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Branwyn's Bric--Brac  by Branwyn 5 Review(s)
BodkinReviewed Chapter: 19 on 1/4/2007
I don't think Faramir will be following Boromir's path through the snow, will he? He is still earth-bound for now - a man of Gondor, a Rohir by marriage - but he will pass into the mists soon.

An good companion piece to the Boromir one.

Author Reply: No, I think he would still have too many ties to this world, though at his age, they are beginning to weaken (if he has a head of white hair, Eowyn and many of their friends are probably already dead). In the back of my mind was also the idea of the high Numenoreans being able to choose their own time of death. So Faramir feels some longing to follow Boromir and the others, but he realizes it isn't time yet. OMG, now I am depressing myself with my own writing!
Glad you liked this, and thanks for the kind review.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 19 on 1/3/2007
Evocative and beautifully written.

Author Reply: I am glad that you liked this since you have such a good grasp of his character in your own writing. Thanks for the kind words!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 19 on 1/3/2007
Am not certain precisely whose POV this is told from. It's interesting. Is Faramir now an old man, wanting to recreate his brother's journey so long ago? But it's a good one for the Yule season.

Author Reply: The traveller is Faramir, and he is an old man. He wants to recreate his brother's journey only in a metaphorical sense--Boromir has gone on ahead to the undiscovered country (to thoroughly mix literary allusions, lol), and now as Faramir draws nearer to his own death, he begins to long to follow him. The poem I took as my inspiration--"Stopping by Woods"--is often interpreted as a man's reflection on his own longing for death.
I am glad you thought the piece was good if a bit vague (even for me *grins*). Thanks so much for reviewing!

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 19 on 1/2/2007
Beautiful - brought tears to my eyes....

Have you ever seen the artwork of Kasiopea and Anke - of the brothers 'Mir - I just love her work...

Author Reply: Thanks so much for the kind review!
I am a faithful reader of the "Adventures of Boromir II" by Kasiopea. In her artwork depicting the adult Boromir, she gives him a rather lean and wolfish look (meaning that in a good way so please don't hurt me) which I love.

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 19 on 1/2/2007
A beautiful tribute to Robert Frost as well as Faramir's affection, undimmed after decades, for his lost brother. The language is understated, lovely and unforced, the narrative just flows out to create a perfect snapshot of a winter's day in Rohan, and a strong but old man looking wistfully towards the road taken by a brother he will see again at a later time.

Loved it that Faramir can still sing, and a Rohirric yule song at that - very appropriate for Eowyn's husband.

Author Reply: I imagine that Eowyn would teach her children some of the traditions of her people, and there might have been holiday visits to Edoras. So it didn't seem too unlikely that Faramir would have learned a few Rohirric songs.
Thanks so much for your kind review!

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