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If I had a Hammer  by Grey Wonderer 17 Review(s)
Maripo5aReviewed Chapter: 7 on 10/21/2005
Hi there! Pipwise was praising this story to the skies when I met up with her a couple of weeks ago, and I'm finally getting a chance to read it. It's wonderful! Funny and clever and very, very reall, with exactly the right hobbity touch. Just wanted to pause here and tell you how much I'm enjoying it. :-)

Now on to the next chapter!

Author Reply: Hi back at ya! That was so sweet of Pipwise. I'm glad you are enjoying it so far. This one took on a life of its own. It wasn't supposed to be this long. LOL Thanks for the lovely review and I do hope that you enjoy the rest of this.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/20/2005
Now *this* is the Frodo I love to see, who can fell a foe with his icy blue glare and his righteous anger in defense of his loved ones! And this is the *Merry* I love--hot-tempered, and much preferring the satisfaction of a well-placed punch (or knee to the groin, *grin*) to a simple telling-off.

And the Gaffer's intervention was just priceless!

Author Reply: I do think that Frodo was the type that would stand up for his family and friends. Only someone who gave that sort of loyality would have been able to get others to follow him into danger. It's one of my favorite things about Frodo. And Merry, well, we both know about Merry's temper. (I remember that knee to the groin incident in your story.) Merry was actually fairly mild in this compared to that. LOL And more fun with Hamfast! I just love writing Hamfast!
Thank so much for reviewing!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/19/2005
Ah, yes, the best parts of Baggins, Brandybuck, and Took all three, our Frodo! And love that Frodo did lose his temper but did it in a way to show up the old goat properly! Love it!

Author Reply: I always enjoy putting Frodo in take-charge situations for some reason. I also like for him to become a bit flustered or angry from time-to-time but I do think that he was clever enough to come out on top of most verbal arguments, especially in The Shire. Glad you enjoyed it. I had fun with this part.

estelnalissiReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/19/2005
Better and Better! This is one of those more than you ever expected stories that grows in the telling. Notice the trend that the numbers of reviews per chapter is steadily rising? This reminds me of a sleeper, a movie that goes from obscurity to an overwhelming, "must see." Who'd have thought such a superficially simple plot idea could evolve in to this oh so funny yet insightful, sensitive long tale, as long as the midsummer's days in which it is set.

You really are in touch with your characters. You have the patience and wisdom to let them experience everything their story can hold. No hurried cobbling together of loose ends because you're already chasing new plot bunnies that distracted you when they nibbled your ankles.

Even reading your responses to your admirers is more pleasurable than I expected. Notice how many times you reacted with joyous, abandoned, LOLs. Maybe it's partially because you are so quick to laugh that you so ably keep your readers laughing.

Every single time I read those words, foot guards, I see Pippin wearing, waddling and sleeping, in them and my grin spreads as wide as a watermelon rind.

Tunnley did such a number on Pippin's self-confidence, he imagines the worst whenever he stops to contemplate his project. Then, the minute Sam gives him a task or puts his hands on Pippin's gloved hands to guide him through a skill, like measuring, Pippin rebounds. He's radiantly happy and practically levitating with enthusiasm. You show how a good teacher creates opportunities for a pupil at any level to succeed and find joy in the doing and learning.

I just want to know what in the world is Frodo going to do with Pippin with Sam gone for a whole afternoon and evening. What ever he conjures up to fill those many, many, hours, I hope he barrs the barn door, with Pippin on the outside!

Author Reply: Thank you so much for the long, lovely review. I am so glad that you are enjoying this one. I never quite know where these things are going or how long they will eventually be when I start them. I almost never have a master plan or even so much as an outline. This was supposed to be a very short little story but as you can see, it is way past that point now. I do think that Sam would have made an excellent teacher because he is patient and encouraging. I suspect those traits helped him to become an excellent father when his own children came along so in a way, he is getting a chance to practice on Pippin. As to barring the door, well, the next chapter will tell that tale.....thanks again for reading and reviewing!

Anso the HobbitReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/18/2005
Good old Frodo! And Merry and the Gaffer too! :D They all knew what was needed to put that Tunnely in place. Excellent! :D I do wonder why Pip is sleeping in the barn though? Maybe he wanted to be there earlier than Sam so he could show that he had learned something.

Author Reply: There will be more about Pippin's sleeping in the barn in future chapters. It isn't as simple as it looks and I am glad that you picked up on it. I am having such fun writing the Gaffer in this one so I had to let him in on Frodo and Merry's confrontation with Tunnely but Merry got the last word on it all. LOL Thanks for reading!

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/18/2005
Oh my! Forceful Frodo! So often he is written as a mousy sort who is afraid to stand up to people but I like to see him as the 'Lord of the Manor' occasionally. Loved Merry having to keep his mouth full of food to avoid blurting anything out!! Hobbits! I enjoyed the Gaffer's timely intervention too - he couldn't resist a little fun at Mr Tunnelly's expense, could he?

Looks as though Sam has gained a job - I giggled at Sam's decision not to wake Pippin in case the hammer went flying. No wonder Sam survived the journey to Mordor - a sensible and practical hobbit, our Sam.

Looking forward to the next one. Thanks, GW!

Author Reply: Yes, Sam's seen what Pip can do with that hammer and he knows better than to approach Pip while he's armed so to speak. LOL Glad you enjoyed Frodo in this one. I don't believe he had trouble standing up for himself or his family pre-Quest, at least and so I try to write him a bit like a young Bilbo in some ways. I do like him when he takes charge.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/17/2005
"Merry’s mouth dropped open. He had completely forgotten his breakfast now. Frodo was angry."

Wow! It takes a lot to make Frodo angry, but if he gets angry, I don't want to be his opponent ;-)

But Mr. Tunnely deserved every single word!
And the Gaffer came just in time to participate in the argument - a great show for all the patrons in the Ivy Bush.

Last but not least, I liked Merry's comment.

"... That’s how we do things in Buckland."

Author Reply: Frodo did most of the talking and so I decided that it was only fair to let Merry have the last word. LOL
Thanks for reviewing and I am glad that you are enjoying this one. More will be coming soon.

MaidenofValinorReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/17/2005
Go Frodo! Go Frodo! That Tunnelly is a JERK!! They got him, though. I was laughing aloud. Very good work!

Author Reply: So glad that it made you laugh! I love when that happens!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/17/2005
W O N D E R F U L!!!!!

Just wonderfully done by all our hobbits!! If the Tooks are a bit Scottish then the Brandybucks must be a bit Irish :) Pip may never build anything else, but I'm sure now he'll turn out a fine three-wheeled wheelbarrow :)

Author Reply: I was rather proud of them all in this chapter. Now, I do hope that Pip can manage to build his wheelbarrow. Looks like Sam has been elected to continue the lessons. I wonder how he will react when he hears the news? (I never know how these things are going to come out.) Thanks for the review and I am glad that you like it!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 7 on 9/17/2005
Merry is such a prat. I love him. :) Tunnely got his comeuppance and then some. It's never a good idea to tick off Frodo. He's a force to be reckoned with when he has the mind to be. Tunnely will be regretting his rash behavior in ditching Pippin. And Pippin sleeping with the hammer has to be the cutest thing yet. Sam is so patient with him and such a good teacher. I'm loving this story. Oh, and the font was fine, back to normal. :)

Author Reply: I think of Merry in this as attempting to come into his own. He thinks he's all grown up and that he knows everything even though he still has a way to go. Pippin has the opposite problem in that he isn't sure he knows anything at all. Frodo does have a very big job on his hands with these two.

Glad you liked that sleeping with the hammer thing. I have to keep the story centered on that hammer you know. LOL

Thanks for letting me know about the font. It is a big relief!

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