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Between Childhood and Coming of Age  by Dreamflower 13 Review(s)
VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/8/2008
An utterly charming story with many amusing moments. To name but a few: The cutest baby competition, the nighshirts under the bed, Pippin in the row with the lasses at the dance, the embarrassing realization that one's parents do indeed *ahem* and the priceless episode with Frodo setting up Sancho to dig in his cellar. The last line gave me a big giggle.

What I like most, though, is the how you have given Pippin such a kind and generous young lady at his side here, who is sensitive enough not to hurt his feelings and still tells him nothing but the truth.

Author Reply: *grin* I'm so glad you liked those bits in particular. I love to scatter small bits of humor through my stories whenever possible. I had a good deal of fun getting poor Sancho to dig that cellar! I'd never written young Sancho before, but he was in the request from the recipient of the story. And that last scene was actually the first one I wrote!

The part about Pippin ending up with the lasses in the dance is based on something that actually happened to me. "Exchanges" is based on a real-life English country dance called "Hole in the Wall" which is often danced in the way I described--allowing "poaching". One evening a friend and I tried to poach the same person at the same time, and I found myself on the male side of the dancing line. Unlike Pippin, however, I was not offended, but broke out in hysterical laughter--which somewhat impeded my dancing.

I thought that for his first crush, Pippin deserved someone kind and a little older, who would understand his infatuation and know that it wasn't "true love", and would be able to deal with him appropriately. I rather like Miss Holly, and I may one day write about her again.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/5/2008
LOL! Oh, that was priceless, I can just see Pippin doing his best Frodo impersonation. Canít say I feel sorry for Sancho, he finally got what has been coming to him. He clearly didnít learn anything from Frodoís cleverly planned lesson (great way to get free labor and a new expanded cellar though!) I enjoyed watching Pippin navigate his way through this rather turbulent time in his life, as well as seeing what happened after the minstrel apprentice incident. Pippinís going to have many adventures before he finally meets his Diamond, and they will all serve her well!

Author Reply: *grin*

Thank you! I felt that would be something Pippin just couldn't resist, LOL! And yes, Sancho did have it coming, didn't he? I'm glad you got a kick out of Frodo's "diversion" for him--I don't think anyone else noticed it, but yes, free labor as well as keeping him out of Pippin's hair.

Jana was very specific in the things she wanted to have in this story, and it was quite a challenge to find a plausible way to work all of them in.

Poor Pip! His tweenaged years were anything *but* peaceful!

MartaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/31/2008
I really enjoyed this story, Dreamflower. It's amusing to see Pippin struggle with youthful hormones, and I loved the come-about with him realizing the wisdom of his cousins' advice.

Author Reply: Yes, well, I think he understood about the brotherly "smack on the nose", and really, it would have been hard not to gloat a little to Sancho, LOL! I like to think that hobbits were a little more discreet than some people write them--I have fun thinking of them as being just a little prim and Victorian in some ways, and rather earthy in others. In other words, they would mostly have been guided by "hobbit-sense" in dealing with adolescence!

cathleenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/19/2008
I think I already told you how much I like this on group, but wanted to say it again here. You are such a talented writer, Dreamflower!

Author Reply: Thank you very much, dear!!

Hai TookReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/15/2008
That was a cute story! Pippin does find his way out on top most of the times. I liked Holly, she was very reasonable and good of her to not lead Pippin when she already knew what or who she loved. I'm glad Pippin also had so many people looking out for him during such a difficult time :) Thanks for the story it was delightful!

Author Reply: Yes, Pip did come out ahead, didn't he?

Holly knew that she and Pippin were not destined to fall in love--but that was no reason they could not enjoy themslves a bit.

I think in the Shire, that hobbits take seriously the old saying about "it takes a village". Pippin had a lot of people who loved him, and wanted to help him out.

GoldenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/15/2008
Ah its on here too! :) I just read it again and it is as good as the first time, if not better. I love the voices of the characters and the pictures you paint with your words in my head.
And, while reading it again I just wondered: What were those things Vinca could get away with and where Pip would not have gotten away with? *GRIN* Would be interessting to read about it.
Oh and what I didnīt mention in the rewiew on the other page, cause I forgot, is that I love that you mention your other story with ...ok I cannot write the name right now out of my head..Menalcar...uhm.the singing/music guy...I enjoyed also that story so very, very much!

Thanks you again for writing it! :)

*big hugs*

Author Reply: How sweet of you to come and review again, dear! It was my pleasure to write this for you! And I am very glad you like the voices of the characters--I try to keep them as true to the books as I can.

Well, for one thing, *lasses* can get away with telling about *lads*, LOL! But I'm sure there were other things...we'll have to see what the bunnies do.

Menelcar, yes. Since you wanted Pippin to be 25, then it would have to be the year that Menelcar came to the Shire--so of course he got mentioned! I'm so glad you like him. He's a favorite OC of mine.

And thank *you* for requesting it!

(((((hugs back))))))

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/12/2008
The concerns an adolescent lad faces are so well described; and the moral concerns of kissing and NOT telling!

And love that Timmons was in the closet with a parlormaid! Heh! Thanks!

Author Reply: Well, Frodo has learned quite well the lessons of a gentlehobbit, between Bilbo and Aunt Dora! And I think he'd know how important it would be to preserve a lasses' reputation--he'd definitely insist that Merry and Pippin learn those same lessons!

*chuckle* I'm sure that the servants in the Great Smials occasionally got up to things that Eglantine would not have approved of, LOL!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/12/2008
I loved this from start to finish Dreamflower. Especially the understanding father and the last bit!

Author Reply: Thank you very much! Paladin is trying very hard to be the understanding father right now, because they have just patched up a rather rough spot in their relationship with Frodo's help.

And the last bit? Well, I kept looking at how Jana (Golden) wanted Sancho in there, and wanted him taken down a peg. I was at a loss at first, and then suddenly the last scene came to me, and the rest of the story just followed!

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/11/2008
I love the voices you have given the hobbits. Paladin is lovely and very understanding. Glad he can remember being a tween and knows just what to say to Pip.

Frodo and Merry are supportive and Sam is priceless as usual. A lovely story, Dreamflower.

Author Reply: Thank you! I try as hard as I can to keep their "voices" close to book-verse, but it's hard, especially since I am American.

As I said in my note, this takes place very shortly after "Life of a Bard". Paladin has just begun to understand some of Pippin's concerns in that story, and he's trying to be as understanding now as he can of Pippin's *new* concerns. It helps that Paladin can remember how it was to discover the opposite sex, while he could not quite understand Pippin's attraction to playing music for an audience. And I think he feels a certain solidarity with his lad in these circumstances--both of them were rather beset by female relatives, after all! (Four sisters for Paladin, and three for Pippin!)

And of course, Frodo and Merry will be supportive, even if amused. And Sam is Sam--what else is there?

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/11/2008

I would like to see how it looks when Pippin imitates Frodo :)

A wonderful little story! And I was as surprised as Pippin when he received the kiss from Holly. But that's how it goes!
Holly is such a nice lass. She's far too good for Sancho. Maybe Holly changes her mind after that last "scene".

Pippin, however, got the best advice from Sam, it seems. She was not the one. But he will know when the time comes!

Author Reply: I could just see him with an arched eyebrow, kind of looking down his nose in a superior manner, and speaking oh-so-mildly! Wicked!

It's not Sancho Holly loves, but her third cousin Folco Boffin--and as you know, that is one relationship that is sadly doomed.

And yes, he'll know when he meets the right one--she'll be quite a gem! ;-)

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