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Ripe for Change  by Bodkin 9 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/15/2006
They are a devious bunch, aren't they? But, of course, they ARE Elves, after all. And all will come to their proper purposes in time, I think. And Galadriel knows how to play all the rest very well indeed.

Author Reply: The Undying Lands did produce Feanor! Elves aren't designed, I think, to sit in peaceful contemplation of perfection - (except, perhaps, the Vanyar) - they want to improve on it.

Galadriel has had a long time to learn how to organise people. And a lot of them have been people who are not too keen on her Noldor-ness. She can do subtle.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/15/2005
Sorry to be so long in reviewing. I really enjoyed this. I especially liked Finrod, actually and the elves watching him. I liked their thoughts on him and the elves like him and their history. And I liked Losgael and Goerfér's thoughts on whether Celeborn and Galadriel are a good thing or not--you do a really good job exploring all the aspects of how these elves would react and I think that is fascinating. And I really like Bórdain--he has a lot of depth implied in his character. I love these elves in the forests of Aman--no wonder so many of the elves from middle earth were anxious to move there. :-)

This was my favorite line, I think: Perhaps she had learned to accept that she had her limits. He enjoyed the thought for a moment before dismissing it. Not his little sister. Great!

I really enjoy this story. :-)

Author Reply: Finrod is rather a delightful elf! And I tend to see him as more adventurous and open to other people and ways of life than most Noldor. Although, as a big brother, he has his own understanding of the Lady of the Golden Wood.

Goerfer and Losgael have been living this life in the woods for centuries - I'm not sure I would be terribly happy to have Celeborn and Galadriel turn up and take control - even if they are the best candidates for the job.

Bordain has grown enormously since he first stepped out from the shadows to admire Galadriel's horse - I think he is fast becoming one of my favourite characters, partly because he doesn't realise his own power.

I think if the elves from middle earth had realised that they would end up with the freedom of untouched forests, more of the Silvan would have been happy to sail - and those who did will be very much at home there.

Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/9/2005
I was right! This *is* very interesting, very interesting indeed, and I am enjoying myself with it very much, in spite of no hobbitses and no Legolas. Who would have thought Celeborn and Galadriel could be such a sweet couple? I mean, they look pretty together, and they are wise and powerful, and all of those things, but you also make them very sweet. I like that.

And I'm very intrigued with Bordain. I don't think I've ever read anything about the "first" Elves, who awoke in the twilight...

Author Reply: Thank you. I do like Celeborn and Galadriel. And I like to have them liking each other! Celeborn has to have been a pretty strong sort of chap to cope with Galadriel - and she has to have respected him as well as been . . . emotionally involved with him. They've been together a very, very long time!

Bordain's role just grew. He wasn't originally going to be more than a passing character, but he clearly has layers - and I'm not sure he realises himself just how deep they are.

I'm glad that you are enjoying this despite the absence of hobbitses. And no Legolas. It's probably only going to have one more chapter, although I can see various possible tales growing from it. Maybe.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/6/2005
This is more or less the prequel to ‚Far Horizons’, isn’t it? (Another fic I love very much!) I do now much better understand why they wanted to go west.

Finrod’s musings about his little sister are quite amusing. He is obviously under no illusions about his sister, although I suppose he doesn’t give her enough credit in this. Well, older brothers tend to think they know everything (and everything better). And of course he has to make some gibes to his brother-in-law! Males!!

I love the way Celeborn and Galadriel treat each other, the understanding and gentle teasing and how they see the needs of these shy elves and want to help – and not only because they themselves need something to do to feel useful. And I love Bórdain – he is as fond of horses as I am!

The last part with Elrohir and his parents was very touching. I am so very glad the twins are reunited with Elrond and particularly Celebrían and have now the chance to heal. And their parents do understand them.

Author Reply: Yes, it is a sort of prequel to Far Horizons. Sort of. And a sort of follow on from the single chapter Celeborn-arrives stories.

Finrod is a typical big brother! Their teasing is often meant well, but rather heavy-handed. On the other hand, he would goad his sister himself, but woe betide anyone else who tried. (Even Celeborn isn't entirely safe from brotherly protection.)

I do love C&G - they are real partners. And they have absorbed the real responsibilities of their position - to work for the benefit of those who look to them for leadership.

Bordain started as totally incidental in the story, and has taken on so much life. I think he has become one of my favourite characters. He combines a kind of shy innocence with an almost unnoticed power - and, of course, a fascination for horses.

Elrohir and Elladan, like their grandfather, are very worn - but he needs to find a bond with the land and a task that absorbs him. They, I think, need people more. It doesn't take them too many years to find the very people - Miriwen is actually nearby here, and all Elladan needs is to be whole enough to see her. I don't know when Elrohir met Sirithiel. Perhaps Celebrian had something to do with that! And then, of course, as their parents' sons and their grandparents' grandsons, they will have their own role in establishing the new realms - and work helps. But I'm glad I know they will be all right.

Thank you for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/6/2005
Where to begin?
I fear I only have one word. Finrod. great Bodkin I loved each and every line. To my eye you've managed to capture him perfectly, and I agree that he swould be every inch the joyous, blessed, almost hallowed elf you picture here after his ordeal. He's perfectly renderd at least as i love to think of him. Great!
No wonder that Bordain and his fellows are so attracted to him!
And I laughed at his warning about Galadriel being trouble!

YEt I'm amazed. How many stories do you have going on at the moment? I dear I have lost track! But then, we're so fortunate that you kindly share your free time with us, thanks!

Author Reply: I'm glad you like Finrod! In some ways he seems to me a most un-Noldor-like Noldor - more open to the world round him and with a curiosity more stirred by people than by things.

Although, of course, he remains a big brother! Fond as he is of Galadriel, her adult persona is still overlaid in his mind by the image of the trouble-making, demanding, petulant, little sister, who drove him mad as she was growing up.

Not that many stories! Only this and the Arwen one are stories that need to flow from chapter to chapter. Reflections and Elflings are really single chapters that are consecutive in time, which means they don't need the same level of co-ordination.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/5/2005
I'm glad you got back to this story. ;) Gosh, but you tied up all the threads. Each strand was very enjoyable too.

Finrod's journey was very amusing. I do so like your forest elves and a reminder about their reticence not being entirely natural but also influenced by those they consider trust-worthy. And I loudly applaud the idea that the reborn have been purified in some discernable sense.

The little segments with Bordain were wonderful. He is one of my real favorites from your OCs. Beautiful exposition of his unsophistcated personality but sophisticated mind. You bring the forest alive with all these characters' so intimate interactions and with such emotional reality. Sheer poetry in places.

Losgael and Georfer shine bright here as people, more than just personalities. L&G are a simplified illustrative example for what works with C&G, I think. The idea that a whole troupe of followers will go back to Tirion is marvelous. I can just imagine the interesting encounters and lovely high-jinks that will result!

The notion that given the opportunity people will claim a stake in their future is pleasing beyond words. Like these elves, our society seems to once again be relearning this notion. But as always, there has to be a rally point capable of fortifying the goal or it will dissipate as will the forest for these elves. Like Bordain says, Sometimes the trouble is worth it.

Finrod noticing the depletion of the land was fascinating. Goodness, if he can see it, it must be bad. Especially if the predators have left for better territory. I liked his and your comparisons made between Lindar and Noldor.

I laughed out loud at Finrod's musings over 'his little sister'. And his conclusions. Most of which, but not all, I agreed with. ;)

Celeborn and Galadriel's discussion of their future plans was great. But, then all your conversations are great writing - just like your descriptions. Celeborn's generous intentions and Galadriel working on a way to see that happen was a nice aspect of what you would expect from their partnership. And of course, Galadriel long expecting her brother and Celeborn making sure he would get there safely and on time.

Finrod and Bordain's meeting was fittingly subdued and humourous. I really like Bordain deciding to do as Celeborn asked and pointing that out.

It was nice getting a glimpse of E2 and their parents to put other issues into perspective. Seeing as Celebrian did not get much of chance to match-make in Ennor, why not here. ;)

I liked seeing Galadriel continue to stand by her man as always. However, that line You came by your agggravating ways legitimately, then was the best. Their comments on Finarfin were a nice addition to what was already a multitude of great remarks.

Ah, but the last lines seem to indicate that this story is completed. History moves on to "Far Horizons" now, I take it. Well, if this is the end, great story all round. As are all your works. I hope we see more of these characters again soon in another tale. However, some of Bordain's adventures in Tiron would round out this story very nicely.

Hmmm, Megleredh...that can be translated a couple of ways... depending whether or not you find horses sometimes worth the effort... ;)

Author Reply: I do feel that, as Noldor exiles go, Finrod was probably one of the most open and interested in new experiences. And one who didn't feel that non-Noldor equalled inferior. And so I tend to think he would empathise with the people and the forest rather more than most. And he does share the experience of Namo's Halls and being rehoused with most of those living there - which increases what they have in common.

Bordain has definitely put his stamp on this. For such a self-effacing elf, he has a noticeable presence! And Celeborn has noticed! He knows that he does not command him - but that Bordain will co-operate if he feels that it is what he wants to do. And I think he would be interested in Finrod, too. Goerfer was supposed, originally, to be the main introduction here - but somehow he proved dependent on his wife, and then Bordain just looked out from the shadows and took over. I like the idea of the three of them joining C&G - and wonder just what complications might ensue! I can imagine Goerfer causing a few kerfuffles.

Celeborn and Galadriel make a good pairing - and they are used enough to each other's ways to be able to take up whatever slack the other leaves. And if they've both made up their minds, then even Finarfin might have a job stopping them. Celeborn is certainly no longer at a loose end - which is enough to satisfy Galadriel.

The twins, too, need a purpose to help them settle - and people are, I think, important to them. I don't know how much work Celebrian had to do to match-make. I think Glorfindel might have given her a nudge in the right direction over Miriwen, but I've never really worked out where Elrohir and Sirithiel met.

It is more or less over, I think. But there will probably be one more chapter - since I've already started it. A bit more epilogue-like perhaps.

And I can't remember what I thought Megleredh meant. What have I called the poor horse? Not that he'll care! He's a horse.

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/5/2005
I'm really enjoying this story, Bodkin!

- Barbara

Author Reply: Thank you. This one has been resting on the sidelines a bit - largely, I think, because nothing much is happening! But it's probably nearly done. There is one chapter that's got about a page and hopefully rounds it off. And then, any more adventures from this time might well fit better in stories of their own.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/5/2005
Good to see an update of this. The scene with Elrond, Celebrían and the twins was sad - E2 are so diminished and weary here. They need healing - and I like Celebrían's ploy of matchmaking to take their minds off things!


Author Reply: Thank you! This is a big step back to E2 as they were when they first arrived - and I find that, having seen them through to happier days, their sheer lack of vitality is actually painful here! I'm glad I'm not their mother - I'm not at all surprised that Celebrian is worried. (Elrond, of course, has seen them survive worse.)

I don't think it's very long before they start taking interest - and I have my suspicions that Thranduil sent Legolas to bring them out of themselves so his son would stop looking anxiously at him! And Miriwen is there, of course. All Elladan needs to do is start looking.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/5/2005
Bodkin, you and Rose Sared do description better than anyone else I read. I'm so jealous every time I read things like this. You manage to give a real feel for the forest and the natural world in general.

Celeborn the Wise is gradually coming into his own, taking the time to learn what he wants and what he needs to know and do in order to get it. Fortunately what he wants it so be of use.

Author Reply: Thank you. I'm glad you like the forest.

Celeborn is settling and knows now what he must do - and that will, in and of itself, make him feel better. Of course, the process will doubtless take years. What incentive do elves have to rush? (And besides, as I recall E2L have to meet, court and marry their wives and produce offspring before the explorations start in all seriousness.)

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