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They Did Not Take Root In That Land  by perelleth 64 Review(s)
mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/26/2018
Thank you for your wonderful story. I really love Gil-galad.

AiwenReviewed Chapter: 6 on 9/7/2008
I am enjoying this story. There are too few stories out there about the second age, and you are capturing the tragedy of the situation rather well.

Author Reply: Thank-you for letting me know that you are enjoying, Aiwen. This is my favourite chapter in this story. Hope you enjoy the rest as well.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/3/2007
This is outstanding! I was enjoying the beginning part--an overworked King buried in maps and paperwork, his thoughts on begetting days and his youth and the surprise everyone had for him...that was great!

But I absolutely loved the part with the mallorn seeds. I have been looking forward to that through the whole story and I absolutely loved that scene and everything after it. I love the relationship Oropher and Gil-galad have in your stories. Perfect! Great story!

Author Reply: Thank-you, elliska! The image of the mellyrn ailingin Lindon and then thriving in Lorien under the power of Galadriel is what inspired the tale. The awe with which LEgolas spoke of the mellyrn in Lorien always made me think that they would be something of great reverence for the wood elves...a special token for them of what awaited them beyond the waters... Even if we know they never got to grow outside lorien, :-(

I am glad that you like my take on the relationship between Oropher and Ereinion. I always read Oropher's reckless charge in Dagorlad as forced by the independent temperament of his own warriors, and he bedning to his people's ways, not out of spite towards Gil-galad. I don't think there woud be a particular high esteem between them, but a healthy and wise respect built through the long years. Glad that you enjoyed this!

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 9 on 7/17/2007
>>Oropher had to laugh at that, watching the assorted gathering and conceding the point, although he was not sure that a Dwarf, or a Druadan, or even a Man, would ever make it to the heart of his forest.

He's obviously reckoned without his grandson.

The gift turned out wonderfully - I can only imagine the kind of detail and perfection elves could put into something like that. I think part of its significance is the way Gil-galad's childhood was interrupted - he has a lot of unfinished memories in Beleriand.

>>The End


Author Reply: LOLOL! Thank you Erunyauve, I ma glad hat you enjoyed this tale. It came out a bit darker than New Beginnings, but as the age advanced thimes obsiouly got darker.

And yes, Oropher was not taking into account his own grandson, who would be firends with a dwarf and with a man! :-)...But hey, his son was but recently married!

Thank you very much again for your encouraging words.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 9 on 7/15/2007
I do love your Oropher, Perelleth. You've captured his orneriness and his softness and his conflict over the world he lived in.

I'm so jealous of the map gift. GRRM was here yesterday, saying he remembered when the Tolkien craze hit when he was in college. People wore "Frodo lives" buttons, for instance. And they had posters in their dorm rooms. And what was on that poster? A map of ME, because what Tolkien had done was make it a place people wanted to go.

Author Reply: Thank you, daw! I would have said that you were busy writing! :-)

Oropher is definitely an entertaining character to write! :-)

I though tof it as a 3D model made out of clay, with relief, and rivers and buildings and forests, rather than a map... but it is the same feeling, I suspect, that we get when looking at ictures or watching videos of the holidays... being reminded of people and places. I would love as well to have such a thing! :-) YEs, Tolkien did create a place where we all want to go..and meet the people who lived there!:-)

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 9 on 7/15/2007
A happy conclusion! Which is what I, at least, was hoping for. ;)

I am glad we got to go to the party and see how much Gil-galad appreciated his special gift. But, surprisingly (or maybe not) the celebration was practically a stag party. Aside from Miluinn, Gil-galad seems to have few close relationships with women. Hmm, have the females around him been too often predatory instead of nurturing? Or has Cirdan's seemingly bachelor lifestyle influenced him? You make me wonder...

There are two points in particular I do want to spotlight, though.

One is how you brought back the mellyrn seeds as a symbol of the ideals of quendi kind in Ennor. And, how those ideals might be meant to flourish elsewhere than staid Lindon. That was very nice.

Two was the presenting of the arrow as a outward symbol of alliance. I know it could be considered a standard medieval gesture, however I prefer to think this was the beginning of the ritual, an explaination to the same kind of exchange between Gondor, the older settled kingdom of men, and Rohan, the kingdom of a different simpler sort of men who had once wandered and still lived closer to the land.

In all, this has been a good historical-interlude gap-filler. Very enjoyable! Although, we always hate to see the end. But, that is what come with a beginning and middle. And, something with a beginning, middle, and end is the only way to make any long history into many wonderful stories. imho

So, please keep at it?

Author Reply: Thank you, Redheredh! As always, your thoughtful reviews make me ponder and consider! :-)

Yes, weapons exchanging is far more ancient than middle ages! And since Gil-galad was giving him his beloved trees from beyond the seas, I thought that Oropher would as well gift him with a piece of the forest he loved... trees for trees, although of course, it was as well a token of alliance between realms as war brewed in the horizon... ;-)

This tale flourished about forests: Mellyrn and the sentnce of the title, and te picture of the mellyrn in distant lorien and the raveged forests of southern Eriador... Given the wistsfulness with which both Haldir and Legolas refer to the mellyrn in Lorien in LOTR, I guessed they did cause an impression among the Wood elves, and that made me wonder how they had reached there. So I thought they would have been a good signal for the Wood elves of the hope and wonders that awaited them beyond the waters... so that they would not forget that they as well belonged there. It was only fair, as Ereinion discovered, that those living inland would as well have a reminder of Valinor. I am glad that you liked that! :-)

And regarding women... whatever my thoughts, honestly I think this had all the markings of a true bachelor party! :-)

I will keep at it. It gives me pleasure, the chance of refelcting on stories and characters that I like and to interact with good friends.

Thanks again, adn take care.

eilujReviewed Chapter: 9 on 7/14/2007
An interesting and complex story. I loved Ereinion's present and his reaction to it.

"And without awaiting Gil-galad’s signal" -- that line just made me howl. Oropher was one contrary, contrary elf!

Author Reply: Oropher was one contrary, contrary elf! Independent? Self-willed? :-)
Thank you, eiluj. I believe the story could have done with a bit more editing, but Rl intruded and I was left without time or inspiration enough. I am glad that you liked it, though.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/14/2007
I think my favorite scene here was Elrond talking to Glorfindel about his relationship with Ereinion. He has so much to think about, second-guessing the father he never knew, the brother who sailed away forever, the king who acts like a grandfather -- trying to figure out his own motivations and desires just makes all that so much more confusing. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Author Reply: This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship Sure! :-) And they still have a long way to go before Elrond marries and settles down!

I find it very difficult to write a convincing Elrond, for I think that he is so mnay things..that t this time he must still be a bit confused about his owrole and importance... although to tohers itmight be clear...

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/11/2007
It always makes my day when you update this story - I'm going to be quite sad to see it end.

>>“You are right, Lord Ciryatur. Not only are those lands beyond our borders, but also beyond our reach, in terms of available hands to be lent in their defence,” Gil-galad said pleasantly, a touch of honest concern in his deep, beautiful voice. “And since this is a matter of concern to all of us, this is what I propose.”

This is a fabulous scene, because it picks up on what I feel was Gil-galad's strength - his ability to build alliances by convincing others that they share the same concern (because they do, though they might not see it).

>>"Of course they will not! They will never march under another’s command, but they will follow me in the defence of their forest, that much I can grant… Come, Maentêw, help me order and fortify my realm.

That's an interesting view on what we know is to come, if I understand you right. Oropher's independent actions in the Last Alliance (which I refuse to see as evidence that he was a poor King) become as much the choice of his people as his own, and less a matter of pride than a reflection of Silvan values. (And I'm pleased to see Maentew following him to Mirkwood!)

Author Reply: Well you made my day with your review, although I did not have the time then to answer you!

Yes, I do think that Oropher was a wise king, and that he charged wildly because it was his people's demand, not out of spite towards GIl-galad... I think that the level of his compromise towards his people slowly turned him into one of them and they were all carried away.

I am glad that you stil find this interesting, despite all the political machinations and conversations! :-)

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/11/2007
I just love the little bits of business you put into the interactions between the characters. ;)
"Exactly under that now soot-stained section..."
"What are you going to do?"
"Have another map drawn, of course..."
I get a real kick out of how you so consistently do that!

Oropher being himself was always quite enjoyable, too! Especially when flexing his muscles - both mentally and physically!
Yay! Maentew is going to the Greenwood! I hope he once more can feel like he has a home.

However, once again, you show some great insights into Gil-galad. Glorfindel is a wonderful vehicle for these revelations presented through conversation. Cirdan and Gil-galad's ending conversation was wonderfully intriguing, but sad.
Still, there was humor. "According to Erestor's and your own words, Master Shipwright, I was never a child..."

I had fun imagining Ereinion meeting Celeborn the first time. Poor, poor Cirdan. ;) You might like "Between Two Worlds" by Marnie.

Only one more chapter? Darn...

Author Reply: Hmmm.. apologies for the delay! and thank you for the review. Again I am dragging to reach the end of the tale. I do not have the time or the insoiration to carry this beyond conversations and political maneouvering that mainly intersts myself.. :-) but I am glad that there are bits of humour here and there! :-)

I will look up for Marnie's tale as soon as I am on holiday. I sketched that meeting long ago, but don't know if I will ever get to polish it.. :-)

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