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Thicker than Blood  by Ariel 2 Review(s)
ElvenFairMaidenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/31/2004
I like the imagery in this one. The part that you chose to do "Flight the Ford" and after was one of my favorite parts in the movie and in the book. Keep up the good work. And I hope to read more of this story, or novel, whatever you would like to call it.

I enjoyed it!


Author Reply:

Thank you! It is one of my favorites, too. There are twelve more chapters to this story but none of them are overlong. I do hope to hear from you when you finish it to see what your overall impression was. I worked very hard to keep all the book canon details as accurate as I could and enjoy hearing from people who appreciated it. I hope the effort I took makes your continued reading enjoyable.


ninielReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 1/12/2004
Well, what could I say, that you don't know already? I think what you did by writing this story and Gift of Illuvatar is, that you filled two gaps that Tolkien IMHO should never have left. And you did a darn good job, I might add. Of course I know, that I keep telling you that your stories are great and that the writing is very well done, but I think you know me better than to think, I'm not honest with you. I think both these stories make it clearer, what a big sacrifice both Sam and Frodo were willing to give. That's why I think it's a pity, that Tolkien himself never wrote too much about it. What especially impressed me in this story is, how well you obviously know the ways of hobbits. I dare not say, you know all about them there's to know, since even Gandalf doesn't know everything *g*, but you're one of the few, who understand them and what they are. Reading your stories showed me a lot of my own mistakes and that is something I'm really grateful for.

Author Reply: Aww... Thank you, Niniel! I write them as I see them, as I think everyone does. If, perchance, my image matches yours, then we are both fortunate to have found one another. I will continue to write as I can, for you and all those who have a similar vision, because I receive as much pleasure hearing how the story delighted you as you apparently did reading it. Thank you ever so much for your kind comments.

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