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Eucatastrophe: The Return  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/8/2007
One cat at Bag End is enough!” Frodo sighed,

What sage advice from Frodo! I know this first-hand, lol.

I always enjoy how at ease Frodo is with his life in the Shire and with his beloved cousins. His joy is infectious! And there are never enough Frodo and Pippin scenes. Absolutely enjoyed this chapter!

It's been a long day for me, but rest assured I'll be back for more. :-)

Author Reply: Yes, indeed! Wise Frodo!

Frodo has more joy now than he's had in years--no Ring, and all his unresolved sorrows and doubts healed by Elrond and Vilya, and by Gandalf and the voyage to the West and back. He's able to relax and enjoy his cousins and Sam and his life in the Shire.

I do love showing Frodo and Pippin together.

(((hugs)))get some rest, dear!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/8/2007
Ah, the joy of seeing someone you love so starting a joyful marriage! Frodo must be thrilled indeed not to have to miss this. One of many joys the Ring stole from him.

Author Reply: This Frodo will never know nor consider that he would ever be missing the great moments of his loved ones' lives. While sorely wounded and scoured by the Ring, he never recieved that last final blow, delivered on the doorstep of Bag End, just as surely as if Sharkey's knife had found its mark, only slower. With Vilya still at full strength, his voyage with Bilbo, Gandalf and Elrond helped him to overcome and to heal from the Ring's evil.

He still has his memories, but they are not the all-consuming things he once suffered from; he still feels a little bit under the weather on his anniversary dates, but instead of getting worse each time, it gets better. And he *knows* it will get better. And most of all, he does not feel the overwhelming guilt that took its toll in canon.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/7/2007
Frodo’s timing was impeccable – they’re back just in time. Oh, I can see why Estella is so glad, not only because they have to sit for the gifts and she's missing Merry, but after the argument about Sam earlier, and all her mother is putting her through, too.

Very sensible to play the encounter with the ruffians down – I’m not sure some of the others could cope with that just now; they have enough stress already with the wedding.

You know, hosting all these guests for the wedding at the Hall seems to be a logistic nightmare! The meals are probably to manage, but to have all of them there over night ... when I were in Esme's place, I’d probably have a nervous breakdown ;-(

Loved the way you smuggled the kittens in. No doubt, Legolas and Gimli will have to take at least one or two with them!

Author Reply: Yes, he's brought Merry back just in time--for if he were to miss the gift-sitting ritual, I think his betrothed, his future mother-in-law and his own mother would have been well, peeved. LOL!

I'm sure that Frodo and the others would rather not worry the guests. However, I'm also quite sure that Saradoc (and probably Paladin) received the full story behind closed doors.

Esme's been Mistress of the Hall for a long time, and she has Eglantine's help--and don't discount Rosamunda, who, when she is not being overbearing, is also quite capable.

*grin* I do suspect you may be right about the kittens, LOL!

elanor winterflowersReviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/7/2007
A lovely, warm chapter full of homely hobbit virtues and rituals--and kittens, too! I enjoyed this very much, and look forward to seeing Crickhollow transformed into a honeymoon cottage, where the purple teapot will no doubt please Pippin!

You are so adept at making the Shire feel like Home!

Author Reply: Thank you. I've always, for some reason, thought of Crickhollow as even more of a haven than Bag End, and I love to show scenes of cozy domesticity there. You know, Pip probably *will* like the purple teapot, come to think of it!

I'm so glad you find my Shire home-like. I've always felt at home there myself, and so this reaction makes me very happy!

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