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Dreamflower's Mathoms II  by Dreamflower 8 Review(s)
AntaneReviewed Chapter: 89 on 7/18/2011
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get here to read this, but what a cute gift to all of us to read this story! Love the little history behind that passing mention in the Red Book. What a delightful and loving gift Gandalf gave.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, but I just now found this one! I'm glad you enjoyed the story of Gerontius' gift!

VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 89 on 7/6/2011
And thus from a single sentence, you spin a charming story! :D

Author Reply: Thank you, dear!

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 89 on 7/4/2011
Belated happy birthday, Dreamflower! What a wonderful mathom - I've often wondered about the shirt studs, and this has really answered my questions!

I like Gerontius, and love the idea of Gandalf going to the dwarves. The voices are just perfect.

Hope you had a great birthday.

Author Reply: I really love the idea of those shirt studs. So far as we know, it's the ONLY magical gift that Gandalf ever made to anyone. So I think that shows just how special his friendship with Gerontius was!

Thank you for the nice review, and for the birthday wishes-- I had a very nice one!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 89 on 7/3/2011
Very nice! Thank you for this great story and happy belated birthday :-)

Author Reply: You are very welcome!

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 89 on 7/1/2011
Happy Birthday to you. Enjoyed the story.

Author Reply: Thank you! And I am very glad that you enjoyed it!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 89 on 7/1/2011
Oh, Dreamflower! Happy birthday, and thank you for such a wonderful mathom! I hope that your birthday is turning out to be a most enjoyable day! Such an interesting bit of gapfiller...I do like it very much. :) I love the shirt studs and how Gandalf came to pay for them. It's all so very Gandalf, or should I say Tharkun! Heh :D Well done, and happy birthday again!

I'd love to see more of Gandalf's adventures with the Dwarves, someday!

And I Hope that Miss Dora's Book is Coming Along Well! *grin*



P.S. I wonder, since you have sparkly modly magic on our communities, do you have any idea why Outlook Express might not be working? It's how I get my email, not just from the group but all of my email. I push Send/Receive and it says how many emails it needs to download (86, now!) and then it gives me an error. Obviously, I can't get the answer from you in an email, but if you could offer a suggestion in your review reply, I'll check back later. Of course, if you don't know, that's ok, no pressure!

Author Reply: Thank you for the birthday wishes, and you are most welcome to the story! I am glad you enjoyed it. We shall have to see if any more such bunnies attack.

As to your post script, I'm afraid I have no clue; it sounds as though you are having browser problems, but what they might be I couldn't venture to guess. It's possible that our "tech mod" Dawn could help you. You might try commenting to her at her lj, dawn_felagund, or on MPTT, since obviously you can't send an email!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 89 on 7/1/2011
Ah! Delightful, my lady! And may your birthday be filled with delight as well. Too bad my gift to you is hidden at the moment.... (Tease, tease, poke, poke!)

Always wanted to know how those shirt studs got to him, and now we know!

Author Reply: And I am being a good little mod and NOT PEEKING!!!!

Well, Gandalf just decided to tell me about it yesterday, so I thought I'd pass it along...

6336Reviewed Chapter: 89 on 7/1/2011
Thankyou for the Mathom and Happy Birthday, Dreamflower!


Author Reply: You are quite welcome, dear! and thank *you*!

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