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Seeing Stars  by Raksha The Demon 16 Review(s)
Lady_RoisinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/5/2008
Aw! I loved it. You've painted some beautiful images of the Elves dancing, and Faramir contimplating his past and his future. All of it is very well written. I like how Aragorn is helping his friend, and Faramir realizing those same arms also supported his brther in his last moments. The story was very touching.

Author Reply: Thanx for reading and reviewing, Lady R! I'm glad you enjoyed this story, which was something of a departure for me, not having ever written completely angst-free (not to mention drunk) Faramir before. I think Aragorn and Faramir would have become good friends as well as King and Steward.

Little DwarfReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/27/2008
Fabulous!!! And even if he drank a little too much, Farramir is shtill the wonderful Shteward we all wove!! :))

I loved every bit of it, it seems so... beliavable, first of all. Everything: from the joyful customs to Faramir getting drunk to Aragorn's fatherly affection! I really appreciate the historical references - I'm sure by now you're aware I'm a fan of scholar!Faramir above all... :) The devotion to Gondor and the King, and the bittersweet memory of Boromir fit very well in this story. And I went "awwww" again when I read this line: "Eowyn thinks already of his first sword, but I would fain see those hands open a book, or hold a quill."

I'm sure Faramir was an amazing father - being deprived of affection himself, I know he would have strived to make time for his family... And already in this early stage of his fatherhood he is such a dear!

But it was not nice of you to have Aragorn take him home before seeing Eowyn and the baby again... He would have loved to, and I doubt Eowyn would have minded - she would be the first to laugh at his state of alcoholic merriment.. :)

Author Reply: It took awhile to write thish one, but I did have fun with it, though I've rarely been drunk, I do remember the tendancy to get a bit less shpecific with one'sh wordsh. I think history is never too far from Faramir's mind; and the sight of the One Tree would still fill him with joy and trigger all those historic allusions. And for a man who had good reason to believe he wouldn't live long enough to marry, being able to find love, marriage, and have a son born who would not be forced to be a soldier for his entire life, would have been thrilling to Faramir.

I think Aragorn thought it best, as a healer, that Eowyn get as much undisturbed rest as possible, since it was late at night. Eowyn just had a baby, after all, and that baby would have to be fed. I'm sure that Faramir would see them both several times the next day.

I'm glad you liked the story, and thanx for reviewing it.

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/23/2008
Ah, I enjoyed reading this, Raksha!

Your Faramir makes a good happy drunk.... but it still seems natural that he (of all people) would remember the history of his House and indulge in nostalgia when faced with the living White Tree. I expressed some concern to you privately about that (in theory), but after reading your story it does seem credible. Well done!

I like his thoughts of Boromir; it seems like he is finally healing from the grief of his brother's death.

And Aragorn is very supportive (literally and figuratively LOL!). I think he is more than a healer, but a genuinely warm person under the stern Dúnedain countenance.

An enjoyable vignette, Raksha!

- Barbara

Author Reply: Thanx for reading and reviewing, Barbara.

I tend to think that Faramir would normally not get drunk unless it was under circumstances where he felt it allowable to relax; and where he was not immediately needed as Captain or Steward or Prince; and I see him as a usually happy drunk.

The new White Tree must have seemed a living miracle to him; and I think when drunk, he would have waxed even more lyrical...

NestaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/24/2007
Faramir been hitting the bottle again, eh? Well, he has a good excuse this time. So nice to have some joy instead of angst, the poor fellow deserves it.

Hope Eowyn isn't feeling too washed up. 'S always the same: men get all the fun, women get all the pain!

Author Reply: Thanx for reading and reviewing, Nesta.

For some reason, I find it easier to write cranky/anxious Eowyn rather than happy Eowyn, unless she's appreciating her husband's manly charms (well, who wouldn't!).

I felt like including a big neon sign - ANGST-FREE FARAMIR! - in the summary. I usually write him a bit more melancholy.

BranwynReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/23/2007
"Seeing Stars" indeed! Thanks for sharing this beautifully-written scene of rejoicing and contentment. Aragorn is always watching over his people, even in this relaxed setting. I liked the conga line of Rohirrim and guardsmen. I am sure Faramir wasn't the only one with a headache the next day. ;)

Author Reply: I can imagine there was a lot of revelry among the Rohirrim who had accompanied Eomer; not only was this the birth of their White Lady's first child, but the newborn was possibly the heir to the Mark at this time; unless Lothiriel had produced Elfwine first.

Oh, there would be a lot of sore heads the next morning - White Company, Rohirrim, Tower Guards; but much happiness as well.

Thanx much for reading and commenting, Branwyn!

KhorazîrReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/22/2007
Happy belated birthday, Linda! :D

And congrats to another wonderful and highly enjoyable story, Raksha. I must admit to having been somewhat reluctant at first to embrace the idea of an alcoholised Faramir, as I simply can't see him getting drunk whatever the reason (I totally agree that he's no saint, but still ...), but this is so well written, and so hilarious. Wonder what Aragorn is going to be like at the birth of his first child.

Author Reply: Thanx much for your cogent review, Khorazir!

I do think that Faramir would, on a few select occasions, and usually in the privacy of his own house, get drunk. It would have to be when someone else was holding the reins of governance, and not when he was actively Captaining men. Here, I see his inebriation as a result of good-naturedly accepting various drinks and making toasts while waiting for his child's birth and afterwards; and feeling comfortable enough that he could drop his guard and participate in the drinking...

What will Aragorn be like at the birth of his first child? Tired! Probably won't be able to stop smiling; so people will hardly recognize him.

I'm glad you liked the story.

MithLuinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/21/2007
What a lovely story! And I love how he remembers his history so clearly even in his, er, less-then-sober state :) His wonder and awe at becoming a dad shine through, as well as his new-found hope for the future. Great job!

Author Reply: I think Faramir would always remember his history, the difficulty would be, if he became any more inebriated, in being able to successfully articulate it!

Thanx for reading and reviewing, MithLuin; I'm delighted you liked the story. Somewhat Drunk Faramir was great fun; he became quite insistent as well as earnest...

IstarniëReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/17/2007
What a beautiful story! I love your portrayal of Faramir as a new father. The combination here of humour, history and relationships has made my reading a joy. Some of the phrases I have found particularly touching, and will do for some time. Not just those words concerning Éowyn, their son, and the White Tree, but particularly, and maybe suprisingly, those about Aragorn:

It had never occurred to him that a King returned out of legends could be as kind as a father.

And let his king lead him home..


This story definately has a 'feel good' factor for me.

Author Reply: Thanx for reading and reviewing, Istarnie!

I wanted a bittersweet story where the sweet outweighed the bitter (i.e. grief for Boromir); and to write a more relaxed and happy Faramir. And Aragorn has a lot to do with that, almost as much as Eowyn does; since if Aragorn had been as constantly stern and fault-finding as Denethor, Faramir would have still accepted him as liege-lord and done his duty as Steward, but with less joy. Faramir probably thought that the legendary kings were capable of compassion, but in a more general sense, not in the way of helping one's gleefully inebriated Steward home...

I'm glad you liked the tale.

Tracey ClaybonReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/15/2007
I wanted to compliment you on your very touching story - it's well written and a joy to read.

I had a question, however, about a comment you made at the end. You said that Tolkien's description of Faramir's son's name Elboron was *semi-canonical* - if JRR Tolkien wrote the history - or Christopher Tolkien, from his father's notes - then, that IS canon - isn't it? I'm confused as to why it would NOT be canon... Please explain?



Author Reply: As far as I understand it, not everything with JRRT's august name on it is considered true Canon. LOTR and THE HOBBIT, both of which were written solely by JRRT and published within his lifetime, are universally considered Canon. Some people (like me) consider THE SILMARILLION to be Canon, others do not, since parts of it were filled in by the industrious Christopher rather than the book being written in its entirety by JRRT. The HoME volumes and UNFINISHED TALES are not regarded as Canon, at least not totally. They can be used in conjunction with Canon. My own solution is to take bits from them that do not contradict and are not refuted by LOTR and THE HOBBIT; and use those bits to enhance, etc. Therefore, as far as I and many fanfiction writers are concerned, Imrahil had three sons as well as a daughter, Denethor had two older sisters, Faramir and Eowyn's firstborn son is named Elboron, and Aragorn had a strong resemblance to Isildur's slain son Elendur. Just don't ask me when exactly Galadriel met Celeborn or what the latter's ancestry is...

Other fanfiction writers and readers might feel differently.

Thanx for reading and reviewing, Tracy.

EstelcontarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/15/2007
That was a most moving, delicate and joyful vignette. Thanks for writing it.

Author Reply: I can see by your screenname which LOTR character is your special favorite! I'm pleased that you liked the story, and thanx for reviewing.

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