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The Faithful  by Ariel 1 Review(s)
SoledadReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/6/2008
Honestly, I'm on the wronged wife's side in this case. Such a sad, tragic tale!

Author Reply: Ah, thank you Soledad. I'm normally a hobbit writer so this little story hasn't received too much attention from the people who usually read my stuff. Though, thanks to you, it now has it's very own review!

This is the second story I wrote for this character. I got a lot of good response for her from one of my first stories where she was presented as the healer who tends the hobbits after their return from Mt. Doom so I wrote up this piece in response to a 'try a new species' challenge. It was intended to be a prologue but full tale was sadly never written. Sadly, some plot bunnies just never do find good homes.

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