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Beginnings  by Fiondil 18 Review(s)
LaurelasReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/19/2012
You know... I really adore your writing. Years after leaving the 'fandom' I find myself back again and you are *still* the first fanfic author I recommend when asked about Tolkien-verse stories and the first one I go to when I want to read really engaging ones for my own enjoyment.

And then I open this one today and just like that, I'm sucked into your world again!

So now I'll skip off to immediately read my absolute favorites (the EI series) because this one brought back that full nostalgia... and even though it's YEARS later I'll quietly continue to hope that the muse inspires more Erestor. Because it's so very hard to find good Glorfindel and Erestor friendship stories and I'd love to see how all of Glorfindel's 'new' family take to Erestor!


Author Reply: Hello Laurelas. What a lovely review, especially after all this time. I may write some more Glorfindel/Erestor friendship stories in the future. You never know. Thanks for reading my stories. I appreciate you letting me know how much you enjoy them. And welcome back to the Tolkien fandom.

Midnight PromiseReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/16/2009

Loved the story! Poor Erestor always seemed to get shunned out, I am really happy he got a star role! :)

Aw, Erestor and Estel...Cuteness abounding. I hope the Muse directs you toward a more *specific* shot with stories about Estel being told to the elves in Valinor. ;)

As always, great job and looking forward to more!

Author Reply: Hi MP. I am glad you loved this story. Someday, the Muse willing, I may write more about Erestor and Estel. We´ll have to see.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/3/2008
Can we have some more Beginnings please? I would like to read the story of Sador's courtship and marriage! Do Erestor and the beautifull Lindorille have a future or is it just a dance floor romance!?
More please,

Author Reply: At the moment I have no plans to expand on this story though that's not to say that it won't be at some point in the future. It all depends on the muse. As for Sador... we might see something of that in "Elf, Interrupted, Book Two" but again I make no firm promises. *grin*

6336Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/17/2008
One never thinks of Erestor as being other than one of Elronds advisors. This glimpse into his early life is fascinating, would he have ended up with Elrond if he had not met Glorfindel?
You would think Elves would be above that sort of thing, but prejudice is a pervasive part of the history of Middle Earth, those that went, looked down on those that stayed and those that made it over the mountins, looked down on those that did not!
Sad to say we are not much better today, no matter how much we try. Sometimes I think we try to hard.
Sorry this is bit off topic but some of your stories are very thought provoking!

Author Reply: Hi Lynda. I'm glad you find this (and my other stories) thought provoking. It's one of my goals as a writer to get my readers thinking and re-evaluating old prejudices and seeing things in a different light than what they are used to.

Erestor is an interesting character whom I would like to write more about, perhaps even expand on this story some more at a later time. Thanks for reviewing.

CesReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/5/2008
Glad to see Erestor making some new friends as he awaits Glorfindel to join him. I loved your version of how those two met.

And Erestor mentions Estel; how sweet. Let's hope he got the chance to tell some stories of him.

Another wonderful tale from you. Thanks!

Author Reply: I'm sure Finrod, Arafinwë and Ingwë heard many tales from Erestor about Glorfindel and Estel. Glad you liked the story.

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/28/2008
Ohhh, I love this. I'm just now rereading Elf Interrupted, so I knew immediately what Erestor was talking about when he talked of the incident Glorfindel told him about. I like your Erestor and hope you have more chapters of this story soon.

Author Reply: Thanks, obsidianj. At the moment this is just a one shot (originally a gift fic for a friend who's mad on Erestor *grin*) but you never know where the muse will take you and so perhaps someday I may continue this. I'm sure a number of readers would like to see if Erestor gets the elleth.

hanciReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/18/2008
Beautiful, really beautiful.And you mentioned Estel! And Turgon and... I love it when there are hints and references to other stories - when I know them, of course. :o)

Author Reply: Thnaks, Hanci. I'm glad you liked this. I like dropping hints and references to other stories or in some way connect them as much as possible so that they are interconnected within my particular version of Middle-earth. Like Tolkien, I like to offer vistas of a deeper past than what we encounter on the surface, thus giving my stories (hopefully) more depth.

Elea24Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/17/2008
That was a lovely read. I really enjoyed it. A very touching version of how Erestor and Glorfindel met.

Author Reply: Thanks Elea. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/17/2008
this is delightful! It's so interesting to see the side of Glorfy we know from LOTR juxtaposed with the Glorfy with the history from Elf Interrupted. Most enjoyable and I hope Erestor gets the girl.

Author Reply: If Finrod has anythng to say about it, I'm sure he will. LOL Glad you liked the story, Ellie. Thanks for reviewing.

Nieriel RainaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/16/2008
Oh my goodness! I just love seeing how Erestor and Glorfindel became friends. Over an elleth! LOL! A pretty bad apple of one from the looks of things. Glad Erestor had Glory to help him in that regard.

Love the fact that Erestor is short. I forgot to mention that last chapter. I just find his insecurities over it so endearing and sweet. I want to hug him! *grin*

I'm glad Finrod was able to get those two dancing at the end.

Great story! I simply adore it!


Author Reply: I'm only 5'8" myself so I know how frustrating it is to have to look up at people. Even here in China there are plenty of people who are taller than I am, so making Erestor not as tall as the average elf just made him more endearing for me. *grin*

I think Erestor and Glorfindel proved very good for one another. Erestor became Glorfindel's first real friend in Lindon and Glorfindel helped Erestor to see himself as someone of worth and that his mixed heritage was more an asset than a curse.

Finrod as matchmaker... well, it just fit. *grin* I'm sure he's going to do all in his power, short of issuing an order, to faciliate a romance between those two 'youngsters'. LOL

Thanks for reviewing.

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