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Tales of Life  by Aelaer 5 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 54 on 11/16/2008
Ah! The inspiration for the Riddle of Aragorn! Not all that is gold does glitter....

And Bilbo, sagacious Hobbit that he is, has put it together. Bless them both, Man and Hobbit!

Author Reply: Bless them indeed! I love Bilbo, and I love thinking about his interactions with Aragorn. I wish Tolkien had done a bit more on the two; the snippet we see is just wonderful.

EstelcontarReviewed Chapter: 54 on 11/14/2008
So, that's how the famous poem got to be written - a very engaging version indeed.

'"Oh my. You have quite an interesting ancestry, my lad."' That must be the understatement of the year, and very Bilboish too.

Author Reply: LOL, it is, isn't it? Bilbo does tend to make offhand comments like that though, eh? :)

ElflingimpReviewed Chapter: 54 on 11/13/2008
Well I bet I could guess what poem that will be! Hugs The Imp

Author Reply: Oh, I couldn't begin to imagine what poem ;) Thanks for reviewing.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 54 on 11/13/2008
What a nice Aragorn - Bilbo interaction, and a nice take on Bilbo's inspiration for his famous verse.

Author Reply: Hello meckinock! I'll admit it was a joy writing Bilbo; I have completely fallen in love for the old hobbit.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 54 on 11/13/2008
He had something very special in his hands indeed! I like how thoughtfully Aragorn gives Bilbo the trust he's earned, and a secret he know will be kept.

Author Reply: Thank you, Shirebound. I don't think Bilbo would have known about Aragorn if he didn't trust the hobbit- and Bilbo is a trustworthy sort!

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