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Ripe for Change  by Bodkin 8 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/17/2006
Wonderful moments as the twins disengage the spider's silk and see their grandfather on his way properly, and as he prepares for a needed night alone with his wife.

So glad the two of them have one another.

And I do love the idea of scholarly papers on living in the forest written by those who've set foot in them only briefly, and the one who's actually done it is expected to bow to the contained wisdom? Oh, how foolish the bureaucrats!

Author Reply: Scholarly papers - isn't that just the way, though? People analysing activities carried out by those who just live them - and coming up with amazing statistics like 'poverty affects life expectancy'.

The twins are more grown up and far wiser than they generally bother to display - they can do all the lordly stuff, they just don't see why they should. Especially since they're surrounded by so many who do it so naturally. They've freed Celeborn - now their next task is to send Elrond off to see his new home. And, perhaps, work on their great-grandfather. While having as much fun as possible doing it!

Thank you.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/6/2006
I look forward to hear more of Bórdain. Interesting character! And Elrond is
right: The separation of the kindreds is not wise. They have to get along
better in the future, if they don¹t want to end up as the humans in our

Loved the way the twins lured their grandfather away from his paperwork. They could be right about this being Finarfins way to hold them back from moving west! Sometimes they prove that they are much more intelligent than most people give them credit for. And the document titles ... *rofl* ... I'd probably doze off if I had to read them. Well, the twins will make sure the steadily stream of paperwork will dry up considerably in a short time, of that I am certain!

Thank you for your explanations in the reply to "Long Memories" - of course I was interested! And after reading it I sat here and could see Taryatur and Oropher breathing fire at each other *snicker*

Author Reply: Bordain has rather taken over here - Goerfer was supposed to be the main addition, but he just turned out to be far less interesting than Bordain!

Elrond is right - but achieving harmony is enough to keep him busy from now until the end of days. Could be a good thing, I suppose. Stops him from brooding! And he is patient and persistent, so he might just get there - with a little help from his friends and relations.

Finarfin spent a long time divided from his daughter - he's had her back about 600 years or so - and Celebrian in the Blessed Realm for a millennium or so - and I suspect he is dragging his feet a bit. Once they cross to the new realms, they will be back to visit - but it's not the same as having them living in the neighbourhood. The twins are intelligent and adult elves - they are quite capable of taking on the roles of their father and grandfather, but, I suspect, they don't see why they should bother when Elrond and Celeborn already fill them so well. And, of course, elves don't get old and retire. It must be frustrating if you are a go-getting up-and-coming young elf - and I think one of the ways the twins have dealt with it is to appear to have had a very protracted adolescence. But it is an act - although I'm sure they will have a way of reducing the paperwork involved! (I suspect Elrohir will read it and then Elladan will dispose of it!)

I can get a bit carried away in replying at times - it helps me work out the reasons why various things are set up as they are, too! I was rereading some old Reflections the other day - and thinking that some things that were originally established more or less as a joke or a throwaway line have become quite important plot points in this world. (And a few things have edged away from the early assumptions, too!)

Thank you, Kitty. I'm glad you are enjoying what happens in this version of the Blessed Realm!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/5/2006
First, apologies for the delay. Things -and me- have not been much right, so I lagged well behind... ( Never before had I seen my perelleth inbox so full! )

I knew it was only a question of time before you returned to this, after Arwen and all, and I was very glad to see an update. I like the story per se, but, let's be honest, the glimpses of Finrod are a major treat to me!

I am so glad for Celeborn that things are finally clearer for all. He indeed neds engaging into something that satisfies the "doer" and "mover of things" within him. His wondering whether Galadriel would follow was so sweet! After all those years -and their parting!

Yet, I cannot help but feel happy for Finarfin and Olwë's people too. They must have sighed in relief as soon as those powerful, somewhat quarrelsome and "know-it-all", restless relatives from beyond the sea finally decided to move a bit apart... Their life-styles must have clashed at times, even if they are all patient and wise enough not to let show...

‘It is your sister who tried hardest to seal her home away from the outside.’ Ah! Gentle-elf Finrod, refraining from answering the impudent youth that she was only putting to practice what she learned from Thingol!!!! They are wise, this Eldar, aren't they? ;-)

Author Reply: Good to hear from you - I hope things aren't too frantic!

When the Arwen story went into full flow it stopped me thinking about this one - but it's got to find a solution somehow! You like seeing Finrod? I'm just doing something else that features him a bit... It's amazing easy to start these projects, I find!

Celeborn is not one who could sit on a cloud playing the harp. The fear of having to do that is probably one thing that kept him east of the sea for so long. Now he knows he is needed to do the same old job in a new location he is much happier - after all, he has moved around a fair bit, supporting, guiding and defending his people. And he and Galadriel, (I reckon), have a much greater understanding of and tolerance for each other's needs than is often shown. Well - they're grown-ups: they wouldn't make their co-dependence obvious in public!

It must have been a relief to get separate development set up so nicely. There can't have been a wood east of the Pelori that didn't have its contingent of elves from over the sea - and even the elves of Aman must have found niggles escalating into rather stronger reactions. Mind you, Elrond is right that they need to work together and develop understanding - both easier and more difficult at a distance.

I suppose Elrond could try retaliating to a Doriath-reminder by pointing out that Aman is a giant play-pen for elves .... but they wouldn't. Two very calm and reasonable people of great intelligence. And the age-thing - Galadriel has just (in this new project) been complaining about being looked on as an inexperienced elfling by her adar's advisors. It must be impossible to be a grown up among elves - there's always someone who can come up with an embarrassing nursery story. (Except for Bordain, of course.)

Thank you - I'm glad you found time to sit back and take it easy for a few moments anyway.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/27/2006
Oh wow, a new chapter! And the story is still WIP! I am *happy*. :D

I just love Bordain. The civilized (domesticated?) beech tree was a fascinating idea. As was Bordain’s assessment of the three kindreds' characteristic desires. I have always felt the Lindar were like highlanders. ;) His relationship with Celeborn is wonderful too – a very interesting interdependency.

C&G’s conversation in the garden was very enlightening in sooo many ways. Lovely inner thoughts about each other and their followers. But, the idea that Tirion was a corrupting influence upon youth made me laugh out loud. I actually like Losgael’s managing ways. Her and Bordain’s walk in the market was very educational and pealed back the top layer of society quite nicely. You reflected on the situation of our modern abundance very clearly. I liked how you held on to the theme of the journey being important, but still having a beneficial end as well. We can choose what we will do with knowledge.

That was a welcome discussion between Finrod and Elrond. Unity is important. However, as it is they will be lucky to get - as they say – suspension of distrust. A harmonious future needs more focus than what even Elrond can provide, it seems. Ha! It is your sister who tried hardest to seal her home away from the outside. Thank you for saying that! Anyway, the future is in good hands and minds, thank goodness. And I suppose, slow is to be expected when you are moving a host of any sort.

And that was a really enjoyable conversation with Galadriel and Celebrian, too. ;) Like all your dialogs, so illustrative of family and feelings within straightforward events. I love the settings you choose! One almost feels a part of the conversation rather than simply being an observer.

The section with Celeborn and his grandsons was very entertaining! E2 does their thing as only they can! The report titles were humorous in themselves for being so close to the real thing. Accomplishing their goal to end the paperwork is just the sort of warm-up challenge the guys need before heading off west themselves.

The last scene was absolutely lovely. And loving. A very sweet ending for this chapter.

But, what is even better is that we can anticipate at least one more chapter!

Author Reply: Thank you! I got on a roll with the Arwen story and this one just decided to bog down for a while ... but I do enjoy writing Galadriel and Celeborn and it doesn't want to end quite yet. I think I know when it will - but every now and then they sort of jump up and surprise me. Bordain is a prime example of a character who comes out of nowhere - he really was never intended to become quite the elf he is.

And I just love the complex layers of society stuff that you do so well - there have to have been elves doing all the kind of everyday tasks that are essential to keep society running, but all we ever see, really, is the upper echelons. Then - Blessed Realm, millennia of powerful elves all communing with nature - the world around them must have become more aware than you would expect. Could have been quite shattering for those arriving from over the sea. Shadowlands stuff.

As far as corrupting the young goes - what did all the youngsters do? Some of them will have been moral and motivated, of course - but there must have been quite a few sons of the comfortably off and powerful who were searching for a meaningful existence - and Pelthaes had dropped into that world from a very isolated and subsistence kind of life in the woods. I think he would either hate it or dive into it.

Elrond is right. (He insisted on making the point.) And they do need to work on understanding - or they will be worse off than they are now. It will not, however, be easy - and it is a very very long-term project.

But long-term isn't so good when there are elflings around - I can't help but feel that slowing down and waiting a century or so is worth it if it means you will be around for your grandkids.

The twins try to keep it quiet - but they are fully competent and powerful elf lords. I wonder if Galadriel put them up to shoving Daeradar out of the door? Or perhaps Celebrian. And I think they have retained a certain lack of respect for stacks of paperwork! I think that the twins and their parents / grandparents will be sort of alternating periods east of the mountains - serving as ambassadors for their realms. They would probably rather not, but they know it will be necessary.

At least one more chapter I think. I'm glad you're still enjoying it enough to be pleased!

EllieReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/26/2006
Loved the old trees and their awareness. Loved the different perspectives on the city and the way everyone was coping with the impending settlement of the wilds. I'm happy for Celeborn and his new sense of purpose. Loved the twins coming in and taking over and sending Celeborn off. Nice last night for Celeborn and Galadriel, too.

Well done. Love your writing.

Author Reply: Millennia of elves communing with you must do something to a tree. I'm surprised they haven't uprooted themselves and started walking around to discuss arboreal philosophy, really - I can just see them turning into Ents.

Cities are all very well - and some of the Noldor wouldn't be very good existing elsewhere - but it isn't the right place for Celeborn. He copes, because he is working for the greater good - and he knows it won't be for ever - but I'm glad the twins packed him off to the wilds. I'm glad Celeborn and Galadriel realised they needed to spend some quality time on their own, too!

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/26/2006
Oh I am just as happy as a clam to come home and find this to read!

I think what struck me most in this was all the different points of view of the various cultures of Elves. I've been thinking about their differences myself quite a bit recently and I think you really covered a lot of the angles here--and I thought it was fascinating.

From this: ‘Finwë’s people have always wished for knowledge – just as Ingwë’s have craved understanding.’ ‘And what have Elwë’s people sought?’ Celeborn asked. ‘Freedom.’ The response was immediate. which I though summed it up very neatly, to all the other angles you show in the various conversations here (especially the scene in the marketplace), it was really a great exploration.

And this: ‘Yet separation of the kindreds is not wise, Finrod. It reinforces the fears and prejudices each hold – better to learn to live together as elves with a single purpose than to use a mountain range to erect barriers between us. I can so see Elrond saying that and it is so true. We seem to be hitting on the same themes a lot recently, because similar type conversations will come up in the next chapters of both my stories (if I ever get around to finishing the editing of them).

And you really get into the individual characters too--from Celeborn and Galdriel's discussion of whether she was willing to follow him to Celebrian and Galadriel and mothering/grandmothering/and mischief making to the tomes Celeborn was reading (again, I can so see him with those).

This was great, Bodkin. Glad to see it's back. :-)

Author Reply: The more you think about elves, the more complicated they and their society gets! I'm not at all surprised we tend to have the same thoughts - it must be one of the reasons we all enjoy each other's stories. I mean, I can read horrible Thranduil or pranking twins, just about, but the stories I really like deal with bigger themes - like love and sacrifice and duty, combined with real life anxieties like providing for your people in hard times and defending them against danger. And, every now and then, I get this big - not all elves were lords and princes feeling, when I long to know more about the people who provided the food and all the unromantic elements of real life. Who managed the drainage in Tirion, for example? What did they do with the products?

And then Elrond just insisted on diving into that conversation - and even as it was flowing, I was thinking that he was right!

But I'm glad the twins packed up the paperwork and sent Celeborn off to seek his home.

Thank you, elliska. I'm glad it's back, too. It ground to a halt when Arwen was in full flow, and then it was hard to find its direction, but fingers crossed it will now move towards its own end.

RivergirlReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/26/2006
This story is still as wonderful as ever. And I really like Bordain. So simple yet so deep and mysterious. I hadn't stopped to consider the potential for isolation and further misunderstanding if the Arda-elves all moved over the mountains and ceased most contact with the Noldor and Vanyar.

So, I'm still enjoying this greatly. I get to satisfy my desire to drool and melt over Celeborn *and* you're making me think. :-)

Author Reply: Thank you! And Bordain is one of these characters who just insisted on making himself felt - he wasn't supposed to become deep and mysterious and noticeable! Even though Aman is supposed to be a place of peace and harmony, I cannot imagine elves settling down to lives of complete tranquillity - some of them are definitely too strong-minded. And, although it often seems a good idea to separate potential opponents, you seem to find that it just reinforces all their prejudices. Elrond has a big job on his hands, though, if he intends to try to spread understanding!

I am glad you are enjoying it - and Celeborn is very droolworthy!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/26/2006
I love the idea of the twins taking over the paperwork. Of course, they ruled Imladris for years after Elrond left. (That's right, isn't it? Or did Celeborn do that?) But they don't seem particularly reverent about bureaucracy. More power to them.

Author Reply: I think Celeborn turned up, didn't he? And probably took over. But I think the twins are far more efficient at the dull stuff involved in administration than they want anyone to know! And they work as a team - with Elrohir doing the detail and Elladan working on the big picture. And managing the side-tracking.

With half their forces moving west, I reckon the twins will have ended up having to take on more overt responsibility. Still. They're big ellyn now. They'll cope!

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