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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice  by Agape4Gondor 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 47 on 7/17/2010
The poor kid! At least Denethor is being merciful toward Hirgon and his mother, in spite of Tarostar. And we know now what became of flighty Miriel. Poor Galador--having her as a child!

RugiReviewed Chapter: 47 on 2/25/2008
Okay. Seriously.

I need to sign up for the alerts or something. Two chapters in a row is ridiculous.

Anyway - the review!

Lots of emotions rolling around in this chapter for me. A part of me was relieved for Boromir since she would have been an unpleasant, indeed, untenable sort of wife (for all of her training, she didn't seem to be prepared for a political marriage). All the same, no matter how spoiled and sneaky she was, she didn't deserve to die so I can also feel pity and sorrow for her. Though I think I feel more for her father who acted wrongly but naturally. I also truely pitied Faramir who feels everything so deeply - you touched on how his understanding of others and their faults makes him pity them and be touched by them and also how he tends to take on every responsibility.

I'm VERY interested to see Denethor's reaction - as someone who's had to keep himself together despite the loss of loved ones and someone who has little patience for people's failings I don't think he will be sympathetic to Galador. But you also show that Denethor is someone who loves deeply, so perhaps that will move him - along with Faramir's eloquence. Or maybe his love for Faramir will have the reverse effect and make him lash out (something he also has a tendency to do) I really don't know - he's such a fascinating puzzle. But I'm excited for you to show me. Your Denethor is always so HIMSELF that I'm sure that it'll make me agree totally with whatever his characterization has him do.

Author Reply: Oh Rugi - I'm very sorry - I thought I had responded to your delightful review. Please forgive me.

Faramir indeed is strong, but easily touched. He is a people-person. It is not going to be pleasant to return to Minas Tirith and his father.

This is going to be a hard blow upon Denethor, more than upon Boromir. But because of Boromir's respect and love for Denethor, he will hurt for his father. Denethor's response will be harsher than Imrahil's - if that is a clue at all.

Will be posting another chapter shortly. Thank you so much for your review!

SarasratiReviewed Chapter: 47 on 2/4/2008
What a terrible situation for Faramir and Imrahil. I imagine Faramir is not very eager to return home with this news at all, although who knows what could happen, as Denethor certainly didn't take to Miriel well.

The scene with Mithrandir and Denethor playing chess is wonderfully done--"safe from flying glass," indeed, haha.

Author Reply: Thanks, Sarasrati! I most appreciate your continued support via reading and reviewing. You are the best!!!

As for the chess game, I've been using it since TA 2939, but this is the first opportunity since that year that I've been able to squeeze in a game!

Returning home is going to be very difficult. Denethor and Faramir's 'see-saw' relationship leaves Faramir in the dark most of the time! If Boromir is home, it should go well, if not......

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