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Agape's Attempts  by Agape4Gondor 1 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 50 on 10/12/2007
The sons of Finduilas argue, perhaps to break the tension of knowing their mother is not well. And Faramir here is very young indeed. But he does wish for there to be Elves and Valar, while pragmatic Boromir doubts them.

Sad, Agape; but so true to childhood.

Author Reply: I like the word pragmatic, Larner. First, I think Boromir, being older, would be a little more prone to the practical side of life now. *giggles* But also because I think he is at the age where anything his father would say must be true.

Which poses the cunundrum for Faramir. His father and his brother say there are no Elves.... but for almost five-year old Faramir, his mother says there are Elves.... who is he to believe???

And with mom sick and unable to ask....

Sad - what a childhood those two poor children had... whether Denethor was kind of 'fanfic' nasty or busy with the affairs of state or just plain daddy - it was still a difficult life in the midst of sorrow and war...

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