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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice  by Agape4Gondor 4 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 61 on 7/20/2010
The siege is almost upon them, and Faramir will do what he can. Too bad Denethor cannot see that Rohan approaches and find hope in that, but if he could see the Rohirrim, so could the Enemy. Nor can he see the troop that travels under the mountains to Erech and then over the lands to Pelargir. Sometimes not enough information is deadly, it appears. He has too much filtered through the Enemy's malice, and not enough to sustain what little hope has been left to him.

TariReviewed Chapter: 61 on 6/25/2010
Too many "if onlys"; too much time spent looking in the palantir. No wonder Denethor despairs.

Is there anyone to carry out his orders? Not. They’re too interested in saving their own worthless hides. Only Faramir has the courage to do so.

Author Reply: I imagine that politics in Gondor were about the same as politics today... many good people without courage... many with their own agendas... many in fear...

Dear Faramir - he definitely tried his best!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 61 on 6/23/2010
Denethor and Faramir are both under the gun here; and both are already worn out and shadowed; and Denethor's inability to communicate with Faramir, the farewell blessing he didn't give his son, is going to eat him alive. Everyone's suffering!

A good job of filling in the blanks of these terrible and last days of Denethor's life.

Author Reply: Yes - everyone's suffering - the readers and the writer too!!!! Thanks for suffering with me!

As for the rift - rifts come so easily to humans... and are so incredibly difficult to mend. It is a tragedy that Denethor and Faramir could not mend their rift..... Denethor will not be able to live with what he has done (and not done).

SarasratiReviewed Chapter: 61 on 6/20/2010
I'M SO HAPPY, THIS STORY STILL LIVES!!!!! Thank you for posting another chapter!

Denethor seems unexpectedly less crazy in this chapter--I particularly enjoyed his quip back to the lord who wanted him to do something about the earthquakes (...seriously? What on earth could possibly be done?). The scenes with Imrahil are also very well done, particularly their conversation about the exchange with Faramir. I feel that when I've read this scene rewritten in fanfiction, it's usually rather hard to swallow, often rather angsty on whichever side is being explored. Clearly, both are upset and hurt by the exchange, but there are character-appropriate ways to write the scene and there are others that are not. You've hit on a telling that is very believable, both in your own canon and in Tolkien's.

As always, an excellent read. I've been reading this story for more than four years now, which is nowhere near as long as you've been writing it, of course, but no matter how many more it takes you will have a faithful reader!

Author Reply: Ah Sarasrati - I was so hoping you would see that I've posted another chapter. The tale is complete now. Phew! I should be posting on a regular basis (every couple days) until it is all here at SoA. We still have 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th of March - along with a very short (for me) epilogue.

Bless you for continuing to read after all these years. I began writing this in December of 2003.... a long, long time. The support of folks like you with your kind comments, have helped me keep going (those these last months were difficult - knowing the end.)

Imrahil is there - in the Hall and the chamber - during the last days - and yet, we see naught of him. I knew he would be there AND would be supporting Denethor while defending his nephew.... Glad the scene worked for you!


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