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Dreamflower's Mathoms II  by Dreamflower 13 Review(s)
Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/4/2013
Mmm! Sounds lovely! It's also cool to see Sam and Pippin together in a story.

Author Reply: I like to examine all the combinations of friendship between our favorite hobbits--so it's fun to show Sam and Pippin together sometimes!

walkerskyeReviewed Chapter: 33 on 1/28/2012
Reading one of your recipe stories at bedtime just makes me want to sneak to the kitchen for a late night snack, but there s nothing out there that sounds as good as Sam s chicken! I ll have to try that recipe come Sunday. Why not post a whole Hobbity cookbook?

Author Reply: I only just now found this review! (My notifications weren't working for a while--longer than I knew, actually.)

I hope that you did get the chance to try out Sam's chicken and that it was enjoyable!

Over at the Many Paths to Tread Archive, I did put my recipe fics together in a series.

walkerskyeReviewed Chapter: 33 on 1/28/2012
Reading one of your recipe stories at bedtime just makes me want to sneak to the kitchen for a late night snack, but there s nothing out there that sounds as good as Sam s chicken! I ll have to try that recipe come Sunday. Why not post a whole Hobbity cookbook?

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 33 on 6/6/2007
O but you're making me hungry, and I just ate dinner *and* dessert!!!

(sign of a true hobbit, I s'pose)

Full of lovely details, I do enjoy your stories with all the little things that one hardly notices, and yet they make the story and characters come to life.

Author Reply: Of course you're a true hobbit! I've never doubted it for a moment!

I'm so glad you like the details; they are what I love o do!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 33 on 5/1/2007
“You know,” said Pippin “Borondir and Artamir are following us. I could ask them to help us carry this stuff.”

Sam gave him a sharp look. “Now you know that wouldn’t be right, Mr. Pippin! Why what do you suppose your cousin would say?"

So very Sam, to know they go with guards, but refuse to take advantage of that!

A day off, the markets and cooking a Shire dinner. What a pleasant experience of normality!

Author Reply: It seemed rather "Sam-mish" to me, LOL! I can't think he'd be so unobservant as to miss their escort. (This story takes place shortly after "Chance Encounter", so I think the King was being more careful about the hobbits at this point in time.) But, no, he'd not feel comfortable taking advantage of it, though Pippin might think it funny.

I like to think that for a brief time, living in the City together, the hobbits *were* able to have something like a normal life--or as normal as it could be, away from the Shire!

InklingReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/21/2007
So this was from the recipe challenge, eh? Yum! I liked all the hobbity snacking and shopping. And now I want to roast a chicken! I've put veggies in the cavity before, but not broth in the pan. Must keep it good and moist...does the skin stay crispy that way?

Author Reply: Hobbits *do* love to eat, don't they? I love to show them cooking, and cooking is a perfect excuse for recipe!fic.

As long as you use a shallow enough pan, so that the chicken's not swimming in it, it makes for a nice golden skin. And if you stop basting about 20-30 minutes before it's done it has plenty of time to crisp up. You'll notice it uses a hotter oven than usual.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/18/2007
A very tasty tale, Dreamflower!

Now I have to try to find something interesting to eat!

Author Reply: How about roast chicken and asparagus? 8-)

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/18/2007
Such a nice pleasant read, very relaxing in the middle of a hectic week.

I haven't seen too many stories about Sam and Pippin, but I've always wondered if they didn't have some kind of special connection because of their obvious friendship in the books. Of course there are bonds between all the Hobbits, but there seemed something about them...
God bless,

Author Reply: There are a few nice stories about Sam and Pippin. I do like to write them together from time to time, for I like to explore *all* the relationships between the four hobbits--not simply Frodo and Sam or Merry and Pippin, but Sam and Merry, Sam and Pippin, Frodo and Pippin, Frodo and Merry, Sam, Merry and Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Frodo, or Frodo, Merry and Pippin, and all four of them together as well, at all the different stages of their lives.

I think it's easy to infer a special friendship between Sam and Pippin: after all, Sam's daughter marries Pippin's son!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/18/2007
I read this just after you posted it, and just before the connection went dead again. Oh, it gets so frustrating!

I see you and I agree about the frustration not being allowed to pay for things could cause. And love that no matter how unobtrusive they are Sam is all too well aware they're being followed by guards and tries to pretend they aren't there. So Sam!

I love roasting chicken myself.

Anyway, thanks for this one and the recipes.

Author Reply: Ever since they came to the City, people have been giving them things. The vast majority of the people, simply out of pure gratitude to the hobbits for saving them--though a few, such as the vegetable seller, also have in mind that the "publicity" of giving the hobbits something will help their business. But modest and unassuming as hobbits are, they're not very comfortable with the arrangement--my hobbits only go along with it because Aragorn asked them to allow the people to show their gratitude.

It's a really *good* roast chicken--moist and flavorful from the inside out!

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/17/2007
Delightful tale - I don't usually read Hobbits, but the mention of Minas Tirith brought me here - and I'm glad I came.

I loved the marketplace and the kindness of the people of Gondor to these two...

Author Reply: Well, I'm so glad you came as well. It's always nice to have Men or Elf people drop in!

The Gondorians are grateful to those who saved them, and they *know* who saved them. Most of the people, like the poulterer simply want to show their appreciation for that, even though the adulatiion makes the hobbits a bit uneasy. But how can they turn down gifts offered in gratitude?

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