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Eucatastrophe: The Return  by Dreamflower 7 Review(s)
Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/14/2007
How wonderful to see Miss Dora's book mentioned! Rosamunda is the sort of nightmare mother of the bride who would cause the happy couple to elope. I was so pleased to see Eglantine put her foot down. Poor Estella - I'm sure she was very relieved to see Merry at last.

I hope we see a full description of the wedding? Oh I do love the Eucatastrophe universe!

Author Reply: Yes, Rosamunda has become completely carried away by her idea of a "perfect wedding"; but Eglantine is the highest ranking female in the Took family, and she knows just how to deal with Rosamunda.

Estella is just happy to see her Merry again!

*grin* With the elements I have for August's Challenge, I think I can just about guarantee you a wedding!

(And I love it too!)

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/10/2007
Oh, I love the debate about how 'foreign dignitaries' might fit into Aunt Dora's Rules. This was just delightful.

Author Reply: Thanks! It's a shame Aunt Dora was not still around. She'd have put an end to Rosamunda's excesses much sooner!

I'm glad you like it. I am *so* looking forward to writing Merry/Estella's AU wedding, with Frodo at Merry's side...

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/10/2007
Well, in Eglantine Rosamunda found her master ;-)

I don't know what would have happened if Estella had not intervened. Maybe a fight? That would have been a sight!

I'm also glad that our cousins arrived when the quarrel was over! They might have become very angry - and Estella would have felt even more ashamed for her mother.

But now everything's ready for a grand wedding to take place. Aunt Dora would have been Proud :)

I'm looking forward to reading more.

Author Reply: I do not believe an actual physical fight would have taken place, but Eglantine might have had to come down even more harshly, basically overiding Rosamunda and shaming her, because Eglantine is the wife of the Took, and she would have had every right to put Rosamunda down sharply. Rosamunda, however, had begun to realize she was in the wrong, but did not know how to back down gracefully without losing face. Estella gave her that excuse, and Eglantine was gracious enough to immediately forgive her, and to take a bit of blame for the confrontation, (though actually she had every right to say and do what she did) but it gave Rosamunda an out, and she was able to withdraw her opposition.

Yes, if Merry, Frodo and Pippin had known about it, they would have been furious.

I am quite sure that Aunt Dora would have been! *grin*

The wedding will be up after the first weekend in August, if the Talechallenge is not delayed...

KittyReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/10/2007
To be honest, I was a bit sorry Estella intervened before Eglantine took Rosamunda completely apart ;-) It was unforgivable what Rosamunda said about Sam. She should have known better. Even without the ball, of which I am not sure if it happened in this AU at all, I am sure the others made it clear that Sam is everything but common. Now I feel tempted to whisper in Merry's and Frodo's and Pippin's ears ;-)

It's about time Eglantine is there and Merry and the others, too, so *someone* is there to stop Rosamunda. She may mean well, but truly, she should let Estella have her say - it is Estella's wedding, after all, and the wedding is there for Estella to enjoy and not for Rosamunda to show off! It was very nice and honourable of Freddy to try and talk to his mother, but sadly, it was not enough.

Anyway, I'm glad they returned in time and look forward to what happens now.

Author Reply: Rosamunda *should* have known better--she is not usually so tactless, even when she is being a bit snobbish. But she's been going on almost like a runaway pony with the bit between her teeth, and she got completely carried away. It took Eglantine to pull her up sharp and short.

She *does* mean well, but she's always been one to think she knows best about things--even when she doesn't. And, unfortunately, while she doesn't dislike Sam and Rose, she can't get over some of the rather wrong-headed ideas about class and social standing that she's always held. (She's kind of like the Gaffer in that--I'm quite sure that the Gaffer probably muttered and grumbled himself at the idea of Sam and Rose being invited to a gentlehobbit's wedding...but he knows better than to complain out loud about it anymore.)

(Actually, I need to examine why she has these attitudes...she did grow up in the Great Smials while Lalia was still the queen bee...I'm sure that may have had much to do with it...)

(And yes, they did have the ball in this AU. I try to change as little as possible in the small things, while keeping the emphasis on the major change of Frodo's healing, and the fact that the Elves do not have to stay in the West.)

elanor winterflowersReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/9/2007
Oh, my! Rosemunda could not have been paying attention all this time if she thought she could get away with dismissing Sam as a commoner--what a faux pas!

I don't know about Estella, but I was really worried Merry was going to be delayed! So glad he is back and will stand Estella's back now. Oh, and I loved the plans for the bridal wreath. I'm planning one myself, and enjoyed the discussion very much!

Lovely, lovely!

Author Reply: A faux pas indeed! And it isn't that she hasn't been told; but sometimes ingrained notions and ideas (especially dealing with "class") will pop out at the most inopportune times. A good deal of this *is* due to stress--as Eglantine pointed out.

Well, they'd already had one delay; I didn't think another realistic, as they also had Legolas and Gimli with them now. (Gandalf will, of course, arrive on time--as he has Shadowfax!)

In my Shire, the wreath for the Bride's head is considered quite as important as the bouquet in modern-day weddings is. The Bride does not carry flowers, but she wears them. They almost always include the Bride's nameflower if she has one and it's blooming, and there are colored ribbon streamers hanging down the back. The wreath is usually made up by a close friend or relative--but not her witness, who has enough duties already!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/9/2007
Oh, I'm with the Thain's Lady and the Mistress of Brandy Hall--anyone who tries to dismiss Sam as "common" deserves the most serious of comeuppances! Watch out, Rosamunda--there are a good, good many on Estella's side this time!

And glad they'll be using the niphredil.

Author Reply: Poor Rosamunda has quite as many wrong-headed ideas about class distinctions as the Gaffer; she was, after all, brought up in the Great Smials while Lalia was in charge of things. But she's dreadfully off the mark here, and it's not like she hasn't been told. And now she's *really* been told, and being a good deal brighter than, say, Hyacinth, as well as not bad at heart, I think the lesson will take.

I thought it would be nice for her to have some in her wreath. I thought briefly of simbelmyne, but we are told that grows *only* on the barrows of the Kings in Rohan; so niphredil seemed a good choice, especially since Legolas had given Sam some seeds as a wedding gift.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/9/2007
I think that I would have prefered to elope to Bree too or met the Travellers there on their way back! That way the favoured 'Outlanders' could have been the witnesses! *g*

Author Reply: *grin* It would be quite tempting, wouldn't it? But think of the scandal! And I'm not sure the hobbits of Buckland would have considered such a wedding valid, after all, if they didn't know those witnesses!

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