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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice  by Agape4Gondor 2 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 41 on 7/17/2010
At last, a moment of relative peace and planning. I am almost sorry that Boromir did not marry as had been planned.

The stone skipping was delightful; not all the Rohirrim have been infused with Saruman's lies, then. Some remember the fellowship they have known historically with those from Gondor.

RugiReviewed Chapter: 41 on 8/26/2007
Great chapter! I always love to see the little glimpses of Denethor as the Steward - it shows that he was a good ruler and brilliant man even in the little ways of governance.

I was glad that he was able to come and see Faramir and make amends for sending him off while ill, though it made me sorry for the future where repentence will not be enough. I think it's interesting how you show their relationship, at least as I see it, as a series of near misses. They really do love each other, but can't seem to ever quite fully connect. There is something, perhaps a difference of philosophy or a similarity of temperment or difficulty of circumstances or maybe all three, which keeps them from being able to fully be together as family. It's subtle but it seems real and makes me understand how Faramir and Denethor would end up where they did especially once the connecting factor of Boromir was removed.

The preparation for Boromir's marriage is so bittersweet and not just because of our knowledge of the future. You really show how much the Steward's family has been decimated. Indis should be there, Finduilas should be there - it's very sad.

Keep it up - your story is fantastic!

Author Reply: Thanks Rugi for continuing to read as this thing seems to be getting out of hand. But no matter how hard I try to rein it in, the Muse laughs and sends something else along.

As for Denethor and Faramir - how often families have dynamics were one person and the parent get along famously and the other is in the shadows or overlooked - not with evil intent - but just circumstances - and the family really is out of whack. Boromir's leaving was about the worse thing, IMHO, that could happen to that family... and yet, if he hadn't, would Frodo have gone to Mt. Doom with only Sam... would they all have been captured if all nine went to Morgoth? *shivers*

And so - I suppose I must forgive Tollers for killing off Boromir. Hmmm - maybe not...

Denethor, once Boromir leaves, is basically alone. Faramir is in HA, Imrahil has returned to Dol Amroth, and Hurin will probably be inundated by his Warden's duties, but also be put off as Denethor more and more turns into himself...

Again - I cannot thank you enough for commenting! It keeps me going, keeps me on-track, keeps me thinking that perhaps the tale has more value than just a little thing written for me. Blessings!

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