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Agape's Attempts  by Agape4Gondor 3 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 73 on 5/4/2009
I can relate to the not getting wiser part.

You managed captured Denethor's despair in a few short sentences. Good job.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 73 on 5/3/2009
And in placing his hope in the Ringbearer he was wise indeed!

Nice, and hope RiverOtter likes it!

Author Reply: It was the only place left for any hope - everything hinged upon Frodo - and Gandalf was the one who 'pushed him out the door.'

I hope RO likes it too! Bless you!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 73 on 5/3/2009
Very well done, indeed! I can see Gandalf pacing back and forth, trapped, fretting, hoping in Frodo and yet desperately worried...

Author Reply: I never thought that Gandalf would fret - I guess I was too caught up in Aragorn's difficulties after Gandalf died and before he finally made the decision to follow Merry and Pippin.

But Gandalf started a flame under a lot of people (least of all Frodo) and he had to have been desperately concerned, flumoxed, and bothered by it all. Even when it came to Denethor.....

Thanks for the review!

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