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If I had a Hammer  by Grey Wonderer 9 Review(s)
GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 18 on 10/27/2005
Interesting... Frodo suddenly has a lightbulb moment about the furniture, right after Merry and Pippin had that talk about it. Seems coincidental enough. It would be horrible if Frodo ever had to find out about that story Berilac told. Loved nervous!Sam. I could just see him pacing about the smial, too anxious to sleep. Can't wait for the fair and the look on Tunnely's face when he sees the wheelbarrow.

Author Reply: Frodo had been trying to work this mystery out for a while and so maybe he just got desperate enough to empty the room? You just never know. So glad that you liked Sam in this bit. I did think that he might be a bit nervous since this is not gardening or an area that he usually gets involved in. Being Pippin's tutor will put the attention on him as well. Plus he is worried about how Pippin might take it if he doesn't do well against the other entries. More soon and thanks for reading!

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 18 on 10/26/2005
Awww! I like how Pippin chooses his furniture not because of how it looks--though that would be nice, but for the cherished memories he has of some of them. The part of him oblivious to other children not hiding in the wardrobe because of the warped door is so sweet! So very Pippin.

So sad to see the eerie dreams end, but we do have to move on, I know. Squeee! We're going to the fair!


Author Reply: Pippin has his own style and Frodo let him indulge his own tastes on this one. I think Frodo would have let him do almost anything in order to get him to sleep in his room. I could see Pippin repeatedly hiding in the same place because he liked it and ignoring the fact that he kept getting found. LOL

I will send you a link to an errie story if you like. I have something rather odd that is very Halloween-ish that I posted recently just don't have it up here yet. May do that tonight.

Get ready for your toffee apples! The fair is up next!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 18 on 10/26/2005
*sigh* That was wonderfully restful :) I'm so glad they didn't have to tell Frodo that awful story. Such a sweet picture you painted of the lads sleeping. Wonderful!!!

Author Reply: Thank you! Sometimes things work themselves out with a little help from older cousins. Frodo is very good at that sort of thing. Glad you liked it!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 18 on 10/26/2005
That was really a brilliant solution! It's absolutely believable that Frodo found out on his own, that it had something to do with the furniture.
Like Slightly Tookish, I still have suspicions, but of course, I would be most glad if Frodo never heard the real story! He's such a wonderful older cousin!

I'd like to see Pippin's room. Must be very, well, interesting ;-)

And the fair? Well, let's see! I bet, Pippin wins a prize!

Author Reply: I figured that sooner or later Frodo might decide that it was the furniture. And I don't think he minded allowing Pippin to redecorate. Anyway, the Gaffer had to get something out of this story and now he has a new bed! With any luck, Berilac won't tell Hamfast that story. LOL
Frodo is a wonderful older cousin. We should all be so lucky as to have relatives like that.
The fair will be in the next chapter and I should have that up by the weekend! Thanks for reading!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 18 on 10/26/2005
Having finished decorating, the three cousins stood back and surveyed their work. Pippin was grinning from ear to ear and pronounced it the finest room in the entire smial. Merry said that it made him slightly dizzy to look at it for too long and Frodo said that it was certainly the most original room in the smial.

"Thank you for my guest room, Frodo," Pippin said sitting back up straight at the desk. "And for letting me borrow Sam and for not making a fuss over my table manners and for being patient with me and for loving me."

Awwwww! Sweet.

Author Reply: Thank you! You are sweet to say so. I only have a couple more chapters to go and I think I might actually finish this one. Thanks so much for the reviews along the way. More by the weekend!

SlightlyTookishReviewed Chapter: 18 on 10/26/2005
This was a nice, gentle chapter and so I can't help but suspect that you have something up your sleeve, GW :) But I like how Frodo solved the problem of Pippin's bedroom, and I hope that he didn't overhear what Berilac had said and that he never finds out. Pippin needs comfort more than matching furniture, so I'm glad Frodo and Merry did not try to convince him to choose other furniture. And now for the fair. *eagerly anticipates*

Author Reply: I thought it was about time to have at least one issue resolved. LOL I finally have the sleeping arangements settled and now we have a fair to go to. Thanks so much for reading all of this rather long story. It has been such a help to know what everyone thinks about it all. See you at the fair!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 18 on 10/26/2005
Aw, this chapter was just perfect. I loved the way Frodo let Pippin choose what he wanted in the room, and Pippin's logical, if sentimental, reasons for his choices.

But my favorite part was this sweet and insightful conversation:

Frodo ignored the growing ink blot on the parchment and said, "I want you to feel welcome here, Pippin. Sometimes I think that you believe that I only invite you because youíre so close to Merry, but that isnít true at all." He smiled. "You are quite a bit younger than I, but you are very dear to me and I want you to know that."

Pippinís eyes filled with tears and he leaned over against Frodo who was seated in a chair beside of him with a book in his hands and gave him a hug. "How did you know that I sometimes think that?" Pippin asked.

"Because I know you better than you think I do," Frodo said. "Merry Brandybuck is not the only older cousin who understands you." He returned Pippinís hug.

"Thank you for my guest room, Frodo," Pippin said sitting back up straight at the desk. "And for letting me borrow Sam and for not making a fuss over my table manners and for being patient with me and for loving me."

"The table manners have been a bit hard to adjust to," Frodo teased. "But the rest has been my pleasure."

Such a beautiful and sweet cousinly moment! *sigh*wipes eyes*

Just gorgeous.

Now, everyone get some rest, so you can go whip Tobias Tunnelly's butt tomorrow!

Author Reply: That little scene was just suddenly there and writing itself. I had made mention to Pippin's feelings before but I wasn't expecting them to turn up in this chapter. I'm glad that you liked this part. I actually teared up a bit while writing that one. LOL Silly me!
Now that the evil bed is out of the house, I do think they will get some sleep and then it will be time to go to the fair! Thanks for the reviews!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 18 on 10/26/2005
I must say, an excellent solution to the situation. Good old, eclectically minded, non-artistic Pippin. Sounds like quite the room now! His mother would be appalled, but he, at least, is content and happy.

Now, let's see how folks handle Berilac. He deserves quite something.

And I certainly hope Tunnely stays off the Hill tonight, the old goat!

Author Reply: It might be interesting to have Pippin decorate a room or two in my house. LOL Some of the rooms often appear as if he actually did just that! Thanks so much for reading. Stick around because we should be going to the fair by the weekend at least!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 18 on 10/26/2005

At least Frodo has plenty of guest bedrooms. This particular work of the interior designer's art can be left as Pippin's special room!

Although Pippin is actually quite sensible, considering his emotional reaction, to fill the room with things that contain happy memories. And it worked! He's asleep in his own bed. And they haven't had to tell Frodo what Big-Bad-Berilac said.

The fair. How sweet of Sam to be nervous - but then he is sweet! And his nerves are for Pippin rather than himself.

Such an enjoyable story!

Author Reply: I am glad that you are still enjoying this one. I decided that Pippin might just have rather interesting taste if left to make selections on his own. I thought of this neighbor that we had at one point who allowed her six year old daughter to select her own clothing and she would come out to play in some of the most entertaining things that I have ever seen.
Now, if I can manage to get Sam and Pip through the fair, I think I just might have this one nicely wrapped up. Thanks for sticking with me!

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