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To See A World  by Nightwing 21 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 39 on 11/28/2006
I had to reply to your opening comments. I have an idea of just what you are going thru. My niece, who is like a daughter to me, was diagnosed with OCD when she was 13. It's a horrible thing for anyone to have to go thru. She's much better now. I hope your daughter is too.

Author Reply: She is doing much better, thank you. I worry about what changes adolescence might bring, but try not to focus on that too much, since the future cannot be predicted. We have a good team of specialists, so we can get help for her quickly when she needs it.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 39 on 1/25/2006
I read the last two chapters in the wrong order, having missed the update for this one.

Sorry to hear about your daughter, but glad that she is doing better. I have little ones about her age. (If you'll email me her first name, we'll add her to our family's prayer list.)

Legolas is brave. Of course.

I do like Alun, and have the feeling he is a wild card in the mix that the baddies may not have taken into consideration.

And Aragorn, of course, whom even the good guys think is out of the picture.

Looking forward to more.

ziggyReviewed Chapter: 39 on 12/27/2005
I am rushing ahead here but obviously Legolas thinks the blindness needs to be revealed at a moment when there would be maximum coverage as it were- its no good telling one guard, he needs to wait until there are a LOT of people- at least some who will see that he could not have murdered anyone.

BUT Yes! What is Ramhar thinknig? Of course he will be seen miles before he can attack- and of course its a distraction while Dol Guldur gets busy. (I love the way you have thought this out into a bigger picture than just what's in the immediate narrative)You've still got everyone puzzling over why he killed the Queen- and what MORE does he want- Thranduil must have done something pretty huge in Ramhar's eyes to warrant such revenge- although I suspect thatthe sorceror is behind all this and that Thranduil has, in fact, done little to deserve this thirst for revenge.( Irealise I really not reviewing but repeating what is in this chpater- jusat letting it all sort out in my head) That's what I like about this chapter- it just lets you mull it over a bit but keeping the mystery. WOnderful writing, utterly compelling and convincing. Yes- Aragorn really DOES need to get a move on! How long RAmhar will leave Legolas in the cell ? If he is serious about taking on Mirkwood- he will have to do something publicly to get the city on his side in a sense of righteous anger.OOer.

PS: Very glad to hear things are easier for you.All the best.

Author Reply: Hello Ziggy, and a very Happy New Year to you!

Just why Legolas is holding back on revealing that he is blind is something even he does not fully understand. The little voice inside his head is warning him to keep it to himself, and he knows to heed his instincts. Just why it is important to hide the blindness is yet to be known.

Thanks for complimenting me on trying to work out the bigger picture. I try to make sure all aspects of a situation are believable. It irks me to be reading a tale and come to a screeching halt because some part of it just does not work and doesn't mesh with canon or general believability.

But I'm finding it difficult, because this story has gotten away from me a bit. It's gone spazzy, and I'm trying to rein it in again.

Yes, you are right about the sorcerer. It's all his fault, the rat.

WantanelfReviewed Chapter: 39 on 12/14/2005
Thanks for the update. I actually missed it until today. It was a nice surprise. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed more often. I've been with you since the beginning and have thoroughly enjoyed this story. I'm glad your daughter is improving and continues to do so. I have three daughters of my own so I understand that she must some first. Update when you can. Your fans will be patiently waiting to hear how Legolas will get out of this mess.

Author Reply: Hi Wantanelf. Do not apologise for sending few reviews... it takes a lot of time and planning to write them really. But I'm happy to get them when they are offered!

SocketReviewed Chapter: 39 on 12/7/2005
First, I am glad to hear that your daughter's condition has improved. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Yes, I think it's time that you woke up Aragorn! I eagerly await Legolas's realizing that he was mistaken about who died in the fire. And to say nothing about Legolas desparately needing help! It was great to see Alun reappear, but obviously it's going to take more than Alun's help to get Legolas out of his current dilemma.

I eagerly await the next installment. Please keep up all apprised of your daughter's condition, and I know that all your fans look forward to hearing about her continued improvement.

Author Reply: I do think Legolas will be quite relieved to learn it was not Aragorn's body in the burned out cabin. He needs to hear some good news.

My daughter is playful again and weighs four pounds more than she did in September. This is great progress!

BevReviewed Chapter: 39 on 12/3/2005
Yeeeeppeeee!!! A new chapter...before Christmas. Read this when you posted it but I'm a little behind in my review...*pant, pant*. heart is breaking for my beloved Elf. When they put him in that new cell and left him with only that stinking bucket...I cheered when he gave it a kick but I sunk with him when he fell to his knees.
Another disturbing dream for seems his will to live is fading in that
he thinks he has lost Aragorn. He berates himself, believing he is the cause...this is when I could just give him a good shake...(and then a big hug).
Thank goodness Alun was able to get to him before they found him. Yes!! now would be a good time for Aragorn to show Alun. Maybe Alun could get word to Legolas that he was ok. I know it would renew his strength...cosssss...I have a feeling he is going to need it to endure what is coming. You seem to love to push him to his limits....cause he has very high limits.
A little off topic...please forgive...but I have been reading your other story...The Healer. To me...this is the way Legolas should be....very strong, very quick, very,very,brave, able to endure the most horrific torture......and heartbreakingly beautiful.
Love, love, love this chapter...can't wait for the next one. *shuffle, shuffle,from one foot to the other*.
So glad things are looking up a little...hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas. Take care.

Author Reply: Yep, our good Elf is feeling pretty guilty and wracked up about losing Aragorn. He knows what it will mean to the world that the future king is no more.

I do like being hard on Legolas. I dunno why... but it doesn't seem to be an uncommon trait amongst us elf girls! Did you manage to get through The Healer? It goes a bit funny plot-wise and canon-wise... not as well planned out as this story, but I had fun writing it.

nedhiethReviewed Chapter: 39 on 12/2/2005
I believe I've left a review before, but i'm not sure. I am a notorious lurker reader, so don't count me for any regualarity! When i saw that chapter 39 was up, I started reading it, and then found out I'd missed the last chapter. So this will be a sort of combination review for 38 and 39.
Things keep on getting worse and worse for Legolas! I used to think Tarnan and Alun were going to somehow play apart in a rescue, or communication, or something, but now tragedy has befallen them both, and I am at lost on how Legolas is going to get out! However, I know he and Aragorn will have to get of this northern land sometimes, because this story is not labeled AU. My brain is also jumping trying to figure out how Legolas's eyes will be healed. That is one thing I love about this story, all the mystery and complications in the plot! It always keep my interest up.
I almost cried sometime in the past 2 chapters! Your story gets me very emotionally involved, so much good angst, drama, friendship, and guilt! That is one of my top requirements for a story, and you meet it fully!
I hope your daughter gets better, I cannot imagine having an anxiety disorder, worry is one of the worst feelings in the world, it won't let you alone, and has you in fear over what can't be helped. It must be very worrisome for you as as a parent to have your daughter suffering like that, therefore, instead of my usual update soon, I say no pressure!
May life give you joy (everyone needs it), Nedhieth

Author Reply: Nope, this story is not an AU. Our heroes will get home again.

My daughter is doing very well at present. My thanks for your well wishes!

IrethReviewed Chapter: 39 on 12/2/2005
I was very pleased to find a new update on your story! I think it is brilliant.
I am sorry to hear about your daughter and being a mum myself I understand the need to be there for her, so don't worry about updating soon, family and kids come first. I hope she will be alright and well, and I wish you and all your loved ones all the best for the coming holidays and the New Year. I will look for more of your terrific story regurlarly in the new year and hope to read you soon. Thanks so much for the chapter, lots of hugs and kisses and best wishes for your little girl!!

Author Reply: Thanks so very much! She is doing very well and we had a fun Christmas. The next chapter is creeping along slowly. I do not get much free time for writing, but I'm still getting at it when I can!

YanicReviewed Chapter: 39 on 11/30/2005
I was so excited to see an update, I almost didn't want to read it, I wanted to save it and read it later when I had more time but I couldn't stop myself. Very good, I'm looking forward to Aragorn's side of the story. I'm glad that your daughter is doing better, thanks for taking some time to update!

Author Reply: I'm afraid there is not much to Aragorn's side of the story right now. He's still looking at the backs of his eyelids! But when he does wake, he'll have things to do.

EllyBagginsReviewed Chapter: 39 on 11/30/2005
as soon as i saw this had been updated i was estatic with excitement! And this chapter certainly didn't disappoint! Everything was written so well, and unfortunately I don't have the time now to go into detail, but I will say that I cannot wait for Aragorn!!
And it is wonderful, by the way, to hear that your daughter is doing better.

Author Reply: I cannot wake Aragorn up! He may not be in the next chapter, the rat. He still wants to sleep some more.

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