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To See A World  by Nightwing 16 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 46 on 8/9/2007
This was a real nail biter. Legolas is so amazing which is why he is my favorite character. In fact, I love the Elves the most period.

I loved the way everyone pulled together to defeat a common enemy. Three cheers for the ladies. They proved their worth.

I really feel bad about Koryon. He really more than redeemed himself. I hated to see him die.

Had I not been reading a story by Legolass in which she mentioned your story, I would not have remebered to check for another chapter. Your plate is so very full that I can't imagine how you find the time to write, but I'm very glad you do. This is a wonderful story.

P.S. How is your daughter doing?

Author Reply: Hi Tari!

Thnaks so much for reviewing. I should have an update next week, after a long delay.

My daughter is doing very well. Stable, busy, and happy. She is just finished with her first involvement in junior community theater, where she had a great time.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 46 on 8/2/2007
Oh poor brave Koryon! A very heroic thing he did.
Another intense chapter, but very good. So if Malcovan is leaving the city, I wonder where we'll see him next? In Mirkwood or would he just return to the city with more orcs.
I'm sorry about your family member and your cat!

Author Reply: Koryon was a hero. I wanted him to redeem himself, in his own eyes especially. He knew in the end that he was a good man, and that his efforts made a difference.

Next update should arrive soon. Thanks for reviewing!

Alison HReviewed Chapter: 46 on 7/24/2007
Hi, Nightwing.I've just returned this minute from my holiday in Greece and I was so happy to see an update from you.I was saddened to hear of the death of Maji and your family illness.Real life can be cruel sometimes but each person has to stay stong and find comfort in friends and loved ones.I hope RL becomes less stressful for you soon.

This chapter was wonderful, though Koryon's death was hard to read.He was a hero and both Legolas and Aragorn will not forget him.They will avenge him, I think!

Alun's sister and lover fighting alongside Legolas & Aragorn was too funny, and I expect that Alun has a hard time telling them to do mundane chores never mind leaving the scene of battle!

I, too, thought that Aragorn & Legolas were right to hide from further battle with the orcs;they would've been cut down defending each other and neither of them were fit enough to be there in the first place!

Malcovan has a death wish! Legolas has already vowed to kill him and if I was the sorceror I wouldn't be so flippant in his regard to the elf and his abilities.Aragorn will also do all he can to help Legolas deal with Malcovan and I, for one, can't wait until that confrontation!

Take your time with each update, Nightwing, and don't worry about impatient readers.Real life comes first and you are *one* author that everyone knows will *not* abandon their story.

Take care and I'll send my prayers for Maji in cat heavan :)


Author Reply: Ah, I would love to go to Greece. I hear it is so lovely - I take it this was pre-fire Greece?

There are so few women in this tale, so the ones I do introduce I want to be strong. I'm glad you agree that Legolas and Aragorn were right to avoid the big battle. I want things to be realistic, and they both are messed up at the moment and in no shape to be in the thick of it.

Next chapter should be coming next week. Phew!

ElenoraReviewed Chapter: 46 on 7/24/2007
First, let me say that I can well empathize with you and your RL situations you've been dealing with of late. I have very recently dealt with the passing of my mother, who had been experiencing dementia for the last 6-8 months...very, very disturbing. At times, I found myself saying, "This is MY MOTHER??? I don't even know this woman." So I well understand how distressing the whole thing can be.

And while all that was going on, our cat of 19+ years had to be put to sleep just two months ago. Another very difficult situation. When one has an animal that long (longer than my son, and almost longer than my daughter!!), everything in the house is tinged with her memories...and it will be a while before we've all adjusted to life without her.

But lest I get too morbid, back to your latest and most welcome update, a wonderful, wonderful chapter!! It was a nice, healthy mix of action, suspense, and drama...with a really nice, eerie touch of "creepiness" right at the end (one simply can't see Malcovan and not think "creepy" at the same time!). I thought you handled the action scenes against the orcs very well - very nicely paced. And while I was really sorry to have Koryon die at the end (I always hate it when a good character gets killed...but then, who doesn't, LOL!), there almost seemed an inevitability to it. Koryon's earlier mistakes have been rectified - in saving his city and in saving Legolas. Now it just remains to be seen how Malcovan's continued malevolance toward elves and Legolas, in particular, will culminate. His powers are strong - and I'm having a hard time figuring out how our heroes will be able to overcome his evil. So I eagerly await how you'll arrange this!!

Thanks for persevering with this story despite all your struggles in RL. As others have commented, I appreciate your willingness to continue with it and complete it. Here's hoping RL will ease up a bit on you!

Author Reply: Hi Elenora. Please accept my sympathies on the loss of your mother. My own mom died five years ago after a protracted illness. But she never suffered dementia, and was lucid to the end. The person I referred to is my mother-in-law, so my husband carries most of this sadness as she slowly fades from the world.

Maji had been our wedding gift to each other thirteen years ago. I told my husband right after we were married that I wanted a calico cat, and we found her as a tiny kitten the following month. She was a dear, and I still miss her, even with two other busy young cats in the house now.

Malcovan is a big creep, but he'll get his in the end. The good guys always win in stories! Next update should be coming within the week. Thanks so much for hanging on.

Reviewed Chapter: 46 on 7/18/2007
Oh... You... you killed him! Noooooooooo. I love Koryon- he is such a good character! Now what? Anything is possible once you kill a character we know you will be ruthless if it's what the story demands - brave writing. I admit to having a snuffle .After all, it was to save our Legolas.I love it that Koryon turns out a hero.

This was such an exciting and well written chapter- I could see the orcs -esopecially the lead one as they waited for them to go inot the courtyard. I think meeeting orcs for the first time would terrify people.Malcovan is really really good- you have GOT to bring him back later- he is just too evil and brilliant to disappear so i ma sure you have something up your sleeve for him.It is interesting to read fics where Aragorn is not in control- it works well becasue often he is the hero even when suffering from outrageous wounds- refreshing to see him in this more realistic light. And L:egolas- sigh- strong, noble, brave, everything you want. One of the best legolas fics so please do keep faith with us readers who are getting more and more starved of decent stories- there's an awful lot of rubbish out there so we need to kepp those with skill and talent for writing high quality, credible fiction with strong narratives and totally convincing characters- even when they kill them off!I will wait hungrily for your update whenever it comes and be grateful for it.

Life seems pretty hard for you right now- when people you have always known as strong adults who have cared for you, it is a strange reaity to be taking care of them- I remember when my mother was dying of cancer, I was still at school, and had to take her to the bathroom and wash her etc. It was no hardship to do those things when you love someone but it is hard to see them deteriorate in that way - I do hope you continue to find your strength. I am sorry to hear about your little cat - she sounds very special. Tithlan is a wonderful tribute to her.

Author Reply: Greetings anonymous person! Thanks so much for this review, and for pointing out that you appreciate the realism. I don't like fics when Argorn and Legolas fight on with horrendous wounds and concussions, etc. Real eye-rollers, those.

My next chapter should be out within the week. Sorry about the long delay.

WindSinger Reviewed Chapter: 46 on 7/17/2007
YEAH! Another chapter! I was so excited to have another installment to print and take home to savor. And, my goodness -- kudos to you for the reasonable, personal, detailed, mostely over in one chapter, battle!!! SO glad Koryon came to Legolas defense, that his blindness is finally working to his benefit and that Alun is still alive and kicking. But poor Koryon! At least he was able to overcome his fear and start thinking for himself. The reality of war is that good people are lost.

Very nice!!

So, now we get to find out about Tarnan and if Brina has any knowledge that will help our elf's blindness -- an Ramhar is still out there!

I certainly understand 'real life' issues/pressures/demands. Just know that there are many of us (me for sure) that will wait as long as necessary for your story to play itself out. It is still one of just a handful of LOTR fan fiction that I will probably keep 'near at hand'.

Sending good thoughts winging your way -- along with high praise!

WindSinger (Shirley Wilbur)

Author Reply: In the end, Koryon won all, though he lost his life. The bards will sing of him for many years to come.

There is much left to resolve, and so the next chapter should be along in a week. Finally!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 46 on 7/14/2007
Koryon's death was heartrending,but realistic that someone the readers cared about would be likely to perish. A very exciting chapter.

I'm so sorry to hear about your family problems and the loss of your cat.It is lovely she is immortalised in this story. I have 2 calicos amongst my feline brood and love them dearly, so I feel for anyone experiencing such a sad loss.

Author Reply: Hi Linda!

I think I will always miss Maji. She was an exceptionally sweet cat. I'm just a bit sorry now that I didn't make Tithlam a calico in this story, but I suppose I can go back in and change her appearance any time I want to. No reason she needs to stay gray.

I should be updating next week, at last.

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 46 on 7/14/2007
I was sorry to hear about your family member suffering from dementia. I know it's hard, because my grandmother suffered from it for years before she died. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. My wonderful German Shepherd died not long ago, so I know how losing a beloved pet feels, as well. I love the sock-stealing cat in this story, and it made me smile to know it was the habit of a real cat.

Koryon turned into such a hero, and though he died a hero’s death, it was incredibly sad. I'm glad Legolas and Aragorn were with him.

Legolas was wonderful. He managed to pull everyone together, even in the midst of being vilified by ignorant people. It was great that his archery skills in battle were as good as ever, despite his blindness. It had to have been hard for him and Aragorn to sit by and let the battle continue on without them, but at least they were smart enough not to let their pride make them do something that would surely have cost them dearly.

Malcovan makes my skin crawl. I'm sure he will be even more dangerous to Legolas, as well as Aragorn, now that his immediate plans have been thwarted.

As anxious as I am to read the next chapter, I will be patient until you are able to update. I'm so glad you let us know the story will be finished.

Author Reply: There were times when Maji's sock-stealing annoyed me, but now I miss it. Every sock is in its place, and I don't have to hunt for them any more.

Legolas can still shoot with the best of them, especially since the main thing that was needed was speed. Just get those arrows flying.

Next update nearly here. Thanks for waiting!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 46 on 7/14/2007

I know a battle means that people die, but why Koryon? He had done so much to help Legolas, he deserved to live and see his city free. *Sigh*

I'm sorry to hear about Maji - cats have such a way of weaving their way into your heart. I know you'll miss her.


Author Reply: Hello Jay!

I do miss Maji. She did indeed weave her way in. In fact, I have begun to accidentally call our other cat, Kit, by Maji's name at times. Probably offends her terribly.

Thanks for sticking with this story, despite the long pauses between updates. The next chapter should be along in a few days.

ArcherGal2932Reviewed Chapter: 46 on 7/14/2007
Oh good heavens....

You have GOT to post more often. Or I will.....kill you. Over the internet. With virtual bows and arrows. HA!

Author Reply: Yipes! Don't shoot!

I agree the delay was unacceptably long, but you should be seeing the new chapter next week.

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