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Dreamflower's Mathoms II  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 90 on 9/25/2011
It is nearly lunch-time and my stomach is growling just reading this and smelling roast beef cooking! A much better idea than a pub-crawl.

I am glad that I know that Clovis and Cado get their comeuppence, (I don't think that I have spelt that right,) even if it is quite a bit later!

Author Reply: Yes, well, I wouldn't be surprised if hobbits have *that* tradition as well in the towns that are large enough to have more than one or two inns or taverns. Maybe Michel Delving or Tuckborough; but this is certainly a more family-oriented occasion.

So far as I know that's spelled right. Perhaps it has a hyphen, but a lot of words that *I* think ought to have hyphens, don't, according to my spell-checker!
(And some that I think don't, should.)LOL!

And yes, they've more or less chosen their path already...

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 90 on 9/23/2011
Ah, but a perfect form of feast for Hobbits of the Shire--and so delectable. Alas, however, that Clovis and Cado were starthing on such a road so early in their careers!

Author Reply: Yes, it seemed to me very hobbity. And the sort of thing that might have begun after such a dire and tragic time as the Fell Winter.

This wasn't the first time they've bullied Pippin, and it won't be the last between now and "The Dare", but their road's been chosen early.

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 90 on 9/22/2011
I wanna go to the feast too! This was a great idea. I also liked the fact that for once, Pippin knew more about it all than Merry or Frodo did. And once again the Banks lads turn up and get more than they bargained for when all is said and done. If only they had learned their lesson at this point in time, but there's no teaching some folks, is there? : )

This was fun to read. Thanks for sharing it.

Author Reply: Yes, Pip was on his own turf here, wasn't he? And the Bankses still have a few years yet until they dig themselves a hole too deep to climb out of!

It was fun to write and fun to share!

PS: I am happy-- your story made me happy in that sort of sloppy, tearful, girly way, if you know what I mean! *grin*

eilujReviewed Chapter: 90 on 9/22/2011
A good, satisfying hobbit story! Plenty of food and friendship, customs and kin, tales and books....

Author Reply: Thanks! I am glad it satisfied! It was fun to write.

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