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The End of All Things  by Katzilla 4 Review(s)
IvanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/19/2008

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/25/2005
Very grievous, but a good ending.

Author Reply: I didn't want to end this story on a sad note. The reader knows what happens, I don't have to describe it. It was important to me to show some sense of hope even in this dark hour. Thanks for reviewing!

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/24/2005
This was very dark indeed, but I agree with you that this is the way it might have happened if things had gone wrong.

How appropriate for you to choose the Rohirrim as the focus of your story. I think that they of all the peoples of Middle-Earth would have been the most likely to choose to die fighting -- or at least, as the civilians did, to deny the enemy the pleasure of killing them. It seems very consistent with their culture.

Author Reply: Hi Lianna,

thanks a lot for your review. Yes, I think the Rohirrim would be the ones defying the enemy to the last minute. They have done so for centuries against overwhelming odds, and these experiences have made them the stern warrior-race we've seen in LotR. I love writing about them, and especially about Éomer.

insigniaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/24/2005
What a great and what a sad story! Thoroughly depressing, though absolutley believable.

You draw Eomer very well, as a reluctant king, taking his unsought responsibilities in the most serious fashion. There is a continuous and spiralling sense of his despair and grief at circumstances running through your story. There is also a grim acceptance that he can only take one route to "save" his people.

The affection between brother and sister is nicely portrayed. I also get a clear picture of the respect and honour in which Eomer and his house are held by the Rohirrim.

The farewells (and there are several here) are right in character. And Eomer's speech to his soldiers on their way to death is thoroughly inspiring (unlike a certain call to arms in KoH).

I'm glad that you stopped where you did - the little snippet of Eomer thinking about Eowyn's body being hacked to bits was just enough!

Thank you for this.


Author Reply: Hi Insignia!

Thanks a lot for your high praise! To say the truth, I was a bit worried about posting this, because it is so depressing. I guess that came from watching
"Star WArs - Ep. 3", LOL! And no, under no circumstances would I have wanted to describe the ensuing slaughter. As hard as it was, I wanted to end it on a positive note.

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