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Changes  by Bodkin 20 Review(s)
EarthdragonReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/22/2020
I love this homage to Daw's series of stories. She has already written of Turgon's rebirth and reunion with Legolas, but it was tinged with sadness. This is much more cheerful and a sign that sweet Turgon is starting to show signs of maturity - which is probably just as well, given his somewhat laidback parents.

HawaiichickReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/1/2017
It's a lot of fun to see Legolas as an older brother. I love that you play in Daw's Mirkwood world.

CesReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/5/2008
Oh, you can't leave it there! You must write a sequel of sorts and let us see Thranduil and Turgon meet at least once! *snicker* I know Thranduil would treat Turgon better now, but I would give anything to see the elfling left in the king's care for one day!

Great story and I enjoyed it very much!


Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/8/2007
This was confusing because you didn't state the Turgon of your story was not the Turgon of Tolkien's stories, but rather an OC. Maybe next time you can say that? I have no idea who this daw person is, so it really told me nothing.

Author Reply: If you haven't read daw's stories, you really should give them a go - they are absolutely delightful. Most of the characters here are from her version of Mirkwood.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/3/2007
You really capture Turgon well here and seeing adult Legolas's reactions to some of his ideas/actions really cracked me up! But I also loved the idea of Turgon wanting to know where butterflies came from and where they go--that is something I can so see him wanting, something so very elfy and something I can personally identify with--so I loved that.

‘You cannot look back.’ ‘Enjoy what you have and embrace what comes.’

For a variety of reasons, this really struck me as well. I always love your stories for the meaning in them. Great story, Bodkin!

Author Reply: Turgon is a great character. And so much easier for Legolas, the adult, to deal with - at least he knows that his adar won't be sealing him in his room for the forseeable future!

I can see Turgon dragging Legolas off on a long journey of exploration as they both grow into their new home - it would do both of them a power of good.

Thanks, elliska. Sorry to be so long replying, but I've been trying to make myself do all my paperwork and it's not left me with much chance to play.

amokehReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/26/2007
Wonderful story, and worthy addition to daw's universe. I really enjoyed this and would love to see a continuation. :)

Author Reply: Thank you, amokeh. I'm sorry to be so long replying - I've been drowning in work. I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to write and Turgon is just such a delightful character to play with - and so good for his friend at this point in his long life. Maybe he was always meant to be here for Legolas in this particular way. It would make his early death seem less sad, if that were so.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/25/2007
How odd it must feel to Legolas to be the grownup here, but having a lively kid around is good for him. What a great birthday story for daw!

Author Reply: Thanks, meckinock. In some ways, dealing with Turgon when you're adult might be easier ... or, at least, Legolas isn't about to get in trouble with his adar! And he needs the jolt, I think. He's been mourning too long - and Turgon will turn his mind from the past to the future.

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/24/2007
I've always loved the friends and family daw has created forLegolas. You did a great job with Turgon. He's a breath of fresh air and someone I think Legolas needs to jump start his somewhat complacent new life. Nicely done.

Author Reply: Thank you, White Wolf. I think Gimli's not long gone and Legolas has warded himself rather against the pain of loving too many mortals. He needs not only Turgon's wonder, but his mischief and his adventurous nature. It'll do him good to remember being young. Turgon is such a great character - like all of those who populate Daw's world. Love them all.

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/24/2007
>>'It is as if time has been cut out and twisted and turned on its head – and I am being asked to be a person I was in another life.'

I can only imagine how difficult that would be - particularly for someone who wasn't particularly cut out for child-rearing in the first place. Another wonderful addition to Daw's world!

Author Reply: Does anybody really want to go back in time and live it again? (Some people, perhaps ...) I think Turgon's brother is probably a grandfather by now - and his mother is definitely past wanting to raise children. Particularly considering Turgon was never the easiest of characters. (Largely, if you ask me, because his parents were struggling with the role in the first place!)

Thank you, erunyauve. I love dipping my toe in Daw's world. The characters are just so great.

svadilfariReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/24/2007
This is a really lovely piece. It shows both the incredible beauty of Elves but also its downside. I'll extend it as well to the Gift of the Blessed Realm. There is something always, I felt, rather jarring to arrive at an endless, changeless land when one has fought so hard for it NOT to be so, in another land. And unexpected ways redemption and peace is found.

Author Reply: I do think that the whole immortality thing has quite a lot against it! And the return of those lost? Two minutes thought suggests incredible complications. And I can't see the Blessed Realm being a place of eternal peace, serenity and harmony. Elves are pretty wise, yes - plenty of experience - but the stories also show them as being pretty driven and contentious. But they have time to learn.

Thank you, svadilfari. I'm glad you liked it.

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