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Waterloo  by Lady Bluejay 20 Review(s)
VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/15/2008
What masterful portrayal of flirtation and awakening love! I enjoyed this story very, very much indeed!

Author Reply: Thanks. I admit to this being the favorite of the stories I have written. But writing it put me behind with the epic I am working on. Still, when the muse grabs you!

Thanks for reviewing - glad you enjoyed. LBJ

VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/15/2008
Oh, wow. I'm glad I've found this.
Tolkien makes so easy of so many things, probably just because they do not belong in an epic tale, but the rational reader does wonder. Indeed, how many healers did they have, and how many wounded? Where did the victorious Rohirrim sleep and where did they keep their horses? You take care of all these things and at the same time give a breathtakingly intense image of the city under siege. And yet, after all that terror, you finish up with naked Eomer in the princess' bed - admirable!

BTW, I will just imagine that the blonde soldier whose hand Lothiriel holds is my Deoric. ;-)

Author Reply: I will be honoured for you to imagine him as Deoric!

And I did always wonder about the horses - how did they feed them all. They must have been put out to graze, but the grass of the Pelennor would have been ruined.

Thanks for reviewing.LBJ

whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/21/2008
Enjoyed my favorite mortal couple's dialogue about the bedsheets, sexy in a subtle way. I also liked the scene with Erchirion, Eomer and Lothy at the dinner table. I liked how Eomer said goodbye to her before he left.

whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/21/2008
Woohoo! Liked the last scene there! Lothy is so lucky! I am positively hooked on Eomer and Lothy. I also liked the scene with Erchirion and his red-haired lady.

Putting aside my strong fangirl tendencies, I liked the way you wrote of the very tense and highly-charged scene of the occupants while Gondor was being besieged. The scene when the Rohirrim sounded their battle horns gave me goosebumps (the nice kind).

Looking forward to reading yet more Eomer and Lothy stories from you--I'm sure you'll find more romantic angles for them to play in!

atlantisgirlReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/25/2008
I found this story very believable. I kept seeing a picture in my mind of the Czar of Russia's daughters. The Princesses nursed men in the war. Having the army quartered in the city, this was very realistic. Considering Tolkien wrote about people he knew in World War 1.

I didn't like the title, because the title made me not want to read the story. I was thinking it was going to be some dry war history. Anyway, thanks for giving me hours of enjoyment with your stories.

Author Reply: Glad you managed to get past the title. I can't quite see me writing a war history *grins*.

I think it is a scenario that has happened throughout history - made a good story, anyway! Thanks for reviewing. LBJ

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/31/2008
And Gondor has grown a bunch of ladies who will have little in common with the butterflies who flew to safety. A far greater understanding of the men who return from war, too. I'm sure Lothiriel made a much better wife for Eomer for her experience in the Houses of Healing.

Lady Gailrin is right - no time to waste on courtesies when death is staring you in the face. Unfortunately this can lead to some disastrous matches once the days stretch out. But not with Erchirion and Cammir - or of course Eomer and Lothiriel.

Author Reply: Well, we know Eomer and Lothy had a good marriage otherwise Eomer would not have stayed so friendly with Imrahil - that's my theory anyway.

Thanks for all the reviews - you must just have indulged in a reading marathon!LBJ.

websteransReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/12/2008
Beautiful, powerful. A thrilling little romance.

Also, a lovely tribute to the many women throughout history who did just that--cheerfully turned their lives upside down for the sake of nation and individual soldiers in need.

Author Reply: Thank you. My intention was to portray that very thing. LBJ.

runnerbeastReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/21/2008
Oh, I loved how you had Eomer and Lothiriel get together in this story. I love their individual personalities and then how they teased one another. In the Houses of Healing Lothiriel found the inner strength she had, and that was there all the time. Super job!

Author Reply: Thanks. I admit I really enjoyed writing this one and became veery fond of this Lothiriel.LBJ

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/17/2008
I've just now had some time to read this and I'm so glad I did! What a thoroughly engaging short story. I loved all of the details in the Houses of Healing... I cannot imagine what that would have been like... you described it very well. I smiled when Lothiriel stitched up her brother's arm and then he found out it was her very first time.

The horses everywhere were an interesting idea that makes perfect sense. Minas Tirith probably didn't have huge stables for horses, certainly not for all of the Rohirrim!

The image of Lothiriel finding Eomer in her bed and then later their 'talking' about it at the table was priceless and very well done on your part.

Thanks for sharing!

Author Reply: Thanks for your comment - I always did wonder about the horses, so many of them and they would need so much fodder. And as for finding Eomer on one's bed...! LBJ.

AitraReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/10/2008
Thank you for this story. I loved reading it. You are very gifted as a writer and I hope to read more from you regarding Eomer and Lothiriel. I think Eomer is just the kind of guy any girl would want to marry.

Author Reply: I can't think many of us would throw him out! Thanks for reviewing, LBJ

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