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Retribution  by Fiondil 5 Review(s)
Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/27/2008
Sometimes - I wonder where my brain is.... I just found the notes that I made after reading this and thought I must have commented here... but I didn't - you may send me to the Halls if you wish where I will writhe and whine and scream... Stupid Agape!

I will be using B for Boromir and D for Denethor for easier reviewing....

The fact that B trusted the voice seemed so illogically logical!

I sadly smiled as I read that Namo appeared even taller than D to B... typical child.

I found it touching that B noted the tree had leaves... sadly touching.

I loved that B wasn't quite sure about the gems and such in the hair... *giggles* typical B in my mind's eye!

I loved that he was in his Citadel finery! Appropriate and I thought it was a nice touch.

The segue from wonderment to remembrance and his first thought for Faramir tore my heart out...

Namo's 'do not fear for them' - sad, poignant, beautiful, touching, heart-breaking!

I loved B leaving Namo's lap and being embarrassed to have ended up there - exactly what I think B would have done!

The 'I'm dead' line was a kiler - how horrid for such a little one! And I sadly smiled when he said, 'I don't feel dead.' Bwwwwwaaahhhhhhhhh....

Sir - love how his training shows through even in the midst of such a horrid situation.

And B's response 'what would you have of me' - Wow - beautiful. Again even tho only twelve, B's training shines through!

Oh! I had to yell Hooray! when I realized that nasty rotten creepy Amandil was going to be judged!!! But by the little one? *shivers*

I loved B's squeaking voice....

My mind immediately envisioned the scene you created here - B 'sounding somewhat forlorn' - what a picture this one little note draws for me.

Oh and the 'depth of love' - so needed... thank you!

I expected Amandil to be totally himself - nasty and unrepentant... But I really thought him quite foolish to be so 'disrespectful' to Namo - stupidity - not courage! IMHO

I LOVED the Steward's Chair showing up. Perfect touch!

And was unexpectedly surprised by the inclusion of Theodred in B's thoughts - they did become such great friends during their journey - drat drat drat!!!

I felt chills run through me when Amandil said the 'puling brat... should have killed... along with his... brother...' I so wanted to cry out!

I loved B wondering if it was possible to be 'sick' once one is dead. Again, typical little boy thoughts!

Another series of chills ran through me - oh! - when A talked about poor Faramir squirming on the floor. I wanted to go for that nasty man with my bare hands....

And B's observation that there really didn't seem to be any way to punish a dead person... simple, child-like logic. Wise too!

I had to laugh at B's 'truly?'

Oh - I nearly died with the feeling that coursed through B - it was so sad, so horribly sad - this loss of innocence. Drat (and I could really say worse!)

The justice dealt out was perfect IMHO.

And when D showed up - I wanted to cry! You are the master of surprises! Thank you... and B's calming when D rocks him... I loved that part.

I can't even describe my feelings when B feels he has disappointed Namo and Namo's response. Beautifully written!

And B wanting to wait for F - hooray! Nice touch - though I wondered, towards the end beginning of My Sword Weeps, if F might be joining B soon!

I really shivered when Namo sat (after D & B leave) and the line 'he was in no hurry'... and the 'ages of arda before him.' *shivers* I would not want to be Amandil.

Absolutely wondrous wondrous depiction of what the Vala would do with a scoundrel... Thank you ever so much. Nothing I could have written could compare to this! xxxxxxxxoooooooooooooo

Author Reply: Hi Agagpe. No, I won't send you to the Halls. I was just pleasantly surprised to get this review. I won't comment on it all since we did discuss it as I was writing it. I'm just glad that I did your Boromir and Denethor justice and got the evilness of the villain just right. Of course Namo was just being Namo and I had no problems writing him. *grin* Thanks again for allowing me to play in your Sword-verse. I enjoyed it.

MithLuinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/15/2007
This is certainly Scary!Namo in spades. I was shocked that Amandil was able to continue sneering and spewing insults in his presence, but I remember that JRRT mentioned that disembodied fëar are 'obstinate' and persist in the manner they had in life. Ie, they're quite foolish, and find it hard to change! Poor Boromir, being put into that situation. Love and justice, without what we would think of as "mercy" can be quite the brutal experience...but it would be no mercy to let Amandil pass on in his current state.

Author Reply: Scary!Námo indeed. As a friend, who read this story before I posted it, pointed out, up to now we've seen Nämo interacting with only "good" elves and humans in Mandos, but Amandil is definitely a baddy and Námo isn't about to let him loose anytime soon. Agape wanted to know how Námo handled such people and this is what I came up with.

Boromir needed to undergo what he did so as to be able to confront his own feelings and acknowledge them and put them into perspective, otherwise he would not have been able to continue his own journey freed from such hatred. It was a necessary catharsis, but, as Námo points out, it also led to loss of innocence, and that should always be mourned.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/14/2007
A most just finding against Amandil, that he know what he has caused to others.

And indeed a grievous thing--to see that innocence lost in one so young.

Well, well done, Fiondil.

Author Reply: Thanks. Larner. This wasn't an easy story to write, but when Agape gave me the green light, I couldn't resist the challenge. Glad you liked it.

DaynawaynaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/14/2007
Wow Fiondil! That was amazing! Of course, I have NOT read My Sword Weeps Sings, so I was a little bit confused with Young Boromir, but caught on soon enough. What an amazing story, and what depth of character for one so young. And I love Mandos... what a cool Valar! LOL Rather a grandfatherly figure for poor Wee!Boromir. ;)

And what a @%*$&#$$#%@$#$^@!!!!! that Amandil is! Bastard!

You know of course, that now I'll have to read MSS... gee, in my *Spare* Time. LOL :)

Thank you for this wonderful story. I truly enjoyed it. :)

God Bless,


Author Reply: Thanks for your review Dayna, I'm glad you enjoyed this story, but I think you would enjoy it more after having read My Sword Sings, as well as its sequels (My Sword Weeps, which is completed, and My Sword Reigns, which is upcoming). I still have to read My Sword Weeps myself but I couldn't walk away from MSS without letting Námo have a go with Amandil, and Agape was curious, too. *grin*

Nieriel RainaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/14/2007
I have not read My Sword Sings, but I enjoyed this. Anything with your interpretation of Námo is worth reading! Thank you for sharing!


Author Reply: Thank you. And I highly recommend Agape's story. It's worth reading, too.

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