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To See A World  by Nightwing 19 Review(s)
MagnaReviewed Chapter: 34 on 4/30/2005
Hi Nightwing.. Remember me? Yes I changed by name, but I'm Em-chan from the Eternal website. Sorry.. I've been busy and have not been following your wonderful fic as well as I could have. But I am so glad I did. Wow.. This chapter was a tad dark, wasn't it? But it still was great. You are such an awesome writer; I wish I could write as well as you. Keep up the good work!

Thundera TigerReviewed Chapter: 34 on 3/15/2005
*wanders in with yet another very belated review*

Hey there! Er...yeah. I'm not going to excuse my tardiness because I have no excuse for it. But at least I'm here and reviewing. Hope that counts for something. ;)

Tight writing in this chapter. These are difficult points, because the line between tension and melodrama becomes very thin. It's so easy to go overboard with either the villains, the heroes, or both. You do neither. You keep everyone restrained, and the few moments of dialogue across between enemies are hostile but also very in character. And that's tough to do. My compliments!

As for the individual sections, I loved the first part. I loved that, when given a short reprieve, Aragorn and Legolas put their heads together in an effort to figure out just who this guy was. That's a very seasoned response from two very seasoned warriors, and I have to thank you for keeping in mind that these guys know what they're doing. At least, most of the time. And even though Legolas is blind, he's still been around for a while. He can keep himself under control and he can focus on the important things. The revelation about the sword is fascinating, and I like how Ramhar was tempted to keep Aragorn around to ask him about various things. But I liked even better how he decided this was an unnecessary risk. Thank you for creating a sensible villain. They're so rare these days. He recognized Aragorn's attempts to stall for time and to find answers, and he cut him short. It was beautiful! It was what a villain should do! Hooray for a real villain!

The next section was very good, and once again, I have to praise you on your ability to relate the entire thing without resorting to eyesight. The attention to detail and to POV throughout the story has been amazing! I am very much in awe of your abilities. And I loved the twists you're introducing. It seems Legolas has...well, if not an outright friend then at least someone who's sympathetic to his plight. That might count for something and could definitely prove useful. But you've put our poor elf in a box! Gyah! I can only imagine the panic he's feeling. Well, I suppose I'll have to wait for the next chapter to learn how you resolve all of this, but I'm very eager to see what happens next. Try not to keep us waiting too much longer!

Author Reply: Greetings, Wanderer!

I'm so pleased you like my bad guy! I've always thought the villain should be curt and very brief when addressing captives. He doesn't owe them any explanations, though I do plan for Ramhar and Legolas to have a chat or two later on. Not that they will be particularly friendly ones...

And I figured after tearing Aragorn away from him, I needed to give Legolas someone else who offers him a little bit of kindness, or the poor elf would just go to pieces. Not that he's that fragile, but he has been dealt a serious blow at the moment and is understandably in a state.

BevReviewed Chapter: 34 on 3/13/2005
I usually review on Eternal...but could wait no longer.
*Groan* This was painful. Wanted to hug Leggy and tell him Aragorn would be ok.
It's obvious that not all of Ramhars' men are as loyal to him as he thinks. I have a feeling that one may have slipped in the back and released Aragorn or at least left a knife within reach. (wishful thinking) Well...I'm wondering if something involving Elves happened in Dale at one time. Is Ramhar thinking of using Legolas as a scapegoat to prove to the people that they need to go to war? any rate...this was a great chapter. Can't wait for the next. Hope all goes well with your computer.


Author Reply: I'm very glad you found the story here. Amie at Eternal recently posted a message that she has been diverted by RL for the time being and won't be updating her site for a while.

Ramhar has his enemies. He is feared by many and liked by few, so we'll see what comes of it.

e_vrouwReviewed Chapter: 34 on 3/13/2005
Hello Nightwing,

Love the chapter!!

First of: Aragorn is not dead!!!! I'm completely convinced of this fact.
You did suprise me though. I didn't think you'd split them up again so soon. I was genuilely suprised when Aragorn was left behind. Good job!

The finding of the blade didn't really suprise me. With all the previous hints I knew there was something more to it. Besides, an army going to battle but not strong enough in itself, I'd thought they might have some back-up. Although, I find it strange that orcs would even take orders from a human.

You know I had a discussion with a friend of mine about this chapter. It was about who was worse off. Aragorn by being trapped in a burning building, or Legolas because he's stuffed in a box too small even for an elf. We came to the same conclusion: Legolas, because he believes Aragorn is dead. He might be a bit 'preoccupied' at the moment but as soon as he's alone that will really eat him up.
And by the way, I've been trying to get my friend to 'de-lurk' and leave a review, but I think he's too shy. I introduced him to your fic several (10?, I think) chapters ago and he absolutely loves it. ;-)

I really like the idea that even though Legolas is captured there is still someone willing to help him. It proves that not everyone is evil. :-)

Good luck!

TITHLAM!! Wonder-cat come to the rescue to chew Aragorn's restraints !! :-D
(at least, that's my theory, ;-)

Author Reply: You think you were surprised! Aragorn and Legolas are utterly shocked, poor guys. Yes, I agree that the elf is in the tougher situation. He is alone, without his support, and he thinks his friend is dead. Devastating stuff.

The orcs probably would not take orders from a man, but they might take them from someone they fear.

Tell your friend not to be shy! And I'm happy to hear that a guy is reading.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 34 on 3/12/2005
Wow. Hope the cat knocks a pitcher of water off the shelf or something - quick. Otherwise Aragorn isn't just going to "feel" like his hands are burning! The most agonizing moment of the chapter was when Legolas heard him scream. Even though we all know you won't kill the Ranger, poor Legolas doesn't. What torture for him, in addition to the physical pain he's in. This bunch of men is an intriguing mystery. Wonder where they're taking our favorite Elf? And how long is he going to be able to fool them? Great chapter.

Author Reply: Wow! Thanks for the great reviews! Yes, the ranger needs a little help right about now, but I'm not sure the cat can handle the building conflagration. As for the elf, I hope he can keep fooling the baddies for a while yet.

MuinthelReviewed Chapter: 34 on 3/5/2005 could you!!!!
Please let an avalanche of snow come down from the roof to get this fire out......but then more frostbites for the poor ranger....sigh!
And get that poor Elf out of the more terror (evilgrin)!
I bet you had a lot of fun writing that chapter....just like a kitty over a bowl of cream!
Can't wait for an update!

Author Reply: Hello! I'm so happy you are still able to find time for fanfic, even with three boys to look after now! I hope the baby is doing well.

You do know me and what I like! I did have fun writing that chapter, and the comparison to the cat made me laugh. I hope you will forgive me for terrorizing your beloved Ranger.

When my computer died I lost all my emails and the addresses. I still have the same address, so send me an email please, and we can get back in touch!

elf-girlReviewed Chapter: 34 on 3/4/2005
Well... I returned from my holidays at the beach and I'm back at school. Your chapter was just GREAT. I' m absolutelly sure that Aragorn is alive...or am I wrong? I just DON'T picture him dead.
I think you didn't take any time to write it, and I thought your time was VERY LIMITED but I think you write much faster than others. How is the work?
Keep on writing, please.

Author Reply: I do try to update as regularly as possible. I know how frustrating it is to wait for updates on stories I am following, and some of them I gave up on entirely, because by the time the new chapter finally appeared (after eight months??!!) I had forgotten the earlier sections and wan't about to go back and read it again. And then settle in for another long wait.

I hope you enjoyed your beach time, and no, you are not wrong about Aragorn.

fliewatuetReviewed Chapter: 34 on 3/3/2005
Wow! This chapter was intense, to say the least. You could not get any meaner, could you? You had to separate them! And poor Legolas is not only stuck in a box apparently too small for him, but also believes Aragorn dead. And Aragorn? First you let him freeze to near death, now you try to burn him alive. Fire and ice, or ice and fire? But since this story was not labelled AU and he ist still needed later on, I sincerely hope that he will manage to get out of that burning hut
somehow. And I am beyond curious as to his means of escape ...

But what about the cat and the horse? I hope you have not planned to burn them as well?

And then there is the matter of Ramhar's sword. I dimly recall Legolas mentioning the likeness of Aragorn's pilfered Orc-blade to a sword that had something to do with the death of Legolas' mother. But Legolas does not yet know and Aragorn is not there to tell him.

Furthermore, there seems to be a kinder soul among Legolas' abductors. Though I wonder whether he is kind because he is a kind person or just out of some more sinister purpose.

Anyway, I absolutely love your story, and there is little that will prevent me from reading a new chapter as soon as I see that it's posted. But I will be patient, yes, preciouss, I will not beg for another update, oh, no ... but I will wait, eagerly ...


Author Reply: "No animals will be injured or killed in the writing of this story". Nightwing's rule.

I know, it seems to be one thing or another for the poor ranger! I had thought about having the bad guys dump him into the lake, but thought he'd prefer getting warmed up to freezing again. But fear not. As you said, it's not an A/U.

ElvenesseReviewed Chapter: 34 on 3/3/2005
I've finally managed to catch up with the last chunk of chapters, and now I'm delurking.

I'm glad you had them be afraid, it made it much more realistic. That was a very tense chapter, and the pacing has picked up nicely.

I can't wait to see how you get Aragorn out of the cottage (maybe Alun or Tarnan?). I like that Ramhar is ruthless enough to kill Aragorn and various minions, it makes him something to fear and is a better match for Aragorn and Legolas. I don't think anyone would like being put in a box, but doing it to a wood-elf is very cruel!

I can see that the last chapter must have been very hard to write, but you managed it very well.

Author Reply: Thanks. I also think it is more believable when the characters feel true emotion, including those that may be considered unworthy of a "hero". But no one faces such terrifying situations without fear, and I find myself getting very impatient with stories and movies where the hero just kicks butt looking cool as a cucumber. Give me real people any day, with their mixture of love, hate, devotion, fear and secrets. That is what makes then interesting.

Yes, I believe wood-elves in particular do not handle confinment easily. Legolas is having a bit of freak-out right now.

Gandalfs apprenticeReviewed Chapter: 34 on 3/3/2005
Hey, Nightwing! Your story rocks. Of course, I know Aragorn doesn't burn to death, but you put us right on the brink. I felt like I was there myself on the floor all tied up and terrified. And Legolas's despair and struggle made my heart pound. Your villain is wonderfully wicked.
My ideas: Someone is watching from the distance and is going to come rescue Aragorn. After all, who were those nice people leaving gifts of food? And I'm sure that Tithlam had the smarts to run away and climb a tree. But we haven't seen the last of her. You can't do that.
Master Elrond is going to have a lot more healing to do than Legolas's eyes. With an ankle all messed up like that, Aragorn isn't going to make much of a warrior, never mind all the other bashing.
By the way, did you have fun in that forest pool? I've got some ideas for an Arwen story. I hope it knocks your socks off! It might be some time before I can do it, though. I appreciate your time problem, believe me.

Author Reply: You are on track. Funny that you feel like you're in Aragorn's place. Once I start working the next chapter I will have to put myself there, and I expect it to be a pretty difficult section to write... how does one write full blown terror? I expect to get knocked on my butt as I try to imagine the experience. Yipes.

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