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Exiled  by Bodkin 7 Review(s)
Beruthiels CatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/12/2007
Hi Bodkin!
I've been revisiting some "old friends" lately...and am about halfway through your list-I have it bookmarked. Love the Aman story arc...*grins* I've read GFB, and am also hoping for more on Glorfindel and Ulbanis...which one of you gets the nudge, here? Hint, hint...

Wonderful reading-Again!


Author Reply: Thank you, BC. I'm glad you like it enough to reread it! Myself, I'm looking forward to hearing a great deal more from Redheredh - her stories are so beautifully complex. As to whether I'll go back here ... maybe. No promises - but Redheredh will have another un-birthday this year.

I'm so behind on my reading, reviewing and replying! Apologies for the slow response.

EllieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/6/2006
I enjoyed this very much. The subtle romantic tension adn the jealousy were wonderful. I'm so glad Glorfindel chose her and taht she was pleased with his recovery and that she is finally acknowledging her feelings for him.

Sigh...What a nice tale. I really hope either you or Red will take the tale on to the courtship and eventual marriage of the two.

Well done! If I tell you when my birthday is, would you write something for me?

Author Reply: Thank you. Ulbanis felt she couldn't be interested in Glorfindel. It's not part of what she does. Only it is, it turns out, part of who she is. It will take them quite a while to work out the complications of the relationship - but would Glorfindel really choose to do anything simple?

Fingers crossed the story wants to develop. Although I am partly satisfied just knowing that Glorfindel is determined to make sure it works out!

So, when is your birthday then?

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/6/2006
This is lovely, Bodkin. I recognized your character, Cúraniel, but I'm embarrassed to say, I didn't know who Laurefindë was for oh...nearly the whole story. Quenya is illegal in the Southern Realm...still. We carry a grudge like it's our life's work. Those kinslayers--from up North--had no business....

Well, that's another story. I feel as if I'm missing something of Ulbanís and Glorfindel's history, which I might add prompts the reader to want more, but I loved the tension between them in this tale. When Glorfindel smiles...well, let's just say, your set up and description lit up my screen with a slow smile I don't know how Ulbanís resisted.

As always, your descriptions were just wonderful, and the dialogue superb. Great story.

And Happy Birthday to Redheredh.

Author Reply: Well - it's understandable. The Southern Realm wouldn't have anything to do with all that Quenya nonsense.

Read Golden Flower Blossoms - much of the history comes from that - up to and including references to rodents. Myself, I don't know how Ulbanis has resisted Glorfindel this long. Might, I suppose, have something to do with him being in Middle-earth since the Second Age. There are long-distance relationships and long-distance relationships, after all!

Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/6/2006
Fascinating look at Glorfindel's return to the West. I envy you your understanding of the Elvish languages, and familiarity with the history of the Eldar.

I'm glad that Glorfindel stayed in Middle-earth throughout Arwen's life. How sad that he couldn't persuade her brothers to return to the ancestral home they had never known.

Author Reply: My understanding of Elvish languages etc consists of looking things up! Wonderful resource, the internet... I'm picking up more about the history as time goes on, but there is definitely a sense of a little learning about it.

Thank you - I'm glad you found it interesting. My stories tend to fit together (mostly) and I have Glorfindel, Celeborn and the twins intending to remain as long as Arwen needed them. They were there for her and then remained about another 300-400 years. Ish. Ending up in Lasgalen where the last of the elven magic was running thin. They - and Thranduil and most of the remaining elves then sailed. So Elladan and Elrohir did sail - willingly, in the end. Glorfindel just feels that, had they procrastinated any longer, he might have had to press the issue. He was determined that they should return to their father - and their mother.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/5/2006
Oh my, thank you! Not only for the lovely 'unbirthday' gift, but for finally taking charge of Ulbanis' future! I have had my fingers crossed for a long time hoping that you would get tired of waiting on me and decide to bring her and Glorfindel back together. I know I am not the only one who is glad to see this story and giddy that the relationship between them has actually progressed!

I just love this! So much that it is hard to articulate how much! You picked up on a lot of subtle hints and thoughts from events in those other tales that I thought were rather obscure. But, here they are and smartly carried out, I must say.

I am absolutely thrilled Ulbanis is not just starting a new mission, but what may become the founding of a new order! In a teaching hospital and not just a guesthouse, at that! Why, this could be the roots of a future university in the new lands! Thank you especially for the little details about her transition from Eldamar to Taurevon.

And Curaniel!!! I actually squealed with delight when she showed up! That was brilliant! 'Cause as you know, I really like this character! Her and Glorfindel helping each other was lovely.

Plus, Glorfindel getting serious! I do not want you to be my mother. Lady, you had me in incredible anticipation of that line from the moment Laurefinde showed up! Their conversations were very entertaining and classic romance. Lovedit, lovedit! If she can give him an anesse, well then, he can do the same, now can't he? ;)

One of the best moments was that change in pov from Ulbanis and Laurefinde. Really liked that. And acknowledging the shift in returnees was insightful. However, I am of the mind that being individuals the reborn are not on any real schedule. Hmm, the first shall be last? With all necessarily released before the End? A sign of Arda Armageddon? Darn it, you always get me pondering!

How in the world did you know about my thing with ginger?! And yes, besides liking all things ginger, I also suffer from an inner-ear problem and use motion-sickness remedies whenever I travel...

"I will be back." Geez, I hope it's not another forty yeni!

Thank you again, Bodkin. This was very sweet of you and I appreciate it very, very much.

Author Reply: I'm glad you liked it - and I hope it hasn't made too enormous complications in your story arc!

Glorfindel has learned far greater patience, I think - he has had a mission that suited him and he has grown into his skin better than he had in GFB. He is prepared to wait and work for what he wants rather than expect anything to fall into his lap.

I did think a way round the celibacy issue could be a new order - one more suited to the pragmatic grey and green elves, who could sneakily set up patches of holy corn and not rely on traditional methods.

Curaniel seems to be very - erm - bruised to me. I suspect many feel that she didn't really do much and should have healed from the stresses of her task. I think her main problem is possibly not so much Aragorn / Arwen - but the kids. They were her kids in the way that a loving aunt will care for the children of her closest friend - and she lost them and their children and she will never see them again. And she shies away from having her wounds touched. I think Ulbanis is right when she says that those who sailed need as much care as those who return from Mandos.

The timetable for returning elves - I tend to feel that straightforward cases take less time about returning. They are less damaged, they have less to deal with - less guilt / less responsibility. They might well return fairly steadily from fairly early on. And there is a finite number of them. More difficult cases take longer - kings / princes / commanders - with those who have greatest responsibility taking the longest. In fact, I am toying with the idea that (apart from Feanor and his sons - and Finwe and Miriel who won't leave...) those who will remain longest with Namo and be hardest to reconcile to life might be those elves who were twisted into orc-hood. ... ...

Ginger - just chance! And I doubt it will be another forty yeni - not now she's away from that wretched conceited Aratar and safely tucked in a niche in the midst of the realms west of the Pelori!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/5/2006
This is a delightful but also insightful tale, Bodkin.

Ulbanis is one of my favourite OC, an she shines here in all her strength: a wise woman who is aware of *almost* all her own weakenesses... I love her practical approach, seeing chance where others would see misfortune, and the causal way in which we are informed that she is deeply appreciated by the main lords of the returned. The new house looks like a wonderful place to be and she is long used to her job and will not let pass the chance to enjoy a new approach on it.

And all of this is shattered by the appearance of the cheeky, insistent GLorfindel. I think you have managed to give him the perfect blend of maturity and innocence that I tend to assume in a reborn. He's merry, happy, light worded, yet he knows and understands her, her worries, her duties and mistrusts, better than any other. I really like it when she sees him comforting Cúraniel and thinks they are a good couple... she wasn't ready at all for Glorfindel's request, and it made me laugh hard, then smile at the simple, easy way in which she finally gives in, accepting it as something natural, as it was.

I'm looking forward to Glorfindel's return, for I really think she is the best bride we could ever dream of for him!

Author Reply: Thank you, perelleth. I am rather fond of Ulbanis - and Rostaro! I reread GFB the other day to check up on some of the background and I think one of the things I love about Ulbanis is her humanity (for the want of the word elfity). She is real and three dimensional - slightly deluded about her self-sufficiency, but loving and generous. And, is it any wonder that the grey elves offer her support!

Glorfindel is light-hearted - I think he found what he was seeking in his second trip east and has been fulfilled by his task in some way. And, of course, he knows what he wants, even if Ulbanis doesn't! Fingers crosse that Nienna agrees that the best use of Glorfindel's talents is in supporting Ulbanis through her task there west of the Pelori!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/5/2006
I enjoyed this, although it was the first time I'd met the characters. These women are doing good work but I think a visit from Glorfindel was a very good thing. :-)

Author Reply: Curaniel is Arwen's friend from Arwen's Heart, but Ulbanis and Rostaro are Redheredh's.

Glorfindel's visit is definitely a good thing!

(Do read Golden Flower Blossoms... I think you'll like it!)

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