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To See A World  by Nightwing 20 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 31 on 11/20/2006
Chapters 27 thru 30 were absolutely amazing. I found it impossible to stop reading, but I must as lunch time is only one hour. I do hope this story is finished. I don't think I could handle the suspense.

Author Reply: Oh my, you're reading fast! And no, I regret to say TSAW is not finished. I've a bit more to do, and I'm a terribly slow updater. I work full time plus play the RL role of wife/mommy, so time for this sort of fun hobby is scarce.

But I will keep plugging away, and hope you'll hang on for my updates once you have caught up.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 31 on 3/12/2005
You do such a great job of narrating from Legolas's point of view, using only the senses that he has access to, that sometimes it's easy to lose sight (npi) of the fact that he's blind. That is, until Aragorn has to point out to him that he's about to perform a medical procedure using a gore-encrusted knife! I think the characterizations here are very accurate, understated (that's a compliment!) and realistic. Legolas and Aragorn are caring and emotionally supportive of each other in a very grown-up way. It was nice to see Legolas getting his confidence back. I was relieved to hear that the snowstorm will keep the bad guys at bay for a time. After the tension of the past few chapers, these guys deserve a break!

sidheReviewed Chapter: 31 on 12/16/2004




it's 3:16am and so i don't think you'll be getting much of a coherent review (but then, i'm not very good with reviews even when it's a decent hour) but can i offer you a very heartfelt THANK YOU for sharing such a wonderful story?! i'm going to check back every single day now, till you finish this! (which i hope you never do... i hope it goes on and on forever!)

wishing you a very merry christmas, and a fantastic new year (with lots of time to continue writing!) to come!

(tomorrow i'm coming back for a reread, and i see you have another story, "the healer". yay! :)

off to bed now... do you mind if i borrow aragorn to cuddle/comfort for the night? *g* and legolas and little Squeaky can have the top bunk... i'll take good care of them, too!

Author Reply: You certainly may, and I'll offer my own heartfelt thanks back for your enthusiatic review. Sorry I kept you up so late!

The Healer is over at Cassia's site. It just won 2nd place in a reader-nominated voter award thingy too. (Tooting my own horn shamelessly here). Do let me know what you thought of it once you have given it a read. It's very different than this fic though... I really indulged myself in some rather over-the-top elf-torture. Had to get it out of my system I guess.

fliewatuetReviewed Chapter: 31 on 12/15/2004
I think I've never been that grateful for a snow storm. Aragorn and Legolas are in dire need for a respite. I only hope that it will last long enough for them to recover somewhat, but not long enough for them to get into serious trouble.

Author Reply: Me too. The poor guys really needed a break. Well, if you caught the update, the respite was rather short. Serious trouble is here at last.

LegolassReviewed Chapter: 31 on 12/14/2004

Me again, Nightwing. I have your story three times now - yes, repeatedly, and I realise what a great writer you are. You had me weeping in places and laughing in others (I LOVE the elf fight in Mirkwood, and the baking disaster!). Always, I in awe at your ability to develop the characters, making them so real and so in keeping with what true friends would be.

I salute you, Nightwing, and I wait in thrilled anticipation and excruciating agony for more chapters. PLease alleviate my pain soon.

Author Reply: Three times??!! Wow. It really amazes me sometimes when I think about people I have never met reading my story. Humbling and uplifting at the same time. Thank you.

LegolassReviewed Chapter: 31 on 12/3/2004

Yours is one of the stories I have bookmarked, Nightwing. Thank you for writing it.

It occured to me that your story in which Legolas loses his sight could actually be used to explain how and when Legolas developed his incredible sense of hearing and sensitivity to his surroundings that we find in the Lord of the Rings!

Author Reply: Thank you. Could be. Some people have suggested that it might help him deal with the darkness of Moria.

FirnsarnienReviewed Chapter: 31 on 12/1/2004
Oh joy, new chappy! Though, not quite long enough by my standards! LOL I'd say ten pages ought to be long enough, no? ;) *chuckle* Really though, I'll take whatever you give us! I'm just so glad you haven't abandoned this story. It's right on the top of my list of favorites I watch like a hawk!

Whew, now that I'm thoroughly drained after all this, I'm glad Aragorn's owies have been tended to and none of them seem horribly life threatening. Even his poor frostbitten hands seem to be doing nicely. But, poor Leggy. He's been so busy tending Aragorn and going to feed the horse and all, he's neglected his own owies. Me thinks they may just be working themselves up to an infected state. Poor Leggy, but I don't think I can get too worked up about it. After all, I'm not going to say that I don't like Leggy angst. I am the one who does backflips when Leggy gets owies you know. I just love seeing our poor Elf hurt and getting lots of love and comfort. *sigh* Only wish *I* was the one doing the comforting! ;) Heh, heh.

Anyway, now that my immediate worries for Aragorn have been taken care of, I'm going to start worrying about these men that set the trap for Aragorn. What do they want? Who are they? Why do they want to hurt Aragorn and Leggy? Eeek! And of course, I'll worry about Leggy's untended owies too. ;)

Please hurry with another update. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! :)

Author Reply: This chapter was actually one of my longer ones! I'll never abandon this story. I just wish I had more time to write. Returning to full time work has a way of impacting writing time. The new chapter is creeping along. I am taking a few days off for the holiday, and hope to get in some good writing time so as to get an update out before Christmas.

Nope, Legolas won't develop and infection. There will be plenty of other things coming down the pike to keep our good elf busy. Yes, worry about the bad guys. It's time.

e_vrouwReviewed Chapter: 31 on 11/28/2004
Hello Nightwing,
Thanks for the update!
*Sigh* that was a long wait, the suspense was killing me.

I almost expected them to be attacked again the moment Aragorn seemed mildly recovered. I'm glad you are giving them enough time to recover.

"He did not know when Tithlam had joined him, but he welcomed her soft presence when he realized she had at some point curled herself behind his bent knees." You know we have a cat who does the same thing. It's nearly impossible to get out of bed when she's lying behind you.

How can you tell someone is sleeping by touching their eyes? Everyone automatically closes their eyes when something comes too close.

What is up with Legolas' headaches?! The previous morning (chapter 26) the headaches were so bad he "felt his body reel as the pain in his head crashed in upon him", now it seems they're little more than a "minor irritation". I can't figure it out. Is he finally getting rid of them?

I love the way you clearly depict the problems Legolas has in taking care of Aragorn. He is no healer and needs Aragorn's guidance eventhough he really doesn't want to ask it of him.
"- before he threw yet another question at his suffering patient, whom he well imagined was close to the end of his ability to endure much more."

It really amazes me how you can always find some form of comic relief. Even in these sort of situations you can have Aragorn singing off-key about begetting days, and discussing the use of bloody swords in medical practice and STILL make it seem completely believable! :-D

I must congratulate you on your superb description of pain. Almost every other fanfiction-author I've read either believes that cleaning wounds doesn't (seem to) hurt or completely ignores the recovery process. (I think they only like hurting them and think it's boring to watch them recover ;-)
I must say that my opinion of your story went up another notch after this chapter. Your sense of realism is without parallel. (You mentioned something earlier about your 'medical background'?? I'm curious as to what it is.)

Bringing in wood with injured hands? Ouch! We have a furnace that runs on wood so I have quite some experience in chopping wood etc. Handling wood is damn painful if you've injured your hands.

And Legolas still hasn't really taken care of his inuries!! (only sticking his hands into ice cold water does not count!) He is now responsible for their wellfare, he even says so himself. He is more concerned about Aragorn's injuries and Rhosgernroch's wellfare , than his own. And I have to say... ... I absolutely love him for it!
I have always been intrigued by people who are so selfless that they put other people's wellfare before their own. There aren't many who would do such a thing.

Legolas really is improving remarkably these past few chapters. I really like the change he's gone through.

Good luck!

You wanted to know what my penname meant?
Well 'vrouw' literally means 'woman' in Dutch. And the 'e' is a reference to me studying Electrical Engineering. (there aren't many e_women in Delft. ;-)

Where's his bow?? Last I heard he had thrown it away while fighting the wolves.


Author Reply: You've brought up some good points. You're right about the eyes. I wouldn't let anyone stick his fingers in mine! As for the bow, I'm afraid it is still lying out there in the snow. The elf was in a rush.

Ah, the headaches. I must confess that they have become a bit problematic for me. I introduced them because I wanted to demonstrate that the elf's condition is somewhat fluid... there is still something going on, and perhaps a cure is possible in the future. But I cannot make them so bad that he can't function, so it was necessary to have them ease up a little. Also, now that he had his moment of realization in the forest and accomplished a great rescue, he is more accepting of his blindness. He's found some peace now, is no longer so angry and fighting, and so the headaches have lightened up a little.

I'm glad you liked the pain description. I don't care how brave and stoic someone is... when something really hurts, that person will react. But Aragorn also has a lot of self-control, so he did his best to hold still. I'm a veterinary technician, and have done my share of wound treatment, bandaging, surgeries, etc...

Tithlam is busy playing nurse now and snuggling with Aragorn. Legolas will take care of himself, I promise. He just has so much to do first. As soon as he's done he'll treat his injuries and get some sleep.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 31 on 11/28/2004
great chapter. Aragorn is right in saying that Legolas is a wonder. And Aragorn sure has self control! I know that if I was in that position I.... I don't know what I would of done but it would not be what Aragorn was able to do.

Author Reply: Yes, Aragorn did have to hold on and let Legolas do what needed to be done. Not much fun, but it's done now and he's having a well-earned sleep.

EllyBagginsReviewed Chapter: 31 on 11/28/2004
Brilliant! i especially loved aragorn banging his good foot against the bedpost, and the way legolas accepted the praise was very touching.

Author Reply: Yes, when something hurts too much, start hitting things!

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