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To See A World  by Nightwing 18 Review(s)
MagnaReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/30/2005
Oh... Poor Legolas! Nightwing, you are so cruel!! But I can handle it. This story has never failed to astound me. I love reading your work. Great job!

BevReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/17/2005
Dang It....Sorry to be so late with a review....I hadn't realized a new chapter was up.
Great..great...great. *whew* So glad to have Aragorn out of that house. Poor Legolas needs I fear that there is torture in his future. Please...just don't make it too bad..*lol*. I can't stand to see Legolas suffer.
Please...up-date soon.
Have I said how much I totally love this story....your writing is exquisite.


Author Reply: Hi Bev! Hmmm, I think if you can't stand to see Legolas suffer, this might not be the story for you! But, I do intend to practice restraint, to the best of my ability. There will be a lot going on, and challenges for our elf in his current predicament, but he will not be "at effect" forever. There will be decisions to make and actions to take in the future.

Em-chanReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/16/2005
hey nightwing. sorry for not reviewing this and your last chapters sooner. I've kinda been inactive.. Anyway, chapters 34 & 35 were excellent. Scary and dramatic and stressful but excellent. you write so well! keep up the awesome work! you rock!

Author Reply: Hello! No need to apologise. We all have other interests and distractions. One cannot live on fanfic alone, though we might try. I'm glad you're still checking in when you can.

Thundera TigerReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/12/2005
*the perpetually late wanders in to leave a review*

Hey there! Brilliant chapter! Not long enough for my tastes, but just long enough to tease us with some very tantalizing clues. It's very cruel of you, by the way. Just thought you should know. On to the review!

Loved the first part. I love the way the action seemed to ebb and flow, and with it the tension. The first starts, then it sputters, and then it's back again with a vengeance. Aragorn's fear and panic are wholly believable, and I foudn myself reading faster in an effort to keep up with the pace you were setting. The buildup to his rescue was breathtaking. And through it all, I love the way you keep him in character. Even in the midst of panic, he starts looking for openings and escapes, whether it's weakness in his bonds or the idea of snow falling in from the roof. His realization that none of this would help was agonizing, and it made those last desperate moments hurt all the more. Which of course made the relief that much more intense.

The dash for safety was beautifully confusing. I love the way you keep the focus strictly on Aragorn, and we only learn things as he does. I love that style of writing, and it's why I'm so fond of the strict third person POV, which you've done magnificently throughout the story. Really gorgeous stuff! So Aragorn is rescued. And he's rescued by men who seem to know what they're doing. And we've got a name and an outsider's opinion on the guy who's taken Legolas. I say we're doing okay, even though Aragorn is still far from healthy. But at least he's one step closer to getting the elf back.

Speaking of which...

What amazed me most about Legolas's section was that you were able to tell the entire thing from the POV of a blind elf locked in a box. Now that's talent. I'm still awed at what you managed to pull off.

And you've given us some very chilling details about this particular box. Legolas isn't the first to occupy it, and this says quite a bit about his captor. The overheard conversations say more, and I'm increasingly worried about my favorite elven archer. Add to this the fact that the shock of losing Aragorn is just now setting in, and you'll see why I'm so worried. This Ramhar is obviously not someone to be trifled with, and he doesn't let a little thing like the truth stand in his way. I don't like this guy, and you've done a wonderful job of setting him up to be unlikeable. And cunning, and conniving, and obviously in possession of a great deal of power. Yes, I really don't like him.

But despite that, I'm willing to see more of him. Or hear more of him, if he sticks close to Legolas. So you can update now. Yes, now. Right now. Right this minute. ... Okay, not necessarily right this minute, but preferrably soon. I'm relatively patient, but I don't want to wait if I don't have to. ;)

Author Reply: I know, my chapters are not long enough for my tastes either, but it's all I can manage to churn out in a month's time. I need a week's vacation to just sit down and have a writing marathon.

Yes, I am adhering as strongly as possible to the third person POV, and also limiting myself to telling the story from either Legolas or Aragorn's perspective. I think as we move into the events of the city it would be easier for me if I were to go into Alun's or Ramhar's heads on occasion, but I won't do it. In most of the professionally written works of fiction I've read, the POV stays with one or two central characters and does not branch out to include everyone. I desire to stay with that style, though I fear I will find it irritatingly limiting.

Ramhar is not nice? No, I suppose he's not. Hatred has wrapped its nasty little tendrils around his heart. Not a good way to live, the poor guy. Always hungering, never sated.

MuinthelReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/12/2005
...Thanks for saving my ranger!!! ;-)
I'm glad that the good hill-men finally turned up.....but not too soon. I think you'll have a lot of fun keeping the two heros separated for a while. But please don't be too rough on them!

...sorry that my reviews are getting shorter and shorter. I still think alot about what and how you wrote it ( and I enjoy it very much), but I can't push my brain into putting it all in more understandable english. I suffer a sleepdeficit (is this an english word?).... - my little rangermonsters!
Anyway...I'm staying with you...


Author Reply: Hello again, my dear! I am very happy to hear from you. My time for emailing is so short, but we must begin chatting again. Meanwhile, I am glad your little men are giving you some time for reading about Aragorn between Mommy sessions.

The term here is usually known as "sleep deprivation", in two words. Very normal for the mother of a newborn, doubly so for the mother of a newborn plus two other young children! I wonder that you can function at all, but then I think you are younger than me.

I think I will not be too rough on your Ranger. Aragorn has some unconscious sleeping and healing to do, then he'll be back. Legolas, on the other hand, has some experiences to deal with, so we'll have to see how he gets along. But he will emerge in the end, and whole.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/8/2005
I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that those men who rescued Aragorn have yet another hidden agenda. They seem to have waited very conveniently in the background. Long enough to see what was going on and who the bad guys were, yet they didn't opt to enter the battle on Aragorn and Legolas's behalf earlier, when it might have done more good. They're up to something. But Aragorn is free now, and he can get himself taken care of and maybe find out a little more of what's going on.

And poor old Legolas seems to have reached the end of his rope. I think the saddest moment in the whole chapter was the bit where he kept pushing against the box, that desperate, last-ditch effort to get free, all the while knowing that it's a hopeless thing to do. If Ramhar is half as smart as I think he is, he'll recognize that the psychological torture of separating Legolas from Aragorn (whom he's come to depend on greatly) and gradually stripping him of any agency he has left, making him completely helpless, will be far more devastating than any physical wound he could inflict. And here's hoping that Ramhar is one of those overconfident villains who likes to use the phrase, "sure, I'll tell you what's going on before I kill you," to his intended victims.

Author Reply: Hmmm, it's fun to see the different theories and suspicions that pop up. I've been shaking my muse lately, trying to get her to open up and tell me what's going on in this story. She's been very close-mouthed of late.

Yes, the psychological torture can be more devastating than the physical. And tons more interesting for the reader too.

SouthWindReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/7/2005
Arggggggggg! This is just the most riviting, emotion stiring, well done story I have read in a long time. But after I savor each chapter it almost kills me to have to wait for the next one!! I just knew Aragorn would be rescued - probably by the same people who have been leaving gifts of food: although some of us still don't know who they are. And what wonderful drama; flame, heat, smoke, pain, death just minutes away -- sigh. And poor Legolas! Somehow I think he is just on the edge of finding out all about the evil influence that has seeped into the city. Very, very nice!!!
Although I don't have time to review very often I am here, waiting patiently for the next installment. Thank you SO much for sharing this with us!!


Author Reply: I'm delighted to share. It's been fun the whole way. I just wish I could could deliver it more quickly, but once a month seems my speed since I took up full-time work last summer. I'm underway with the next chapter, and hope to get more into it on Tuesday night, when I have my next writing night scheduled. I flee my house for the quiet of the library.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/6/2005
After having Legolas and Aragorn isolated together for so long, it's really an amazingly effective departure to have them separated and worried about each other. Well, I guess to be accurate Legolas isn't worried - he actually thinks Aragorn is dead! You're really a master at getting every drop of sensory description out of a scene - especially since in this chapter, both characters were effectively blind most of the time. Aragorn's growing terror and frantic attempts to escape the fire made me squirm in my seat. I'm glad he at least ended up in the hands of some good guys. Legolas does not appear to be so lucky, though. The box he is in sounds hideous, and no doubt worse waits for him when they get him out. I hope you update soon. This is a heck of a place to leave us in suspense!

Author Reply: It seems odd to me too that Legolas and Aragorn are no longer together. Things were very cozy and homey back in the cottage, and I really enjoyed having them live there, despite all the jokes my husband was making. Big changes now, so we'll see how they (and I) do with them.

Lady of the MarshesReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/6/2005
This was one of the first long fics I ever read - I'm pretty new to LOTR fanfic of any kind - and it's still one of the best. Have just found this episode in a new place after a longish search. Hope you can give us more episodes soon. Gratefully yours
Lady of the Marshes (Kathryn)

Author Reply: Thanks so much! I'm glad you found this story here. I like Stories of Arda best. It's a great site, and the ease of responding to reviewers can't be beat.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 35 on 4/6/2005
That was a really great chapter. Aren't the people who saved Aragorn the people who left offerings on the old healers door? And I think the soldier that seems nice and sitting next to Legolas- is going to try and help him escape.

Author Reply: Yep, our good hill-men are back, and in the nick of time! The nice soldier will play a part in the upcoming events, but whether large or small is in the hands of my muse, who is currently telling me nothing.

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