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Bridges  by Bodkin 71 Review(s)
curiouswombatReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/29/2014
I don't know if you still get notification of your reviews here, but I just want you to know how much pleasure I have had, over the past week or more, coming back and re-reading so many of your stories, especially the ones in this series about the elves of the Fourth Age in the Blessed Realm.

thechevinReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/18/2006
This last chapter really brought this story to a very satisfactory end.
Of course there was no easy escape for Legolas and Taryatur, it was interesting to see that Elerrina had knowledge of how to build and use the pulleys.
also her bond with Legolas seems now to be stronger than Thranduil's for she knew he was hurt and by how much.
The gradual growing together of Taryatur and Legolas as their situation worsened was lovely and the realisation that they had so much more in common than Elerrina
The ending was just beautiful as the pair went home as father and son
More soon I hope

Author Reply: Elerrina has spent a lot of time around forges and kilns - she knows what it takes to transport weight. Thranduil justs trusts those he knows are good at their job.

I think the parent/child bond lessens when an elf marries. The intimacy of marriage builds the bond with the spouse at its expense. Elerrina is, though, fortunate in that Legolas hasn't been in much danger since their marriage, so wasn't necessarily prepared to interpret how she felt.

Taryatur and Legolas are prepared to respect each other rather more now, I think - and listen to each other. It might take them a while to deepen their relationship, but they are prepared to try.

I'm sure there will be more ... of something! ... soon.

Thank you, thechevin.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/17/2006
A fine end to the story - I think they are finally all right, even if it did take some major trauma to get there. Thranduil was as calm as ever through that.. which has to make Tarayatur wonder a little. Those wood elves might just be more competent than he'd like to think!

Author Reply: Thanks, Nilmandra. They want to improve their relationship now, I think. They are wary and being careful with each other, but they are prepared to try.

The Wood elves might not do things the way Taryatur would, but they are efficient and organised and they got the two of them out with the minimum amount of fuss. Maybe they are competent after all!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/17/2006
Lovely conclusion. :D

I am so glad you did not skip over the actual rescue operation and instead used it to reveal more of Thranduil and Elerrina personalities. Especially, both having to see for themselves. ;)

I smiled big at Thranduil giving the eaves-dropping workers the eye and them getting swiftly back to work! Dringor was a gem of a character, very much drawn from a real-life strong-boss/engineer. I can just see him working a dock or oil-rig.

But, I absolutely laughed out loud at the cuppa! No better quick remedy, I say. Although, I would have grimaced at the peppermint. ;)

Once again, you show Taryatur's really different point of view about danger with his proposing to cover the cave rather than leave it exposed. Now this time, you did mean that as a metaphor, right?

I really liked them both going back out to the scene as soon as they could in order to get a wider perspective on the whole experience. It certainly helped them to revisit their new understanding.

So, Legolas is now 'my son'? And,he would welcome his father-in-law's presence instead of dread it? Taryatur now knows that there is a trust-worthy someone who need not be shielded nor given an explanation, who will offer no pity, but true understanding. Even if not with the exact same philosophy on how to handle the scars left on them both...

Another great episode in your rising story arc.

Author Reply: I got to the rescue and thought 'hang on - this is not going to be easy'! It seemed a bit of a cop-out to find them a hidden passage - so I then had to read up about moving heavy weights in a low-technological society. Elerrina has a pretty good understanding of how things work - whereas with some things Thranduil just needs to know he trusts those who do!

Yes - that was an intended metaphor! I think he would choose to build up walls round it - even if he did leave it open - and I don't think he really agrees with the Silvan way, but he's working on tolerance.

They are still being careful with each other - more careful than they would if they were truly father and son - but they are making moves towards understanding each other and accepting their differences while building on their similarities. I've got my fingers crossed. And so, I expect has everyone in their vicinity.

Thank you, Redheredh. I'm glad you liked it.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/17/2006
Time forced to speak and listen--and consider; and I do believe Iluvatar asked Irmo, Yavanna, possibly Orome, and Aule to cooperate on this one. Healing comes to Legolas, and to one whose own wounds have needed lancing for centuries.

Very lovely, Bodkin.

Author Reply: They were put together and needed to depend on each other - and at the same time they had to listen. There might well have been a desire on the part of the powers to see healing - for Taryatur, mainly, who had been suffering for too long. And Legolas has it in him to understand from his own experience. Fingers crossed they continue the process of healing!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/17/2006
Nice wrap up,Bodkin. I enjoyed the way the wood elves snipped at one another as they worked to get the pair out. And Legolas and Taryatur move toward understanding, which is good for all their families.

Author Reply: Thanks daw. People do snipe rather when they are under stress - and this is a pretty stressful situation. For Legolas and Taryatur, though, the worst is over - they know help is on the way. I did wonder if their hackles might rise again, but they have seen a bit more deeply into each other's hearts. It's not friendship, not yet, but I think it could be, in time, if only they'll keep listening.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/17/2006
A satisfactory ending for all those involved! And it was in the end a very timely storm that finally gave Taryatur the chance of pondering the long-bottled grief he had been treasuring for several thousand years. His wife will be only too grateful for the outcome, I bet, if he has finally let go of some harshness!. And I for one am glad that Legolas finally reached a truce with his father-in-law! ;-)

Author Reply: Thank you. It was ... as good an ending as could be expected when seeking a peace between two people whose hackles rose at the sight of each other. They have had their eyes opened and developed a bit of fellow feeling for each other - and, if they're both careful, they will be able to build on what they've learned.

Releasing some of his hoarded pain will help Taryatur a lot, if only he can bring himself to release it - and might make it possible for him to cope with his son-by-marriage's grandfather ... in time. And maybe, just maybe, he might be able to speak a little to Linevende of what brought him so close to breaking.

This is a truce that's been a long time in the making - and will hopefully become a full-blown peace before too long!

vampfan30Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/17/2006
Ah, the end & a fairly peaceful one at that ! Loved this story ( with the exception on dropping a tree on the Prince's head *grin* )glad to see that they are getting along... now, if you could come make a peace with MY family........But, that will be only if you can corral a handful of cranky Balrogs!!!!!!

Author Reply: Thank you! The tree only nearly dropped on his head! Although extracting the pair of them from beneath it turned out to be a lot of work. It gave Taryatur and Legolas the time to learn a bit about each other, though - and realise that they both cared about the same things.

Corraling Balrogs, now - that might be a bit more than I can deal with! Good luck on achieving that yourself.

I'm glad you liked the story. Thanks!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/17/2006
This was a great ending!

I loved the details of the rescue attempt--especially the part where Elerinna understood the pulleys and tackle better than Thranduil did!

And now that they are safe once more, the two of them have reached an accommodation. Of course, it's possible that one or more of the Powers had a hand in the storm and its aftermath, but somehow I can't think the Valar would concern themselves with what was essentially a family matter.

But the crucial thing was this: Taryatur stood. ‘Come, my son,’ he said. ‘Let us go and reassure our family that we are all right.’

Not "Wood-elf" nor even "Legolas"--but "my son". Beautiful.

Author Reply: Thank you. I'm glad you liked the ending. The rescue attempt just became so complicated. (Note: never trap your characters in a cave by landing a tree on the top. There will come a point when you realise it's a serious technological problem to get them out!) Elerrina is a Noldo - and from a family very familiar with forges and kilns. She knows about moving heavy weights. Thranduil probably feels he knows as much as he needs to!

Taryatur and Legolas have recognised their shared experience - and their shared wish to protect their families. And Legolas has realised some of the weight that Taryatur has been enduring. While Taryatur has accepted his daughter's husband fully as family - at last. I doubt their differences have been eliminated, but they can work with them now.

ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/17/2006
Oh, finally...I was beginning to worry this part would never come up....lovely ending! Legolas and Elerrina are really cute together. (I mean that in a good way;);)) And I like Taryatur now...well, I developed a sneaking fondness for him in the first chapter really, but it's not sneaking any more. As always, your take on Leggy is delightful, cool and understated, never too sweet...and the dialogue is conveyed with professional restraint and spareness.

Brava! ~~~{~@

Author Reply: Sorry for the delay - it's been a remarkable busy couple of weeks! I'm glad you liked the ending. Taryatur and Legolas have begun to recognise that the other is a good elf and I'm hoping they will continue to support each other and develop their understanding. It's easy to overdo the perfection with Legolas - and wholly good is no better than wholly bad - so I'm glad you feel he is never too sweet!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Armariel. Thank you.

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