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To See A World  by Nightwing 38 Review(s)
WhilomReviewed Chapter: 37 on 4/26/2014
I've been ripping through the chapters of this story for the past week (it's been a long time since fanfic has had me so thoroughly engrossed!) and I have loved every second of it. But last night I woke up with a horrifying thought and confirmed it this morning--the story is incomplete and hasn't been updated for several years. Any chance that it'll be finished or that you could provide a brief summary of what happens? I'm dying for some closure, and I know it'll be hard to get through the next ten chapters of wonderfulness without having some idea of what happens after they end.

Also, any chance you could direct me to the other story you mention having posted on the Mellon Chronicles site? The site's down and it's a tragedy to have all these great stories just out of reach!

Author Reply: Ah, the kid finally remembers how to log in and leave a reply. As you now know, I'm still here, and working on it at long last. See you soon.

WindSingerReviewed Chapter: 37 on 8/25/2005
Finally, a bit of time to send you a review of this wonderful chapter. Love that Legolas finds that his blindness presents new obstacles now that he is a captive, tied & gagged, alone in the silence. That the darkness, in this situation, threatens to overwhelm him, even though he had done a fairly good job of learning to live with his blindness up to this point, makes so much sense. And the ways he finally learns (or discovers) to help him cope, using faint echos to determine that there really are walls, and making his bindings creak just to have the comfort of noise -- ways to remind himself he is not lost in some black void of nothingness. Oh --- very nice! Very realistic. It seems so real it is almost as if I am living the experience along with him.

And then, Ramhar! Legolas looks just like - her - his mother? Oooooh, the glimmer of a piece of an answer appears! But it is just a tease: Who is Ramhar? What is his connection to the Mirkwood Elves? Why tell his men that all elves are evil? Does he want to --- what? Destroy the Mirkwood elves? How? Why? ACK!

And I am really starting to like Koryon. So, maybe not all of the townspeople, or even all of Ramhar's soldiers, are beyond reason and independent thought. Hope remains!

And I am so looking forward to more Aragorn and another piece or two of the puzzle. I can hardly wait until Legolas & Aragorn are at least together again. And how will Legolas regain his sight? Or will he? And how do the young prince and his protector fit in?

Oh my -- such delicious, lovely anxt, suspense and mystery!

I am so glad you had a chance to post this chapter earlier than you thought you could -- although, I do hope your house situation works out soon! I will be trying to remind myself to be patient as I eagerly wait the next installment!!!

Kudos -- WindSinger

Author Reply: Yeah, Ramhar has a grudge. He's a misguided guy in his own way, and his misunderstandings makes it worse for everyone else since he is a leader and tells tales that influence.

Hope does remain... otherwise, how awful this tale might become! I like happy endings, or at least just and proper endings, so we do have a way to go before this puppy wraps up. I just wish I could find more time to write it!

The next chapter is in the hands of my beta-reader, so you should be seeing it fairly soon.

BevReviewed Chapter: 37 on 8/24/2005
Nightwing!!! Sorry to be so late with a review..but I just now found you had posted a new chapter (I know...shame on me for not keeping a closer vigil).
Gee, I don't know where to begin. Everyone else has said exactly what I would I'll just say DITTO!! The panic that Legolas write that so well. So glad he has someone (the guard) to ease his pain...if but just for a moment. Perhaps he has begun to chip away at the lies and make him see that he has been take but just a crack in the dam.
I know I've said this before but I'll say it again....I LOVE THIS STORY! It is just the best. *sigh* Oh how I would love to cuddle Leggy in my arms and make all the pain go away....(I know..he's yours...but I would just borrow him for a little while)...LOL. Looking forward to the next chapter. Best of luck with your house...stay well...Peace!


Author Reply: No problem at all that you came in late! In fact, late reviews that arrive unexpectedly in my inbox please me. They are a little extra gift after the big flurry of reviews that come during the first few days of posting. Let's me know people are still out there.

Sorry, but the elf cannot be lent out at the moment. He's got more to deal with first before I'll permit much comfort. Look for the next chapter in about two or three weeks.

ziggyReviewed Chapter: 37 on 8/24/2005
(I have come to LOATHE efefnet!!!Just thought I'd pass that on. Think I may have already reviewed under FF but still worth reviewing again)

And I love this. Brilliantly written- carefully crafted and totally worth the wait- in fact, not as long a wait as I expected so thank you.

This is the fourth time I have come back to this chapter and now cannot resist the lure any longer- have to spend some hours printing off the lot and reading it again ... and again. As I do when I find a really well written and planned story. Have I said I love it?

Oh the MENACE! THe absolute sense of experiencing things through Legolas' senses! And the delicious angst.

(PLEASE tell me that Tithlam is OK. Still worried about a fictional cat- how sad is that!!! If she isnt OK- just say she is - humour me..please.)

This chapter made me remember again just how hard it was for Legolas to lose the sense he most depended upon, sight - and then finding another way to survive through sounds in particular, to lose that also is desparate. One of the great things about your portrayal of Legolas is that he is ingenious and inventive, so he never becomes a passive object of pity (which would be completely out of character) And the idea that the sound anchors him, gives him a sense of the world beyond him, is remarkable and deeply perceptive. As I read, I was saying under my breath, yes, that is what would happen - that is what it would be like.

Ah but 'being forced to wait helplessly for whatever his captors (read Nightwing) had planned for him (read ... poor impatient greedy and utterly selfish readers)made time slow to an intoleerable crawl... In other words update ASAP please for greedy readers who cant wait!!

Author Reply: Yes, I am non-too-fond of FFN myself. But, for better or for worse, the vast majority of the readers frequent that site, so I must grit my teeth and play their games.

Printing it all off? Oh my, that is a compliment. Thank you. I hope I don't blow your paper and toner cartridge budget too badly.

Tithlam is OK, and that is no lie. She knows how to run when she needs to.

I'm happy that Legolas has won your approval with his actions. He is very much at effect in his current situation, and quite helpless (sigh...) but he is doing his best not to be passive. He'll fight on. That's the fine elven warrior we know and love.

TathrinReviewed Chapter: 37 on 8/22/2005
A beautiful chapter. I'm very, very impressed with how well you can write without using visual descriptions. I just need to keep saying that, because I can't believe that it's possible for you to not rely on visuals with a story as detailed as this. It's just amazing. I'm sure it's hard, but it certainly pays off. Simple marvellous. This chapter's sensory-deprivation bit was incredible.
And I'm very glad to see this surprise update! Good luck on everything with the house. And don't worry, I'm sure we'll all be here waiting eagerly whenever you can manage to come back.
After all, it's certainly a suspensful tale. I love how you tied in the queen. And the young soldier--very interesting, indeed. Seems that not all the villains minions are being good little minions. And speaking of said, what is he planning? I have a feeling it will be very, very bad. Like, words-cannot-describe bad...but I have complete confidence in your abilities to do so elegantly, and without a single image no less!
You blow me away every time. Huzzah to you, and good luck with the rest of everything!
~Rhys-from-ffnet-the-jerks-who-won't-let-you-reply-to-reviews ;)

Author Reply: Hello Tathrin/Rhys! This site is so nice for responding to readers.

It is hard to write from the POV of a character without sight. Harder than heck sometimes. It's one of the reasons my updates take so darned long!

I have got a lot of loose ends to tie together by the end of this story. I've backed myself into a couple of corners, due to my inexperience as a writer, so we'll see if I can pull everything together and make the tale believable when the time comes to wrap it all up.

Alison HReviewed Chapter: 37 on 8/20/2005
Hey, Nightwing.

I was just re-reading this brillaint story(again!)and apart from being impressed with your writing talent once again I came across an interesting comment you made to a reviewer.In one of the earlier chapters you said that you would like to write about how and when Aragorn & Legolas met.As you write their relationship so beautifully I would love your take on how our two adventurers first encountered each other.You may even have something like that planned for this story, maybe in a flashback.I hope so as I wonder if the two of them were instant soul mates or their friendship grew over the years.See, we're all obsessed by this story--but it's a wonderful, worthwhile obsession!

Looking forward to the next incredible chapter!

Take care.


Author Reply: I do not plan to look into the first meeting of the elf and ranger in this story. Lord knows it's long enough, what with everything and everyone that has been clamoring to be included.

I am still having furious arguments with the elven-king, darn him. He wants in...

IrethReviewed Chapter: 37 on 8/13/2005
OH,love, what a sweet surprise to see your update, so unexpected, so appreciated!! The emotions Legolas is having in the dark remind me a lot of when I was young and scared of the dark myself. So real, so recognizable!!
I'm in awe of this story, I love it and will check regularly if there's an update! Please take your time, take care of yourself and your loved ones, good luck with the house and all, and lots of hugs and kisses!!!

Author Reply: The dark can be a be a pretty scary place, and when there is also silence, it can be too much. Nothing like sensory deprivation to wig someone out.

anneReviewed Chapter: 37 on 8/7/2005
its such a great story, can't wait till the next update

Author Reply: Thanks. It should be next month, if things stay on track.

EldarielReviewed Chapter: 37 on 8/5/2005
*exalts Nightwing* Thank you for posting the chapter. I was sort of going crazy with not having updates.(seriously there were a couple times I started breathing really fast and getting all worked up) I really love To See A World. It is the best fanfic I've ever read. Please update again soon!

Author Reply: Yikes, please do not hyperventilate! I get a little worked up too, though. It's what keeps us all writing and reading. Elf and ranger lust, pure and simple.

Agent FisshReviewed Chapter: 37 on 8/5/2005
Ooooh, this is getting good! Hang on, what am I talking about? It got good AGES ago and is still steaming ahead!
I am very glad you updated again. Wasn't expecting you to until next month when I would be back at Uni, but here you are to brighten my holidays! How wonderful!
Poor Legolas, he does get put through a lot for our entertainment, doesn't he? When you've finished with him send him my way and I'll take him to the spa to relax. I think he'll have deserved it by then. And possibly Aragorn too. Then we can all toddle off to the pub for some anesthetic...
Keep writing. I wait with baited breath for the next instalment. Oh, and good luck destroying your house!


Author Reply: Nope, sorry. You can't have them. Legolas and Aragorn are mine, I tell you, all mine!! And I will never be finished with them. Mwahahaha!

Er, right. Sorry, just got a bit carried away. My evil muse must still be going strong. They will need a good rest and some pampering once this is all over. But I'm coming too. And the collar stays on the elf.

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