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A Truth Universally Acknowledged  by annmarwalk 4 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/4/2006
Knowing your own ideas as to who held Boromir's heart, I find that tall, blue-eyed blonde remark telling on his part, and prophetic on hers.

Author Reply: When I published this in my journal, I made a note: "AU to my customary AU!", so that relationship doesnt exist in this world, but thank you for thinking of it! In the sea of all that dark Numenorean hair, flowing golden honey-colored locks and blue eyes would be unique,fascinating, irresistable.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/1/2006
Well - it's good to know that Lothiriel has a weakness for tall blonds. And Faramir?

Shame that Boromir was so indifferent to whichever suitable maiden was selected for him. Just as well probably, considering his father would most likely have chosen for him - if he could ever have taken his attention from Other Matters. But still...

Nice interlude.

Author Reply: I don't think Boromir would have really had a choice; since he had no strong preference I'm sure his dad would have been happy to make up his mind for him. Faramir, now - I can very easily imagine him as a young romantic, madly infatuated with one lovely young thing after another. Good thing he discovered other interests (or career paths that moved him out of the city).

Daffy MaidenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/30/2006
You had me until the blonde thing, LOL! Seriously, I've been hoping for this sort of thing, thank you. ((((hugs)))) And THIS brown eyed brunette does prefer blue-eyed blond guys... in fact, I have one! <3

Author Reply: Thank you so much! This was written as a birthday gift for an English Lit major, in case you couldn't tell *grin* I had great fun imagining Kenneth Branagh as Boromir, at least in this instance. Not sure how he would have handled orcs, though.

I wonder if clever Lothiriel had Eomer picked out from the time she was, what maybe twelve years old? That's what I would have done.

BranwynReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/29/2006
The poor Brothers Mir, it isn't like they would have had much choice in the matter as long as Denethor was still alive. Boromir says he prefers tall, blue-eyed blondes. I had always wondered if Denethor had a match in mind for him with Eowyn. (I don't know if Tolkien had anything to say about the subject.) Lothiriel says she prefers fair-haired men, so I wonder if she has already scoped out Eomer, LOL!

Author Reply: Thanks for reading and commenting!

I don't know what Denethor may have had in mind, but I always thought Eowyn would have been a perfect match for Boromir - she's got a feisty streak that he would have found intriguing. And after being surrounded all their lives with those Numenoreans, all dark-haired with eyes of grey, how could Boromir, Faramir, and Lothiriel not be intrigued by the novelty of those tall slim blonds?

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