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Too Few Words  by annmarwalk 5 Review(s)
LamielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/11/2006
This is a beautiful vignette -- as fascinating for what it leaves unstated as for what it describes. What did this craftswoman see in Gimli's friendship with Legolas that prevented her from joining with Gimli? There is perhaps an element of slash there for those who wish to see it, but I think it could be something else. Gimli has formed a bond with Legolas that is deeply meaningful, a level of friendship that transcends the usual definition of the word. That need not equate a physical relationship, but this Dwarf-maid at least understands that Gimli's heart is not able to give itself fully to another. So she lets him go.

It is heartbreaking in a very quiet, very private way -- exactly as I think a Dwarf would respond. She won't cry or lament what she cannot have -- but Legolas is perceptive enough to see her pain, and to respond to it.

What a lovely piece. It is delicately and beautifully wrought in every word, even with some humor woven into it. The lady's response made me smile -- although I do wonder about a cat that would enjoy living in a Dwarf mine. Somehow I always thought of them as being more dog people.

Author Reply: Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful comments!

this Dwarf-maid at least understands that Gimli's heart is not able to give itself fully to another. So she lets him go.

Exactly! Although Zei has become successful, and to some extent fulfilled in her own world, Gimli's world has become so much wider now than it once was. A drama of missed opportunities: she was too shy to speak (or have words said on her behalf) before he left, and now her pride and sense of self-worth will not let her accept less than his whole-hearted devotion. I'm sorry for her that it was not in her to accept the call of adventure Gimli offered; but she would have spent her life yearning for what he would not have been able to give.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/11/2006
Poor Zei. I'm sure she and her cat had a very happy and successful life, but, if Gimli had been a bit more observant, it could have been more fulfilling. I'm glad Legolas observed her reason for remaining and silently promised to look after Gimli.

Author Reply: Thank you for reading and commenting! The whole tale is that of missed opportunities: Zei's shyness in failing to speak in the first place, so that Gimli would have at least been aware of her interest; and then her proud refusal to speak openly to him upon his return. I suppose we can't really blame Gimi for his utter cluelessness! I wonder if Legolas ever explained to him why the finest draftsman in Erebor turned down the job - with thousands of years of watching these types of personal interactions, I'm sure he figured it all out right away.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/11/2006
What an interesting little character sketch. I find myself wondering even more about this intriguing Dwarven woman, and I'm impressed. She's a very memorable OC for such a short fic!

Author Reply: Thank you so much! The Prologue (Not One Word) was actually the first piece of fanfiction I ever wrote, in July of 2004. Back then I knew little of writing, and nothing of dwarves. I'm glad she finally felt comfortable enough with me to let me see her pride, and her dignity, which are no less than Gimli's. His world had become too wide to be shared with just one person, but Zei had enough sense of her own worth that she refused to be satisfied with less than his complete devotion.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/10/2006
She feels that with this companion he will not see the love she bears for him? And she uses the excuse of the cat. I love that.

Alas, another of the Fellowship who knew not the fulfillment of that commitment between male and maiden.

Author Reply: She feels that with this companion he will not see the love she bears for him?

Gimli has never known of Zei's feelings because she could not ever say a word herself, or allow a word on her behalf. Now his world has become so much bigger, wider, that he can not see what should be plain. The life of his forefathers holds no appeal for him now that he has seen the world! I wonder what his other dwarf companions, those who accepted his offer, made of him - did they think he had become to foreign to their nature? Or was he a hero to them for his mighty deeds, and bringing his people into the wider circle?

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 2/10/2006
Alas--a secret love for Gimli, poor Dwarf? And she won't speak, will she? Again, alas!

Author Reply: Thank you for reading and commenting, my faithful friend!

If I had responded last night, my comments might have been a bit different, but this evening I've been reading the journals of some of my young friends about their youthful crushes, and I realize now what I didn't even see when I wrote this so long ago - Zei is my self-insertion! The shy girl who let her Great Love go away without a word! It's both bittersweet and humorous from the viewpoint of all these centuries. Poor Zei!

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