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The Neighbourly Thing To Do  by Baggins Babe 10 Review(s)
AntaneReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/7/2007
"My finger was bitten off, sweetling, before you were born."

"By a monster?" Her eyes were round with wonder.

"No, just a very sad and miserable creature who had lived too long and suffered too much."

Such compassionate understanding and forgiveness. No bitterness. Of course the whole story is full of compassion. Indeed the best hobbit of the Shire - FrodoandSam - two bodies, one soul, both best.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: Yes, Frodo's compassion saved Middle-earth in the end. Glad you enjoyed it.

DaynawaynaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/2/2006
Where do you come up with such amazing stories, BB? I absolutely love this story! I'm sure that if the Professor wrote about Sandyman, this would be just how it would sound: a drinker and an abuser. You covered a very touchy subject quite well and I loved little Violet... and the healing effect Frodo had on her... I'd hoped it would be that way from the moment I read about her being afraid of men.
This was such a natural extention to the LOTR universe... it fit perfectly with all we know about hobbits and the shire. My only "nitpick" would be when they talk about Ted's drinking and Sam's sister Daisy said, "I'm surprised his liver's lasted this far." Would they know how alcohol affected organs? It just seemed odd to me. But I am definitely impressed with this story... it really touched me.

Author Reply: In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries they knew enough to realise that the liver of a heavy drinker could look like an old boot! Also, the phrase 'feeling liverish' to describe biliousness or a hangover was quite common. I have learned not to worry too much about these things - the Professor mentions unbrellas and pocket watches in the Shire, yet Rohan is clearly an Anglo-Saxon culture. It could be very confusing if I allowed it!

The Sandyman family have really come to life, and little Violet is adorable.
So pleased that you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for reviewing.

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/23/2006
*snicker* *snort* *snork* Wahahahahahahahaha!!!

Well!! That will teach me, once again, to proof read a post and/or review before hitting that submit button. Just checked to make sure my review posted okay and what do I see?

Instead of "plotbunnies", I'd put "plotbummies".

Ooops!! ROTFLOL!!!

Oh well, I *did* need a laugh, but didn't think I'd be getting it at my own expense...*snicker* :oD

Sigh...I'm never going to be able to live that one down, will I? :oD


Author Reply: *giggle* *snork* I'm always doing things like that! Never mind, Tigger, it gave us both a laugh.

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/23/2006
I could have sworn I'd left a review for this a few months ago when I'd read it for the first time, but seems I didn't for some odd reason. Oh well...No time like the present they say.

I really enjoyed this story, because it rings so true to the spirit of a rural area. Neighbours help neighbours when there's trouble. Especially the need is such as the case of Ivy Sandyman and her family. There is no greater crime than the mistreatment someone brings on to their own family. Even though Ted is a drunk, his alcoholism only heightens what flaws were already there in his make up and character.

Sadly, this story also rings true to many sad tales out there. That it wasn't until her child was in danger and/or nearly killed trying to protect his mother from his father did Ivy take the children and leave. Sadly, another off shoot of these situations is the brainwashing of the victims. Such as they have no other place to go, when in fact they do.

I am so proud of Frodo offering Daddy Twofoot's old place to Ivy and the children *and* only offering her a *very* basic rental fee until she gets back on her feet again financially and confidence wise. Not only did he have the satisfaction of giving the hole a family to love and care for it again, but it would also give Ivy and the children a spiritual boost like none other. That someone like Frodo Baggins would be interested in helping *them*!?! While it would take some getting used to, that first act of Frodo offering Number 2 would be the start of the healing process for the entire Sandyman family.

I'm equally as proud of little Ellie. She is w/out a doubt her loving parents child and her Uncle Frodo's Sun star and their influence beamed in abundance here. For Ellie to offer Violet to take some of her own dolls would do more to help Violet's own scars to start healing. It's a shame more children who have an overabundance of toys and games in our own world aren't willing to donate those toys that are still in good shape to a shelter or Children's Hospital. Then...I think of all those children out there who went through their collections last summer and fall for the children who lost all of their playthings due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and I have hope again. :o)

Most importantly, time away from the abuse and time around caring hobbits will help to heal the Sandymans. And when things get tough...Well, there are three hobbits behind the green door of Bag End who are excellent listeners. As well as their little apprentice. ;o)

Now...I have a request M'dear, that is if you haven't finished all of your plotbummies for "Birthday Surprises" yet...

Could you somehow...Not sure how, maybe she catches him alone enjoying the view from the top of Bag End under the tree, but could you somehow have little Violet and our favourite Ranger King meet and have a little conversation by themselves? Pleeeeeeaaaasssseeeee!?! Maybe Violet saw or heard Frodo, but not Aragorn, went up to chat w/Mr. Baggins and found the King there too. It's just a thought, but I'd love to see Aragorn try and reassure this particular little hobbit lass that not all Big Men are bad. Perhaps even swing the conversation towards her own father.

Anyway...It's just a thought I had while re reading this tonight and if it possible, I'd love to see it. And now...I think I have calmed down enough from the minor panic attack that was triggered earlier this evening. How I survived my school years w/out having a breakdown boggles me, but the abuse I suffered at the hands of the other kids, (I refuse to call it bullying and/or teasing or any of the other handy labels we've given this so called "rite of passage" some kids go through just because they're different or...Whatever!! Maybe once we start calling it what it is, we will finally see actual change and, hopefully, an end to it once and for all!!) has left their own scars.

Since they knew I couldn't see them coming because of my visual impairment, the kids took full advantage of that, and my reputation of being "too oversensitive" by shoving me into whatever I ended up flying into. As well as down flights of stairs. That happened at least three or four times a semester. Nothing ever happened though because it was "normal" or "All kids go through being teased. Get a thicker skin my dear." and other such nonsense.

Anyway...You combine that w/the fact I've been in and out of hospitals since I was a baby and I don't like being touched to begin w/. To me, touch means I'm about to be hurt in someway. Even when I know it's coming and intended as a gesture of comfort, I can't seem to keep from flinching.

However, when someone surprises me from behind, like a very good friend of my Dad's did tonight by coming up and tickling me. But, *especially* after I told him to stop it and he kept right on doing it...That can trigger a panic attack w/me. Thank goodness on a scale of 10 I was able to keep this one at around a six or a seven, but I needed to come down here for about an hour to let the shakiness and that cold creeping feeling go away. Now, I'm starting to feel the crash that's coming begin to start.

Sigh...Sorry for that epic up there, but I think now you and anyone else who reads this review knows this topic is one that's really close to me and for all the wrong reasons. :o( You did a lovely job on this mellon nin and it was very, *very* true in tone. I just wish I'd had an Elanor when I was growing up.

I hope you're managing to keep cool over there in England this summer. Sorry for the epic review and I can't wait for the next chapter of Birthday Surprises!! :oD

Author Reply: My goodness! An epic review indeed, and I hadn't checked on reviews for some time. How lovely to find this one from you, and I'm so glad you feel the hobbits would behave in this way. Yes, Ellie is her parents' child and her Uncle Frodo's delight, and she will be a champion for Violet. Life in New Row has begun the healing process for them. Another story will be coming soon, in which the Sandyman family features very strongly.

Meanwhile, I shall see what I can do about fitting in a scene between Aragorn and Violet. I'm still working on 'Birthday Surprises' but the weather has been so humid (don't mind the heat but it has felt like a sauna) that sitting at a computer has been too uncomfortable. Not to mention that I've been very involved in an archaeological dig locally, in the grounds of our beautiful historic building (where I actually work).

So sorry to learn that you've had nasty experiences at school with that lovely species, the bully. I know that feeling - being small and usually doing well in school work, I was a very convenient target for the louts (and girls are often worse than boys). Had sulphuric acid thrown over my school blazer once - while I was wearing it! I used to dread going into school sometimes - walking up the drive I often felt like the Sherriff walking down the main street and not knowing when I was going to be shot in the back!

An epic reply too - but I'm working on what may be the final chapter of 'Birthday Surprises' and should have it posted soon.

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/11/2005
*sighs and beams with satisfaction* What a sweet story and such a perfect ending! Poor little Vi, and for her father to do such a cruel thing! Ugh! When I was little, I always had a large family of dolls and was for ever taking in poor, lonely-looking, orphaned ones who looked like they'd seen too much of the bad side of life, and I collect them now, so I can sympathise with the poor little girl (having had a few of my precious "children" ruthlessly destroyed by my brother). I hope you continue to write these stories! God bless,

Author Reply: I have plans for the Sandyman family - another plot bunny has taken up residence. Hope you will enjoy it in due course.

Poor Vi - she must have been very sad to lose her doll. I never bothered much with dolls as a child, although if anyone had harmed my teddy bear I would have gone mad.

Yes, plenty more stories where this came from! This universe is too much fun to leave.

MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/2/2005
My dear BB!!

It is a wonderfully crafted story. I love how you've taken the barest sliver and made it into a wonderfully believeable idea. How dare Ted Sandyman throw his daughter's doll on the fire!!! Banishment's too good for him!!! The warm and wonderful home life at Bag End so well-realised I can just imagine myself pulling up a stool and sipping some tea in her kitchen. I love the relationship between Frodo and the rest of the family. It's so warm and loving!

Thanks for a wonderful story!


Author Reply: Oh my goodness, MM! Another review. I'm very warm and fuzzy now! :-))

I'm really pleased you liked this one - I was quite pleased with it. There is a sort of follow-up plot bunny bumbling round my feet at the moment, so we might see a lot more of the Sandymans before long. Love your comment amout banishment being too good for Ted! I imagine he had rolled home drunk again and taken his frustrations out on the nearest unfortunate. Unfortunately there are Ted Sandymans in the world. *sigh*

EndaewenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/8/2005
This is just beautiful. I can see the vast majority of hobbits acting the way their new neighbors do.

Author Reply: Thank you so much for reviewing. Yes, I think most hobbits would be kind-hearted and welcoming to poor Ivy and her family.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/28/2005
"Reckon we all think you're nice, Mr Baggins, said Will shyly, and the others nodded. Frodo blushed, which Ivy and Lily thought rather touching."

Oh, I like your universe - and particularly your Frodo! Always caring for others, sometimes ashamed of his wealth when seeing others who have only little, and very good with looking after children! Little Elanor has learned a lot from her uncle Fro!

Author Reply: I think those facets of Frodo's character were always there but after the Quest he seems more gentle and sensitive.

Glad you like him, and my universe!

esamenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/28/2005
Mr.Baggins gave no sign that he had noticed the child at first, just carried on pouring tea and adding milk, calm as you please.

Hello Baggins Babe,

Hey, I really enjoyed this fic, and it's been a while since I enjoyed one enough to leave a review. I think that you are drawing a wonderful portrait of Frodo. It reminds me of Jodancingtree's mature, heroic Frodo in her story "Sam's Rose." Have you read it? It's one of my favorites.

I think that I will follow this story . . . it's very good. The Shire really comes alive in your stories--Pippin and Merry and everyone come right off the page. Your dialogue is marvelous. I love hobbity relationships, and I love my gorgeous blue-eyed hero with the fragile physique and the beautiful heart. Be sure and make him do something that requires bed rest and tender care . . . that's the fee I charge for reading and reviewing (wink).

I'll be watching for your next chapter! Happy typing!


Author Reply: Well, I'm delighted that you enjoyed this one and left a review, and yes I have read that story you mention and it is a lovely story.

Yes, I love hobbits - I think I am one really :-)) As for bed rest and tender care, didn't I give our hero enough of that in 'Reunion in Minas Tirith'? We shall see what happens in future tales.........

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/27/2005
Oh what a delightful "Reunion-verse" story! Ted Sandyman never fares well in anyone's universe, does he?

This story has such a delightful old-fashioned feel to it. It reminds me of some the better old-fashioned children's books like "Five Little Peppers" or "Pollyanna", where a family overcomes adversity with the help of neighborly friends. I really love the way everyone is pulling together for Ivy's little family, and Elanor is going to be a staunch champion for little Violet, I can tell.

Thank you for another story in this lovely universe!

Author Reply: Thank you, Dreamflower. That was the sort of style of story I was trying to achieve, so I'm really pleased you picked up on it.

Not sure about everyone pulling for Ivy and her family - she has yet to encounter the old biddies in Hobbiton market - but I'm sure Rose will give them short shrift.

I doubt we've heard the last of Ted either...........

Yes, Elanor will certainly be a good friend to Violet. I do like hobbit children. :-))

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