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A Matter of Appearances  by Lindelea 274 Review(s)
t71AqTzXaJBReviewed Chapter: 39 on 1/11/2016
Always the best content from these pridogious writers.

Eirinn LeighReviewed Chapter: 18 on 11/22/2015
I'm hoping for the kind of luck that leaves club-man alive and willing for questioning!

01lOlj3nGReviewed Chapter: 43 on 8/25/2015
Thought it wou'dnlt to give it a shot. I was right.

CXJRZyYFKtxReviewed Chapter: 41 on 8/25/2015
Unalealpelrd accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 4/25/2007

I am still waiting for other stories to be updated, of course! Heh!

Author Reply: Of course. If only the Muse would work on autopilot. I'd love for the other stories to be updated, too.

But thanks!

Little hobbits send their best regards.

Nienor NinielReviewed Chapter: 43 on 9/25/2006
You made me sniffle quite a lot again with this one. Of course I knew that you wouldn't ever kill Ferdi, but to see poor Farry like this, and the young ruffian and all...

I especially enjoyed Aragorn's appearance and the way you wrote his character!

All the best, Nienor

Author Reply: Thanks for stopping by and leaving a good word. Don't know if I never saw it in my email, or if I thought to "save it for later" and hit the wrong button.

Anyhow, I'm very glad that you liked Aragorn's portrayal. I'm always a little hesitant to write him, because I worry about getting him "right".

Ferdi actually did die, in the draft of "Merlin", and much of the material in this story comes from that draft. However, it's very nice that "Merlin" got revised the way it did, and that Ferdi squeaked by in this story. (Have decided I do not wish to write his end, and so I most likely won't. However, I choose to think that it was quiet and peaceful, at the end of a long life, with his Nell at his side, and that's all I need to know.)

And so belated thanks!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 43 on 9/17/2006
Dear Wonder, also known as Flora? Lovely!

So glad I had time to finish this and review before I have to leave again for work. Lovely indeed.

Author Reply: Goodness, found another review I hadn't answered! How *does* that happen?

The Muse deserted me right about the time I emailed you about that story, but if she ever returns you'll be the first to know.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 42 on 9/17/2006
And I'm glad they did. They are dead and passed on one hopes to something else with perhaps still a chance of redemption somewhere in their future; but they got to think about it, at least, a bit ahead of time, a time I think they needed.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 43 on 9/10/2006
Welcome Wonder! This is indeed wonder-ful Lindelea. Congratulations.

Author Reply: Thanks!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 43 on 9/10/2006

To quote Sam, "Indeed."

Sorry I didn't leave a response on the last chapter. I finished reading and sat there a lengthy time - but naught came to mind. I just couldn't think of something to say that fit. Not in a bad way, mind, it was a wonderful chapter, I just blanked.

This has been a hard fought tale, both for you and the hobbits. You've all done very well!

Author Reply: Well, thank you for responding to this chapter! I don't always get many reviews on a final chapter... in fact, on the latter half of the longer stories, it's funny how the reviews sort of peter out. I write too "long", and people lose interest, most likely.

So thanks for hanging in there!

(And whew. Glad it's over.)

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