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A Dream Come True  by Lady Bluejay 7 Review(s)
whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/5/2008
I never seem to get tired of your Eomer and Lothy scenarios, you make it hard for me to choose a favorite, but this version was immensely entertaining.

Author Reply: Thanks for reviwing. I really do like a saucy Eomer.LBJ

AlassanteReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/24/2008
I wanted to leave a copy of my MEFA review for this on here so you had it with the story =0)

This was the first story I have read of LadyBlueJay but I can assure you it will not be the last. I loved her writing style as well as this whole story. What a great and unique way to have the mysterious meeting of Eomer and Lothiriel explained! I was truly surprised by how easily I became engrossed in this story. I also enjoyed her Eomer greatly. Despite the fact there is a 'book' Eomer and a 'movie' Eomer - it seems that throughout fanfiction he varies so greatly, at times its hard to appreciate the interpretation of the author. I had no problem enjoying LadyBlueJay's version of him. He was funny, charming, sexy, oafish at times, kingly at others, compassionate, fiery, *sigh* all the things Eomer should be. And although I have never been a great Lothiriel fan I found myself very intrigued by her in this piece. She wasn't as flat as I have read her in the past and I like the idea of her having a mysterious behind the scenes personality that only Eomer gets to see. I think alot of real life women have those qualities as well so it seemed very realistic to me that she was not a 'Queen' when she stepped through the bedroom doors. Plus her having to make the first move on Eomer amused me. She should have expected him to be a little gunshy after what she did though. He completely deserved it but I'm glad she forgave him. Men are dumb that way sometimes!

Author Reply: Thank you. That was very kind. And what a lovely review. I am glad you like this story as I enjoy sneaking in a saucy one occasionally. I was always a bit disappointed with PJ's portrayal of Eomer, maybe that's why I keep writing about him! LBJ

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/25/2007
Naughty Eomer!

And almost as naughty (if not more) Lothiriel!!

They deserve each other - and I hope they will both be very happy.

Author Reply: I think it's me who's naughty! LOL - must make a mental note to write something more serious! LBJ

InglorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/20/2007
I think what I like most about this is how you portrayed Lotheriel. Prim and proper, even behind closed doors, until the time to be un-prim and un-proper was right.

Publicly a proper lady and Queen...Privately, His Lady of the Night. Oh, and exotic dancer to boot. I can think of nothing else to add to the fantasy...

Thanks again.

Author Reply: I am very glad that I can help you indulge your fantasises!!
Thanks for reviewing.LBJ

PryderiReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/20/2007
I enjoyed this story. Is it my imagination or do your tales become more saucy? Anyway the main point of this review is to let you know that I have been reading your stories ever since you started posting them on this site and that they have given me great pleasure.
I posted a review to Lialathuveril's last story recently which attempts to explain my now ambivalent view of romantic fiction but since I wrote it an extremely seditious thought has occurred to me. Did they have a happy marriage? All sorts of scenarios spring to mind.
Anyway thanks for entertaining me so royally. If you write a story I will read it.

Author Reply: Hmm.. more saucy? I think you are right - it must be because I am getting older. Actually, my most 'explicit' is a very early one - but you are right about the saucy. The next is very different though, and not even an Eomer/Lothiriel -- and then a long E/L epic - angst/action and romance - not much sauce!

I read your review to Lia - very interesting and astute. I thought I would tell you that Lia is on holiday in the UK at the moment - we will be meeting up again to discuss fanfic- so she will not be able to reply. But I am sure she will when she gets home.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. Authors do like reviews. LBJ

AlleeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/20/2007
A thoroughly entertaining account of the meeting of ╔omer and LothÝriel. What a way to start a relationship!


Author Reply: Surprised they got it together, really! But then i think he's irresistable! Thans for the review. LBJ

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/20/2007
Drink does such stupid things to people! Wonderful tale!

Author Reply: Yes, the demon drink - can be the excuse for all sorts of things! Thanks for reviewing.LBJ

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