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The Return  by Lady Bluejay 8 Review(s)
AlassanteReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/24/2008
Wanted to post my MEFA review here for you so you had it with the story.

How tragic! It reminds me of Saving Private Ryan. For one family member to return home to let the mother/wife know that all of the others had died would be so hard, especially if it was HIS family he was delivering the news about. He has to deal with his own grief yet be strong enough to tell her of the news. Very touching Lady Bluejay. A nice look at something people who celebrated the return of the king and end of the war didn't think too much about.

Author Reply: Thank you. I wrote this as background for a romance I am working on between Amrothos of Dol Amroth and Duinhir's daughter. For some reason the idea of the two sons being killed and Duinhir going home has always intrigued me. But the tragedy does not stop there! LBJ

LialathuverilReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/3/2007
That's really moving - very, very good! You show how harsh the price of victory can be. Being a parent myself I can also appreciate how agonizing it must have been for Duinhir to tell his wife. And I love all the little details you've put in, moving up to the final moment.


Author Reply: You probably know I have been playing with this for a long time. This is only the start of the trouble for poor Duinhir's family. But I do like happy endings -- of a sort! Thanks for reviewing.LBJ

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/2/2007
Similar scenes must have been seen in so many homes. The losses must have taken the gilt from the destruction of Sauron - and the return of the King.

And, possibly, fuelled opposition to the new regime in some quarters. However bad things had become under Denethor, at least their sons/husbands/lovers had still been alive.

Awful not knowing. Awful being the one to bring the knowledge home.

Duinhir would be very wise to avoid mention of having more children, though. If he wants to retain the ability to do so, that is. His wife will not take the suggestion well.

Author Reply: I am sure that there were some who only counted their own loses and did not appreciate the bigger picture.

There will be more sadness for Duinhir's family in the future!LBJ

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/1/2007
You are right--there is no proper winning in such a war--just a triumph against the enemy to be certain that it won't happen again, leaving other families desolate as these are now.

So very long did Sauron do his best to destroy all, and the cost was high to defeat him.

Author Reply: i have always thought that the victory celebrations must have been very hard on a great many families. It's a theme that gets repeated in my stories. LBJ

PryderiReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/31/2007
This story moved me a lot. Thank you. I really look forward to its sequel/prequel or whatever. I'm sure I've read it before somewhere (or something very similar)?
If you are not interested in pedantry stop reading HERE: I think "very step" in the first para might be "every step", the community might "lose the best of its youth" rather than "loose" (that would be a strange concept in the context!), Drummer might have made "excited barks" rather than "excided" ones.
Well if you are still reading thanks again.

Author Reply: I am glad it moved you - I did write a poem about it once, maybe you saw that.
Thanks for reviewing and picking up the typos - can't you tell my beta is on holiday!LBJ

mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/31/2007
Such a personal grief - not just for himself, but for his wife and daughter. You made it very clear what the loss of a few could mean to a family/village/community. No room for joy at winning, and little enough for surviving.
Thank you (I hope the "big story" has a happy ending!).

Author Reply: Yes, this was sad - and its gets sadder - but does have a happy ending. Glad you enjoyed reading it and your review is appreciated.LBJ

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/31/2007
This is so very sad - yet there must have been very many homecomings just like it. I've sometimes thought about writing about Duilin and Derufin - from the POV of one brother as the other fell. I think that might be rather angsty as well :(


Author Reply: That would make a good piece - it must be awful to see family and friends fall in battle. Thanks for reviewing, it's much appreciated.LBJ

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/30/2007
Oh, very moving and so sad. I can't even imagine what it was like for the fathers to come home with news like that or for the mothers and widows to receive such news. Well done. I look forward to seeing the longer tale.

Author Reply: Must have been awful - and I doubt many families escaped. I always thought how difficult it would be for Duihir to go back without both his sons. Thanks for reviewing.LBJ

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