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To See A World  by Nightwing 18 Review(s)
LetheReviewed Chapter: 42 on 7/2/2006
Well I have read it again, and again, and ( lol ) again. It is almost the 4th July. ( whooo-hoo!) And I have only waited with keener anticipation for the actual films themselves.
More and more I admire, and am incredibly moved by, the characters of Aragorn and Legolas, written with such empathic insight, thoughtfulness, descriptive power and * love * , if I may call it that, of those two characters. If I were rich I would PAY you ( and extremely well ) to write stories like this. It's almost indecent that you cannot publish!
I shall be biting my nails and pc desk after the next chapter is finished too, I shall swallow it in one gulp then go back and read it over more slowly. I fully understand the wait. Apparently JRRT came to a dead stop at Balins Tomb for a year, without knowing where on Arda he was going to go with it, - but look what we did get!
I am so sorry you have been under the weather, but I do send my love and thoughts to you and your little one along with oodles of encouragement!

Author Reply: Hello again, Lethe! The new chapter is in the hands of my beta-reader Lisette now, so it should be coming soon. Hopefully it'll be ready in just a couple more days, and then I will fix and tweak per her suggestions and post it.

I appreciate you telling me that the great Professor himself had come to a grinding halt during the writing of the story. I guess even the best authors can have moments of doubt and confusion - that makes me feel better!

I'm glad you like the friendship of Aragorn and Legolas - and I hope the new chapter will give a good demonstration of the love they have for each other.

TithenFeredirReviewed Chapter: 42 on 6/25/2006
Ramhar is clearly a tool of Malcovan, and a dangerous one. How frustrating and scary for Legolas to be helplessly under his control! You have really created a nightmare scenario here. Now in addition to anticipating the reunion of the two heroes and the restoration of Legolas' sight, I look forward to how in the world you will resolve this predicament you have created. I wonder if Ramhar can be redeemed if Malcovan is eliminated. Though Aragorn and the rebels are on their way to attempt a rescue and a coup, you do not make their odds of success very promising. This story is so well done, and impossible to put down! I look forward rather impatiently to your next chapter and hope that all is well with you and your little one. ~TF

Author Reply: Hello there TF! Glad to see you again. Yes, Malcovan is the true source of evil, though Ramhar cannot be said to be a terribly nice fellow either.

I am battling some kind of flu bug that is making me feel rather puny, but other than that we are doing well. My daughter is much better. Thanks for enquiring.

The next chapter is chugging along, but I still have a pretty big section to write. I hope to post shortly after the 4th of July.

LetheReviewed Chapter: 42 on 6/4/2006
I have absoloutly devoured this story, only actually finding this site a few days ago, but Nightwing, - all I can say is fantastic, if I could write a story as thrilling and as atmospheric, I would sell at least half my soul. You write with such depth,and emotion, and pulled me utterly into it, from the first moment, - and now I have come to the last chapter, not knowing it was the last, my face absoloutly fell! I hope all goes well with your life, and I just wanted to thank you , personally, for this story, which, has so enveloped me I have been neglecting most other things to peruse it. The best accolade I can give, is that parts have made me grieve, ( others have made me laugh, of course ) and the best stories always make me cry. ( The Silmarillion for one ) I look forward to when you can update, Nightwing.

Author Reply: Hello Lethe! I'm very glad you are enjoying the story. It is always nice to hear from new readers.

I hope I can update next month. The next chapter is only about 1/3 completed. Being a full-time working wife and mom, this favorite hobby of mine is relegated to the back of the to-do list far too often. I'm a slow updater, but I doggedly keep on.

Thank you so very much for reviewing!

RonaLenaReviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/17/2006
I am off work sick with a nasty case of tonsilitis, and I have spent my time by reading this story again, from the very beginning. I hope you see fit to update again soon. The drama of this chapter is nerve warcking, I begin to hope that Legolas can make Rahmar or Koryon see reason. But Rahmar is blinded by power and Koryon blinded by fear. I can only hope Aragorn hobbles to the rescue in time.

Rona XXX

Author Reply: Hi Rona! Yes, there is more than one way to be "blind", isn't there? Legolas' type may not be the worst.

The new chapter is coming too slowly to suit me. Family issue and too many tasks at work are sadly diverting my attention, but I am managing to get in a bit of writing time here and there. Hopefully I can update before I lose everyone!

fliewatuetReviewed Chapter: 42 on 5/2/2006
I still follow your story with bated breath (figuratively speaking, at least), especially now that it seems to be coming to its climax.

For a moment I thought that Legolas might break through Ramhar's shell and in that moment, Ramhar became more than the bad guy and evil opponent of Everyone's Favourite Heroes. With some glimpses of his past revealed, a past before he became ensared by Malcovan's sorcery, I suddenly felt sorry for him and hoped that Legolas would succeed (and not only for Legolas' sake), which speaks volumes for your skills of developing your characters :-)

But I admit that I no longer felt sorry for Ramhar as soon as he revealed that Tarnan was abducted and that he has no qualms of using Tarnan as a lever.

Now I only hope that Alun and the hillmen will succeed with their plan and that they will manage to stage a revolt. The grim determination of the men preparing to leave for an unknown fate was palpable. I only hope that the knowledge that Malcovan is in league with Sauron will help them in the end. But I liked how you interspersed that grimness with a genuine humour. Arath's remark regarding Aragorn's medicine and Aragorn's reaction to it as well as the nature of Aragorn's footwear were hilarious. I'd love to see Legolas' reaction to it (*nudge* about time he got his eyesight back, don't you thing?)

Author Reply: Hello Fliewatuet, I am delighted to see you again!

I was hoping to give Ramhar something that would make people care just a little. Maybe he is a rotten guy, but there are many facets to any personality, and perhaps some good can be found in him before all is ended.

My husband was the inspiration for the mismatched shoes. He was clomping around the other day, I have no idea why. And it does seem that if one foot is wrapped up, you cannot get a regular boot on.

JastaElfReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/30/2006
I have been SO bad... I haven't left a review in the last several chapters, and that is wholly wicked of me! :-( I just spent the last hour reading through a couple chapters I *know* I read before, and caught up on all the new ones, and I just HAVE to tell you that I adore this!!! I adore you too, but that's beside the point. *g* The way you use words... the way you spin the tale with such incredible skill... the way you do all of it, bringing us closer and closer to the horrible conclusion and the desperately hoped-for happy ending.... AI!

The very thought that R. would use the poor little lad against Legolas... oh GOD.... and M. is just thoroughly disgusting. I can't decide if he twisted R's vision to THINK Thranduil did what he thinks he did... or if someone else did it and R THOUGHT he saw Thranduil... Argh! I guess I will have to wait to find out!

But boy, lady, you run one incredible rollercoaster, you know that?? :-) A revolution... Sauron's evil... a child's life as well as an Elf's in the balance.... and Aragorn at last riding to the rescue... but in a horrible state himself. GAHHHHH!!!

As Willy Wonka said in the original movie... "The suspense is TERRIBLE! I hope it lasts!" :-) Thank you SO much for the update--and my prayers are with you and your daughter.

Author Reply: Jasta! Hey lady, how are you?

Yes, there is an awful lot going on. This story has gone a little bit ape. I hope I can hang onto it and tie it all together in the end. It'll be a challenge, as it has attempted to take control of itself more than once.

Good to hear from you, and it looks as though I will see you soon as well!

BevReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/30/2006
Wonderful chapter Nightwing. Poor Legolas...he now has to figure in how to take
care of Tarnan. I dread what is to come...I see much torture ahead.
Yea!! Aragorn is on his way...thank the Valar...but...if Legolas is moved before
they get there...*sigh*. I hope Legolas gets to exact his revenge from Ramhar for murdering his mother...and for wanting to keep her for his own pleasure...*retches*. Yes...I'm sure Malcovan used Ramhars' jealousy of the
Elves and his grief to plant false memories. Would be a simple thing to do to one who is so weakminded. Malcovan has his perfect puppet.
*sigh* As I've said before...I JUST LOVE THIS STORY! And, as always, I'll be waiting for the next chapter. (please...don't let it be too long...*grovel, grovel*)

Author Reply: Hi Bev! Thanks much. Yeah, it's difficult to feel much sympathy for Ramhar. He was wronged, but he done wrong in return, which is never a good choice.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/29/2006
oh come on! you can't stop there! Great chapter. My guess is that if Aragorn is able to make it to the cells, he won't make it before Legolas is moved to the other cell, which could cause problems. can't wait for the next chapter.

Author Reply: Oh, it just seeemed like a good spot to take a little break. I'll be back!

RonaLenaReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/29/2006
Oh good gravy, I had no idea you had updated. Does this site not give update notifications?
Finally the action with Aragorn and Alun is about to happen...but also some bad action for Legolas...the torture kind of action. I have a feeling the next chapter isn't going to be pretty, but this one has done such a marvelous job in leading up to the ultimate confrontations to come. I hope you do not take as long to update, I am so gripped once more by this great story. It is still the best LOTR fanfic I have yet to read.

Author Reply: Well, now my head is so puffed up that my daughter fled the room in horror! I look forward to the action too, it's been much too dull around here lately.

MandyReviewed Chapter: 42 on 4/29/2006
Ah, now we know. The conversation between Ramhar and Legolas was great. Legolas said exactly what I'd have said, only better.

Author Reply: Thanks much! I had a difficult time writing that conversation. One of the reasons it took me so long to update.

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