is a shared mission, I think.

Interesting that Losgael used the term Laquendi, that was the name the Noldor gave the Laegrim. But, she did live under Noldor lordship. Did she die before or after revelation of the Kinslaying and Thingol's edict? Her mention of Luthien did not make that very clear considering she might have heard that from someone else.

Celeborn's hackles raising over aspersions cast at his lady. Very gallant and amusing bit.

"pretending artlessness is a form of arrogance as great as any other" Ha! I wish he had said that to Hrassa.

"how much mystique they invested in the silver-haired scions of Elu's kin" ;D I have to like that line.

And so many others as well, but this is enough surely or I would be quoting the entire chapter and parsing it like a snip.

Great chapter. You are spoiling your readers rotten.

Author Reply: Thank you - I'm glad you liked it. I thought I recognised a bit of influence from someone there on the silver-haired scions of Elu's kin - I wonder who has been making me look at Celeborn that way!

I love writing C and G alone - I think it's the only time they could be really relaxed and silly and normal. So much of the time they are rulers and the holders of power and have to behave like that. I wouldn't be surprised if G loves being in the woods simply so that she can throw nuts at Celeborn and giggle.

I'm glad you like Goerfer's name. I try, but naming isn't easy. (It's also a stinky name to type.) They know each other well enough to be rude to each other - but Celeborn's had a lot of hassle over his Noldo wife and he's had to make some lines perfectly clear. Although he didn't actually hit his (distant) cousin. (I think anyone who sneered at Celeborn to Galadriel would need to watch for vengeance, too.)

Being re-embodied must be . . . odd. And nothing would make these elves go and seek court places in Tirion.

I do think that, however Galadriel hankered for home, she would have found that after three ages, the Blessed Realm wasn't home - and that Arda was, so that she probably yearns (now) for the places she lived across the sea. (Frequently emigrants find that they end up with something between two homes and none.) I think they will find a home in the end. . . . . Somewhere across the mountains, probably, in a vast and ancient forest.

Laiquendi - I could say she was being snarky and getting at Galadriel. But really, I'm just not up on all the differences. They call themselves Laegrim, right? OK. I'll remember that. I think (conveniently) that whenever they died, they probably know all sorts of the more dramatic bits of history from later centuries. After all, as Goerfer says, it can get a bit boring wandering incessantly - and they fill up the gaps with gossip.

I love it when lines are quoted - it makes me feel really good.

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

EllieReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/5/2005
I enjoyed this very much! Love the shy elves and Celeborn slowly being accepted back into the fold and into the free wandering ways he left so long a go. Glad his buddy returned and rememebrs him. Can't wait to read more!

Author Reply: It must be very disconcerting to die in an Arda before the sun rose and be re-embodied into live in Aman. And I think the wandering elves would be very shy and keep to themselves - and it would take a long time to be accepted by them, probably.

Thank you for commenting - and more will come. There's a bit started off now, so I know how the next bit is going. (I just need time to write now!)

DotReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/5/2005
A delicious and fascinating chapter. I was delighted to see an update for this one. And I'll write a decent review tomorrow when my brain is (hopefully) functioning slightly better :-)

Author Reply: I'm glad you liked it - the first half wrote itself, but it was waiting for something more. (I really need more structure - I dive in and then realise I can't swim!)

Take chocolate and wine. Guaranteed brain repair.

BejaiReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/5/2005
Oh, wonderful, Bodkin! Just yesterday I was hoping you would update this story, and here it is! You mind reader, you. Don't have time to leave a long review, but wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Well, maybe I have time to make one or two comments ;)

- Celeborn. Walking around. Naked. *whew*

- Meeting the other elves, and getting a little into the complex backstory of C&G. I love hints of the Silm!

- Celebrian, still worried about them, and wanting to send Finrod after them. Ha!

Great chapter. Really made my day to find this here today.

Author Reply: Yep. Naked. And quite happy about it. He feels that if anyone has a problem with it - it's their problem. Or not.

I am beginning to feel a bit more knowledgeable about Background Stuff - and love throwing it in when I can - although I'm rather nervous about making mistakes (dealt with by keeping it vague!)

Ahh - typical daughter of ageing parents! They're a bit euphoric at the moment and she's not used to them being so light hearted. So something must be wrong. Finrod would be an interesting addition (but one I will avoid, I think). I don't have a feel for him yet.

It was fun to write. The first half had been done for ages, but something needed to happen - and I couldn't decide what until Goerfer announced his presence.

Thank you - I feel inspired to go and start chapter 3 now!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/5/2005
The look at these wandering, re-embodied elves was fascinating! I loved their oneness with the forest, and Galadriel is quite right. She and Celeborn could benefit from walking with them for a while. Still, I'm just bowled over by the lack of goal directed behavior. It's so different from the way we live!

Author Reply: I love the juxtaposition of wandering elves and goal-directed behaviour. I can just picture the disapproval among the strait-laced Noldor as they tut at the pointlessness of 'just because it's there - and what's over the next hill' behaviour. It will do C and G both good to get away from people who expect things of them - although I don't know how long that will last!

I was thinking today, as I drove, that they can only be totally relaxed and silly when they are alone - most people look at them with Expectations. And they are used to fulfilling them. I can't see these two lacking direction for long!

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