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Musings by Torchlight  by Thundera Tiger 3 Review(s)
MelissaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/24/2006
Legolas seems so "human" here - feeling rage over having gone through feelings of such fear, helplessness, panic. I could really feel his feelings - great description. I adored Bergil! Other men - youth were very impressive in their efficient rescue operation.

docmonReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/23/2004
what a great companion piece to 'reflections'! I really enjoyed seeing the other side of this, since 'reflections' was necessarily so one-sided. It was great to see the one's thoughts reflected in the other. And so, of course, my favorite line here, mirroring the first story, was
"I have spent far too much time around you, Gimli. I am becoming as irrational as a dwarf. And Valar willing, I will spend more time in your company and so become even more irrational."
LOL! Just like Gimli contradicted himself in his expression of his friendship, Legolas too contradicts himself. Or at least, shows considerable irrationality! I could really sense Legolas's panic - it really reflected on his friendship that he was able to get past that. Seeing the closing conversation from the other end was quite amusing, too!


Author Reply: Hey again! Once more, thank you so much for your reviews. I'm still reeling at the thought that you're not only reading my stuff but commenting on it, too. So thank you for that! As for this piece, just like in "Reflections," I was trying to show how Legolas was changing and how he was accepting the fact that he's becoming something that is neither fish nor fowl nor good red meat. He's something of an anomoly among elves, just as Gimli is an anomoly among dwarves, but together, they're stronger for it. Separate, though...well, separate, they're just weird.

Le RouretReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/22/2003
Hey! I was gonna use "Doro Lanthiron"!

Well, you got to it first. Congrats. "The Hunting Trip" is a great story, isn't it? I loved yours, too -- it's nice to read a Legolas/Gimli story with no slash in it!

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