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The Way of a King  by Katzilla 3 Review(s)
patternerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 12/5/2013
A very good (though very frustrating) chapter. You portray people and their emotions very well, and I'm glad to find a writer who likes Eomer as much as I do, and who understands him very well! This piece totally explains the way Eomer acts toward Grima in LotR - he clearly hates him and is aware of his intentions toward Eowyn, but acts as though he can't challenge him or confront him directly. Of course, he always saw through Grima, but Grima came to power and influence when Eomer still had none, and could do nothing to stop him. And at the time of LotR Grima is too well-entrenched with the King, and Eomer's hatred probably too well known for his opinion to have any influence with Theoden. Well-crafted. It is interesting the way you portray Theodred. It seems in the end that his death was a good thing for Rohan, b/c otherwise he would have fallen under Grima's sway too, and no one would have been able to lead the fight against the Enemy except for those banished. Unsettling.

anaReviewed Chapter: 7 on 2/3/2013
It is a very good series. Please don't stop writing about young Éomer.

Lady BluejayReviewed Chapter: 7 on 1/16/2006
Well, I enjoyed this. It was just the sort of thing I imagined when I put in one of my stories that Eomer had loved someone as a young man. Well done. LBJ

Author Reply: Hi Lady Bluejay!

Thank you for the review. Glad to see that at least one person liked the story (at least on this site). There doesn't seem to be a great interest in Éomer as a character, or perhaps it is because my writing is so bad. Oh well... anyway thank you for the heads-up!


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