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A Snowy Arrival  by Baggins Babe 8 Review(s)
AntaneReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/21/2007
Isn't it wonderful for Frodo to be a true uncle to all these children and to have Sam's love surrounding him, which, of course, like a warm, comfy blanket, it did in any case, but to be able to look into those eyes and feel those arms all the years he couldn't, is a tremendous gift to them both. I forgot to mention in one of your other stories about Frodo remarking to someone that he felt at times a child of Sam's himself for all the care and fussing and love that was lavished on him. That is indeed true.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: I'm afraid Sam can be a bit of a fusspot sometimes but Frodo understands why and is happy to immerse himself in that love.

Having Frodo as an uncle must be wonderful for Sam's children.

DaynawaynaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/2/2006
I guess I'm playing catch up on stories I've read but not reviewed. This makes what, # 3 now? LOL. Loved this one too, BB. Frodo did an awesome job, and Rose was quietly confident in his ablilities. What a wonderful, warm fuzzy family they are!

And I do apologize for not reviewing when I first read them; although I guess it does make for a nice surprise in your inbox when you find belated reviews, huh? :)

Author Reply: It certainly did make for a nice surprise! I was thrilled, especially as I haven't checked that particular e-mail for some time.

Glad you enjoyed another visit to Bag End - funny how the plot bunnies just pop up and move in.

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/10/2005
Oh my, poor Frodo! *chuckles* I'd have been beside myself with fear and nervousness and wouldn't have had the sense to do anything! And the ending was beautiful! God bless,

MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/20/2005
My Dear BB!

I know I am supposed to be reviewing Ch. 4 and Ch. 5 of buckland celebration but this caught my eye! It's a lovely little vignette. I really like these little snapshots of Shire life. You write them so well and with such fondness for the people in them. The characters just come alive. You really delineate the characters wonderfully. You can truly imagine each of the characters saying exactly what you have written for them. I loved it!


Author Reply: Good grief MM!

Thought you'd disappeared! :-)) Glad you liked it though - a plot bunny bit me on the ankle and wouldn't let go. Couldn't resist giving Frodo a bit of stress.

lovethosehobbitsReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/17/2005
Loved it! I could picture so easily the terrified and flustered Frodo, not knowing what to do. I think I would have panicked like you wouldn't believe. A great, sweet tale!


Author Reply: Glad you could picture Frodo rushing about, flustered and panicking. I think most of us would be the same in those circumstances.

I enjoy writing about this universe and giving Frodo lots of fun - and some stress in this one.

Sweet Pea Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/14/2005
I love your AU! I liked how athelas brings up different smells that are pleasant to different people. Great job :-D

Author Reply: I think athelas would bring comfort to everyone according to their likings.
I thought about the Gaffer, and taters seemed the obvious thing. :-))
Glad you like the AU - I thought Frodo could do with some happiness for a change.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/14/2005
I am grinning so hard my jaws hurt.
This is utterly wonderful!
I do so love the "Reunion" universe!!!

Author Reply: I'm trying to imagine you grinning until you have jaw-ache. Glad you enjoyed it though. Poor Frodo, running about in a tizzy. :-))
Really glad you enjoyed another visit to my AU.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/14/2005
I learned a lot from this chapter! My goodness, Frodo is just the most wonderful uncle.


Author Reply: I'm glad you feel you learned something - not sure what though! I think Frodo would be a fabulous uncle - he's a very resourceful hobbit, even if he was in a panic.

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